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The Divine Mother via Tazjima: Welcome Home! and more...

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The Divine Mother via Tazjima: Welcome Home!

Geese and babiesThe Divine Mother via Tazjima: Welcome Home!

As channeled by Tazjima – December 09, 2012

As I look upon your world, I see that all of you are beginning to wake up to the fact that you are indeed a part of each other; that none of you has ever been separate from yourselves or from Source. For some of you this is startling information for you have forgotten from thence you have come.

You are an emanation, a soul extension of your own soul, who is, in its turn, an extension or step down from its monad or soul family and so on until Source is reached. Yet you exist within Source; in truth you have never been anywhere else. You have merely forgotten and allowed yourself to be deluded into believing that you are separate from your parents, from Mother / Father God, from the rest of the universes, from All That Is.

Now, for the first time on a planetary scale, a people has the opportunity to experience the wholeness of All That Is from the second dimension on up to the highest vibrational levels available to a soul embodied in a physical body on a physical world, up to the 10 dimension. This is all possible due to your souls being willing to place a portion of their awareness into physicality, into an experience of being separate from all creation so that it could learn all there is to learn about itself and eventually to be willing to return to the unity in which it truly exists. That time is now upon you. The reunion with All That Is has commenced. The cycles of physical experience of duality are ending and the cycle of physical experience of unity is now beginning.

We understand that this new world in which you have stepped, some unknowingly at one level, is one that may appear unknown and scary at first, for within it there is nearly unlimited opportunity for expansion. It will take some adjustment and much releasing of conditioning and memories of past trauma and hurts until you are comfortable with the fact that there is no longer a need to protect or defend yourself from other parts of your Self. The complications and divisions of duality do not apply to the new world into which you have just been born. Here is simplicity, joy and union.

Allow yourselves a moment or two to immerse into the new sensations that your body is attempting to interpret in its old manner, which it is slowly discovering do not work any longer. Here you need no maps for your explorations. There is no need for a GPS or other mechanical devices in order to find your way or your center. Listen within, to your intuition and to your heart for guidance. Through these your guides will reveal how each must move in order to feel more comfortable in this strange new world.

The complexities of duality lie behind you on the other side of the Veil which you have moved through during your “night” of Spirit. We understand your reluctance to let down your guard, to open yourself up to the new sensations, but with practice you will learn to move through this new environment with grace and sureness. There is much to discover and much to re-member.

Since you are still wrapped up in the appearance of separate physical bodies, you might not understand for a while that you are indeed now all experiencing the unity field of creation. However, as you are able to let go of your need to protect yourself from experiencing this new world, we know that you will discover a new sensation of sharing each other’s thoughts and feelings. You will begin to understand how interconnected you truly are, one with the other who stands before you in another physical body. You will be able to look a tiger in its eye and see your own soul staring out at yourself. You will begin to see yourself as existing in the flowers that grow in your garden, the great trees of the forest, in the waters and stones of the mountains and plains.

You will begin to open up to the true vastness of your being and understand that all of you truly encompass creation. There is no end to you for you are a part and portion of the wholeness of All That Is. This is the experience of living in the unity field, within the love that binds the world and all its creatures into one crystalline grid, into a living Web of life. And this web of love extends into, through and beyond what you can see and experience in your physical body, but in your thoughts and dreams you can learn to experience the vastness and beauty of this creation. There is no limit to All That Is. There is no limit to what and who you are.

Before you are arrayed the endless possibilities of a new life, with yourself and with each other; it is up to you to learn in what direction you should travel. Now there are no limitations to your imagination but what is the natural tendency and flow of your soul and its desire to experience life. You will find a new rhythm to life, as you seek out new ways to experience the sensations of the unity field. As you open to the flow of love and light within, you will find a corresponding connection within all living things around you, even those things you did not believe were alive or awareness while you lived within the delusion of separation and duality.

The cycle of duality has ended; a new way of being is opening to all. Step into this new world, open your eyes and your physical senses. Understand that after a while, your senses will expand and incorporate more intuitive understanding of your new world as you adjust to new ways of sensing everything that is a part of a much vaster you than you have felt for a very long time.

My children, you have been “away” from me and from each other, living in an illusionary world of separation. You are no longer a part of that world; it is over. Open your eyes, your spiritual inner eyes and discover for yourselves all that there is now to be seen and felt. We know that delight and joy will overtake you as you release the last vestiges of fear, hurt and feelings of unworthiness. You are all my children and there is no judgment here for what has been experienced while immersed in the delusion of duality.

You experienced separation, fear and hatred so that you might truly understand that there are no way you can truly be separate from All That Is when we can so joyfully greet all of you home. Every soul extension that has been a part of the play of duality is now welcomed home, to rejoin soul family and friends, in a celebration of reunion with love and light, with All That Is. You are now in a world where you will find connection, love and unity. There will be variation as that is the way of the expanding consciousness of the Father, but within that vastness there is much room to play and to be.

Open your hearts and minds, dear ones, and learn to be as children once again, with eyes filled with joy and delight with each new discovery, with no perceived limitations and surrounded by the comfort of each other’s presence. We welcome you Home.

Thank you, beloved Divine Mother.

Copyright © 2012 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

Bella Capozzi: Sananda – Make No Mistake, You Shall Be Called Into Service

Bella Capozzi: Sananda – Make No Mistake, You Shall Be Called Into Service

By Bella Capozzi, December 9, 2012

No matter your age, your profession, your current circumstances in life… make no mistake, you shall be called into service.

By way of your ministrations, you shall heal. Through your words, you shall impart knowledge. Your presence shall serve to awaken the lost and the seeking. In the course of your work, you shall be one who enters into a darkened room and, like a beacon, suffuses it with the Light.

By virtue of your existence, you bring hope, peace and the quiet promise of a kinder, more compassionate world. They shall look for you in days to come, these gentle souls. Be to them the stars which brighten their darkened skies; be as the sun, rising up to illuminate the path they walk, to light their way.

Your presence here is that of a living, breathing significator of the dawning of the new age, and in due time they shall grow to recognize you as such. These times are charged with promise. All is aglow with possibility.

You are the Placeholders and the Wayshowers. It is your responsibility to guide and to teach by example. Select your words with great care, as the spoken word wields the power to either uplift or tear down. Be cautious. Think before you speak and act, lest you wound your Brother, be it deliberate or unintentional. Exercise compassion and discernment and goodness. Decide only with your heart.

Worry not that you might miss hearing the call when it comes, and that you shall miss your golden opportunity to be of service. Worry not, as such a thing is impossible. The timing of your activation is a Divine one and was predetermined prior to your birth. In a manner of speaking, you are hard-wired to receive it. There is nothing which you need to do, and no particular training which you need to undertake.

It is already done. You were born ready.

Dispense with any fears you have, that you may not be up to the task. This is your ego speaking, so silence it with loving kindness and send it off to be healed.

Do as you normally do, be who you are and go where you would go. The call shall come, regardless.

Do nothing other than to keep an open heart and mind, and an ear tuned in to your inner voice. Then await your calling.

SaLuSa: December 10, 2012

SaLuSa: December 10, 2012

Channelled by Mike Quinsey

Andrew: SaLuSa starts by reminding us to be aware of the significance of 12.12.12 and to make preparations to bring in the new energy. This will help our own upliftment and ground the energies to benefit others, including Mother Earth. Presently we are amongst souls at all different levels, but when released from duality the Law of Attraction will ensure we are only with our own kind.

The Galactic Federation have considered every Ascension option, so that following Ascension changes will go speeding ahead and be openly carried out, as the media will be opened up and free to report the truth. The changes necessary to relieve poverty, homelessness and other essential needs will get priority. SaLuSa says that 2013 will be a year of great advancements which will go ahead without any problems.

He says that every one of us is special and was chosen for the Ascension experience. Many Lightworkers were needed for the Light to take hold and defeat the dark Ones. We have been superb in that respect, justifying the Galactics’ faith in us, and although we have received help, he says that in the final reckoning we can take all credit for what we have achieved by our own freewill. To finish he reminds us not to worry about friends or family, as every soul will find themselves where they are meant to be for Ascension in accordance with their pre-birth agreement.

SaLuSa: December 10, 2012

We hope that every person that is aware of the significance of 12.12.12 is making preparations to bring the new energy in. It will affect everyone to some extent anyway, but it is far better if you take steps to partake of it knowingly.

What you will be doing is not just to help your own upliftment, but ground the energies for others to benefit from, including Mother Earth. With your awareness and focus upon the energies, you should feel the result of them passing into your body. Light-headedness would be normal and a feeling of intense peace and calmness. Enjoy it and know that you have been lifted up to a new level of consciousness, that is one which should remain with you.

Others around you will sense your new energies, and you will find that very young children are often able to see the Light within your aura. You will also find that your new level of calmness will enable you to have absolute control over your emotions. The chances of you becoming involved in negative emotions are very remote, and you will in fact be a factor in transmuting them by your mere presence. Until you get used to the higher energies, you may find an irresistible urge to express them by embracing people. When you feel love for your family of souls, it is only natural that you want to share it with them.

For the time being you are amongst souls at all different levels, but imagine how wonderful it will feel when you are only with your own kind. When you are completely released from duality the Law of Attraction ensures it is so, and life becomes a relaxing and enjoyable experience. It is also why once Ascension has taken place, the different changes will go speeding ahead, as those who would oppose them are no longer at your level.

As you know, it has been a most difficult year for all involved in bringing the changes forward, as the dark Cabal were supposed to retire from the scene and allow Ascension to go ahead unhindered. Instead they repeatedly refused to co-operate, and tried one last-gasp effort to destroy the progress already made. Now their interference is nothing but a nuisance and they know that very soon their days will be finished on Earth.

We of the Galactic Federation have always considered every option when dealing with Ascension. So rest assured that although we have been unable to present you with many accomplishments so far, the necessary work has been done so that immediately after Ascension it will be all stations go. This time it can all be openly carried out, and we can ensure that your media is opened up and able to freely report the truth.

Needless to say, there will be so much going on at all different spots around the world, and we can quickly eliminate any remaining pollution of the skies, seas and lands. We have in fact kept it under control for a long time, but have only been allowed to go so far because of karmic reasons. Very soon we will no longer be handicapped by them, but free to work with you and other off-planet Beings.

The changes you are about to experience are going to remove what remains of any connection to the old vibrations and old paradigm. Much that is needing to be changed over has to be long term because of the amount of work involved. However, the essentials to relieve poverty, homelessness and other needs will get our prompt attention.

In the past you could have had lives with many needs, and the dark Ones have deliberately prevented you from sharing in the abundance and wealth of the world for a very long time. The new cycle will see a totally new approach to life, when all will be shared and there will no greed or corruption, or systems by which people are allowed to profit at another’s expense.

There will be fairness and honesty in all dealings, and services will be paid for as is considered reasonable. The truth has often been a rare commodity but in the New Age it will be normal, as it will be obvious if someone is not being totally honest. As you can see, it will be a pleasure to meet with people knowing that they are trustworthy and also of the Light as you are.

2013 will be a year of great advancements, as of course whatever is planned will go ahead without any problems. As it progresses you will still continue to evolve albeit at a slower pace, and you will be experiencing further growth where your consciousness is concerned. Superconsciousness is your target, taking you to another completely different level. You will have enough to get used to very shortly, so do not concern yourselves about the distant future.

We, along with many other civilisations, are attentively watching you and your Earth, both from a scientific and personal point of view. Every one of you are special and chosen for the experience of Ascension. For example, many Lightworkers were needed to establish a setup that would enable the Light to take hold and defeat the dark Ones. In that you have been superb and proved that our faith in you was not misplaced, and remember that all along it was down to your freewill.

We helped you, as other Beings have, but in the final reckoning you can take all credit for what you have achieved. In time you will learn more about your time in duality and your many lives experiencing all the extremes that you could think of. You will soon put it all behind you, and no one will hold any previous indiscretions against you. Karmically speaking you will have paid back in kind, and for those Ascending nothing will be carried forward after this cycle ends.

Dear Ones, simply allow things to flow and be part of it, and know that you will ascend and then you can put any worries or concerns behind you. Everyone will be looked after according to their needs, and all will be treated with reverence and respect for their sovereignty.

You now have every reason for getting really excited as, with just days left, the long wait is almost over and great happenings are about to commence of which you are already aware. We know that some of you still worry about the fate of friends or family, but let us again confirm that every single soul will find themselves exactly where they are meant to be, by their pre-life agreement. Also remember that you can never be completely separated from each other if there is a love link between you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and give my love to all of you beautiful souls.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey

Washington Gay Marriage Law Takes Effect

Washington Gay Marriage Law Takes Effect

Stephen: A further move towards the world of love and equality that lies just ahead, as yet another US state enjoys voter-approved same sex marriages.

By Rachel La Corte, The Huffinton Post – December 9, 2012

SEATTLE — Scores of same-sex couples crowded Seattle City Hall for a day of wedding ceremonies on Sunday, the first day they could marry after the state’s voter-approved gay marriage law took effect.

While numerous weddings were taking place across the state, both private and public, the city hall weddings were the largest public event, with more than 130 couples taking part. The city set up five separate chapels to accommodate the revelers. From 10 a.m. through 5 p.m., cheers and applause regularly broke out as marriages became official.

After couples married, they exited city hall, greeted by a steady rain and dozens of supporters who shouted “congratulations” and offered flowers as they descended a large staircase to the street.

“I don’t even have words for this,” said Caren Goldenberg of Seattle, who married her partner of seven years, Casey Evans. “It just makes me really proud of my city.”

Mayor Mike McGinn, who greeted couples at they arrived, called it a “great day, a joyous day.”

“It’s really wonderful,” he said. “A new civil right is going to be recognized in this great civil institution.”

Keith Bacon and Corianton Hale, a Seattle couple that celebrated their six-year anniversary the night before, hugged and kissed to cheers and camera flashes as they took their vows before one of the 16 judges who volunteered to officiate weddings Sunday.

“We’re totally thrilled,” Bacon said. The couple had a commitment ceremony in August, but said this day was particularly special.

“We had looked at this as maybe a day we would sign a piece of paper and seal the deal, and instead we’re having this huge party being thrown in our honor,” Bacon said. “It’s just mind blowing.”

Nancy Monahan, 57, a retired petty officer with the Coast Guard, waited outside before the weddings began with her partner of 14 years, Deb Needham, 48.

Monahan was wearing her uniform, and Needham was wearing an ivory dress and jacket and matching hat. They said they wanted to join the large wedding event at city hall because of the significance of the day.

“It’s not very private, but very historic,” Needham said, to which Monahan added, “And very awesome.”

Some courthouses, including in King and Thurston Counties, opened right at midnight, and started marrying couples. Private weddings are expected to take place across the state, as well as some other public events, including the marriage of two couples after the end of the first act of a Seattle Men’s Chorus performance at Benaroya Hall in Seattle. The Paramount Theater in Seattle was also to host a large wedding reception for couples.

Hundreds of gay and lesbian couples picked up their marriage licenses as early as 12:01 a.m. Thursday, but because of the state’s three-day waiting period, the earliest weddings could take place was just after midnight, early Sunday morning. In King County, home to Seattle, more than 600 same-sex marriage licenses were issued by Saturday.

Robin Wyss, of Seattle, said that the wedding ceremony to her partner, Danielle Yung, was “more emotional than I thought it would be,” in part because Yung is five months pregnant.

“Our friends are here, it’s a beautiful space and there’s all of this love and appreciation,” she said. “We’ve been thinking about this as more of a political celebration for all of Washington state, but obviously it’s very meaningful for us and our future child as well.”

At the Thurston County Courthouse just after midnight, five couples were married, including Jonathon Bashford, 31, and Matthew Wiltse, 29, both of Olympia.

The couple, together for 10 years, had a large commitment ceremony in September when they registered as domestic partners, but said they wanted to be among the first to legally marry.

“We weren’t going to wait one second longer,” Wiltse said.

Last month, Washington, Maine and Maryland became the first states to pass same-sex marriage by popular vote. They joined six other states – New York, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont – and the District of Columbia that had already enacted laws or issued court rulings permitting same-sex marriage.

Couples in Maryland also started picking up marriage licenses Thursday, though their licenses won’t take effect until Jan. 1. Maine’s law takes effect on Dec. 29. There’s no waiting period in Maine, and people can start marrying just after midnight.

Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire and Secretary of State Sam Reed certified the election results of Referendum 74 on Wednesday afternoon, and the law took effect at 12:01 a.m. Thursday. Same-sex couples who previously were married in another state that allows gay marriage, like Massachusetts, will not have to remarry in Washington state. Their marriages became valid here as soon as the law took effect.

The referendum had asked voters to either approve or reject the state law legalizing same-sex marriage that legislators passed earlier this year. That law was signed by Gregoire in February but was put on hold pending the outcome of the election. Nearly 54 percent of voters approved the measure.

The law doesn’t require religious organizations or churches to perform marriages, and it doesn’t subject churches to penalties if they don’t marry gay or lesbian couples.

Married same-sex couples do not have access to federal pensions, health insurance and other government benefits available to heterosexual couples because the 1996 federal Defense of Marriage Act, known as DOMA, bars federal recognition of gay unions.

The U.S. Supreme Court said Friday it will take up gay marriage during the current term. Several pending cases challenge the federal benefit provision of DOMA, and a separate appeal asks the justices to decide whether federal courts were correct in striking down California’s Proposition 8, the amendment that outlawed gay marriage after it had been approved by courts in the nation’s largest state.

Clone Update: Ellie Reports….

My favorite Pleiadian

On the Pleiades, Ellie Miser is the equivalent of royalty here on Earth. Royalty on the Pleiades is “first among equals” and not the institution it is here. Many readers have bonded with her and ask for her updates.

Her mission has been to observe terrestrial society and send back information to the ships that would be useful to help new personnel understand Earth life. 

If you’d have been on Ellie’s distribution list four years ago, it might not have made sense because it was all about the Darwin awards and other foibles of Earthlings. But if you understood then mission of this Pleiadian anthropologist, it would make perfect sense.

Ellie has been told that she can remain here until the “Event,” which we’re all expecting. It may come on 12/12/12. But don’t believe me. Every date I’ve brought forth has come and gone. It may see NESARA announced, Disclosure (which you can see Russian Prime Minister Medvedev is edging towards), the city of light over Sedona become visible – who knows what may happen. (I admit I don’t.)

When that happens, Ellie can leave her second cloned body and return to join her partner Plen, and father Haiton.

Dearest angel friends!

I AM still here – hanging on, still expecting the Event and praying it will be before the end of this year as I am weary, worn out and eager to be with my family on our ship. So many mixed feelings – loving this planet and the experiences I have enjoyed on it – even the ones that were somewhat painful as we do not have the opportunity for those experiences in the higher realms. I will miss the seasons, the excitement of the various holidays, even the Oklahoma storms that are not too violent but just enough to give a surge of anxiety followed by such relief that we survived.

I have a mass in my left lung that is close to my heart – it is egg-shaped and looks like it is in a sack inside the lung – the doctor says it seems to be filled with calcium so it will not be malignant and it hasn’t changed in 3 months so not to worry. I go back in May to see if it is still unchanged. Please God don’t let me be here to make that appointment!

I did have an incident recently involving my heart but Plen took care of it quickly – I was laying on my right side, waking up – when I opened my eyes, Plen was beside my bed in physical form – the mass had positioned itself over my heart, causing it to struggle, so he came to turn me over just a bit to give relief. As soon as I focused my eyes on him, he began shimmering (leaving) – I shut my eyes to clear my vision and when I opened them again, he was gone. I am more careful now in how I rest on my right side.

I have no pain at all from the mass – I do have difficulty breathing now and then but I have an oxygen hose that helps me through those times. I sleep with it as I have severe sleep apnea but I am an open mouth breather so the nose piece is almost useless…but it puts pure oxygen in the general area of my mouth so it does help.

I can’t go down even small steps without pain as my knee joints are both bone on bone so am almost house bound now but Jerry will fix me a little ramp down the side of the steps by the railing he put there for me – that will help except when I bend my feet, I get leg cramps. Ah well – what can I expect from this 81 yr old body – it has served me well and thanks to Plen’s improvements and modifications, it has lasted long past its expiration date.

Please keep in mind that at no time am I complaining – just observing and commenting!!!

I want to thank each of you for the part you played in giving me the unique experience of receiving – your financial gifts have been most appreciated, no matter how small! I have been a giver all my life and it took some adjustment to be able to receive – it is just my nature to be the giver! LOL!

An ego thing was involved – I was humbled to be in the position of having to expect help from “strangers” (actually physical angels – YOU!). The Princess of the Pleiades wondering where the next meal was coming from? Really!!!! LOL!!!

Actually, I had to keep a low profile as there were those who would love to interfere in my Earth mission – so I led a very sheltered life until recently – now the threat has been removed and I can enjoy what life I have left on this planet.

You gave me a couple years of relief from the poverty I grew up in – what a ride! Being able to actually have good, healthy food in the house! To pay bills that were hounding me, causing almost daily stress! To have my bank account out of the overdrawn status for over two years! To be able to buy necessities that were luxuries before your Paypal blessings! A huge hug and a very heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you! How blessed I am to have had you in my Earth journey!

Well, that is all I have to share as far as an update – I truly expected my last one to BE my last one but still I wait …



[You're welcome to assist Ellie and her son Jerry by giving through her Paypal account: The Hope Chest sends her a monthly sum as well, though not enough I imagine to see to her full needs.]

Jennifer Hoffman: Did You Change the Batteries?

Did You Change the Batteries?

By Jennifer Hoffman – December 9, 2012

In 2000 I got cable TV and after a few months, my cable stopped working, so I placed a service call to have it repaired. The cable guy came, picked up the remote, pushed a few buttons and asked me “Did you change the batteries in the remote?” I said “I didn’t know it took batteries, I thought it worked off the TV.” To his credit he didn’t laugh out loud but the look on his face told me he couldn’t believe what I had just said.

So I got some batteries, he put them in the remote and it worked just fine. I am sure he has shared that story many times, gotten some good laughs from it, and the call center people were told to ask customers to change the batteries in the remote before they sent someone out to fix the cable.

Now I am fairly intelligent and I know how things work, but since the remote worked by pointing it at the TV I thought there was something in the TV that powered the remote. (I also never looked at the bottom of the remote since it’s the top part that holds the buttons.) The problem was not with the TV or the cable at all, I just needed to change the batteries in the remote.

And our lives work in the same way. We create our reality, so what is going on in our reality isn’t powered by the reality itself, we are sending out the energy that is creating the situation. If we look to the outside and wonder what’s wrong with it, we are ignoring the need to make changes in the energy we are using to create that situation.

Our outside world has no power over us because it is our creation, just like the images we see on a television. Every challenging situation we experience began with an energy we set in motion, and if we want to change it, we have to change at our energy outflows, just as we need to press a button on the remote to change the channel. The television won’t power the remote, the remote controls the TV.

And when the situation no longer works for us, brings us joy, and does not serve our needs, the remote control may need new batteries, or in other words, we need to change the energy we are using to create our reality.

This is also seen in one of my favorite Universal laws, the Law of Cause and Effect which states that everything in our reality is a cause, or an outcome, and we are the effect, the creator. And as the creator, we have the power to create something different in every situation.

As we approach a cosmic event this week, look at your life with detachment and discernment and if you don’t like what you see, check the batteries as you may need new ones. And remember that the remote powers the TV and you can always change the channel, but if the remote isn’t working, don’t blame the television.

Check out my Mastering the 12 Universal Laws program by clicking here, to learn about the Law of Cause & Effect and all of the 12 universal laws that control how energy works and what you need to know to work with energy. (And read that page to learn how my son set his computer on fire, a Universal Law lesson he will never forget!)

Copyright (c) 2012 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, link to, or translate or share this article, in its entirety, as long as you include the author name and a working link back to this website.

The Council of Nine via Tazjima: Entrance into a New World

Cloud swirlThe Council of Nine via Tazjima: Entrance into a New World

As channeled by Tazjima – December 09, 2012

We are the Council of Nine. And we have come today to give you greetings: You have entered into the new world!

Ah, yes… the same houses, trees and gardens line the street when you look out your window. There are the same wires hanging across the way, the street lamps, the vehicles, the same clouds as the day before, but we tell you this – you have entered the new world nonetheless. Were you expecting to be somewhere else?

It is actually a case of being some One else than actually going anywhere. Your earth is now able to hold the energies of 2D to 10D and so your physical bodies are adapting to new sensations. Just last night before going to sleep, our scribe felt her feet tingling almost like they were in the process of disintegrating, buzzing and just feeling odd. Today those feet look the same to her; her body has not changed its appearance as yet.

In the recent messages from Aisha North ( her group has stated that your bodies are going to be giving you mixed signals of distress in the next days. Our scribe has found this to be quite an accurate interpretation of what is going on, without knowing quite where this is all going. It is a time to trust Spirit as you move into the higher vibrational worlds and rediscover what it is to be human, to still be in a physical body that you thought was designed to exist only in the third dimension. Your body is in the process of adjusting to being more ephemeral, less dense than before. Its energies are spreading out and adjusting to the lack of pressure from the element of time. With practice you will be able to change your body’s appearance, but not quite yet, as you are still in the process of adjusting to the new “feel” of the energies.

We understand that some lightworkers believe there needs to be disasters and catastrophes to announce the advent of the new world, but we tell you that those events are no longer necessary. We are here to let you know that while there will be necessary adjustments on the part of your mother, the Earth, that humanity on the whole has adjusted enough in their collective attitude to make the long prophesized “events” of the Shift totally unnecessary. This will prove to be a disappointment to some for there is in some people a desire to be right, to show that some people deserve to suffer through judgments by the Almighty. Why else would all the various sects exist, even among those ranks of the lightworkers and starseeds who have come to this planet to save it and its people from destruction?

We ask you now: Where is your compassion? Where is your humanity? Can you not see that even the smallest and most humble of beings upon this planet is worthy of God’s love? Why can you not love them, the forgotten ones? Why can you not love those who are deemed by some among you as the scum of the earth, the traitors to your cause, the ones who have forsaken family and friends? Why can you not forgive those who have “hurt” you, who have taken away your home, your belongings, your health, your children, and your freedom? Do you really believe that a part of God can harm another part of God? Are you so sunk in the illusion of duality that you cannot see that you have bought into, at least temporarily, the conditional aspects of duality – that there is actually limitations, that there is something and someone to fear, that other parts of God can destroy you and all that you are?

We have come to remind you that you are a part of God, a part of those who have created you and now it is time to remember that as being real. Your body is the first bit of yourself to begin to experience this new sensation of being a part of the Whole. Your mind and thoughts must adjust to this new sensation, too. We tell you that it is a part of remembering who you truly are, a child of the most High, and a creator god in training. It matters not what name your God takes or even if you believe in gods; you are the extension of your soul who is undergoing a re-union to those other parts of yourself and that includes everything and everyone whom you see around you.

You are now in the process of returning to your true state of being; you are in the process of being more than you have ever been able to be in the delusional and temporary state of being of experiencing duality. Remember, dear ones, your soul sent you into duality to learn from the experience of being separated from Source. Now you are in the process of returning to Source, but you don’t have to go anywhere but be where you are now, on a small but sacred water planet at the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy somewhere in a huge Universe, which is only a small portion of All That Is. Your neighborhood is about to get bigger.

We understand that there are those among you who will insist, at least for a while, still that some among your ranks should be punished for their acts against the rest of humanity. We remind you that you are One being. You cannot punish your finger for acting irresponsibly and expect the best of your body not to experience the pain of being separated out. Each of your souls agreed to send portions of themselves into this “lower” world as extensions of themselves, in order to learn what it is to be separated from Source, to experience what it feels like to experience the illusion of being able to believe that you are no longer connected, that you are no longer loved and that you do not deserve love from anyone, including what you believe is yourself.

We remind you that this temporary state of delusion, this form of madness is now ended. Duality is coming to an end; it has come to an end. Now it is time for all the soul extensions as it were, to wake up to the fact that the play has come to an end. The cycle of duality is over for this particular little planet. You are now in the process of moving into a cycle of reunion with Self, all the bits of self that thought for so long while submersed in the fields of duality that they were separate. You are not separate; you have never been separate. In some way humanity has just completed experiencing a state of schizophrenia; you are now in the process of coming out of that particular state and emerging into the light of sanity and the reunion of self with Self. You are all a part or portion of a Great Soul. And now you will be able to experience the re-union with that Soul as you undergo these next days, weeks and months of renewal of spirit.

We feel that once you begin to intuit what is happening to you, around you and through each of you, that the people of this planet will begin to let go of their fears. There will be a period of necessary adjustment as it has been some “time” in what you believe and understand as linear time that many of you have been in a deeply hypnotic state believing that you had no power to change what you saw as the collective insanity of the world. This state has been the result of a collective nightmare, one that is now ended. You, as a people, as one being, are now in the process of waking up from that nightmare. Yes, we understand that there are still those among you who will insist that the nightmare is real and to be feared, that there is someone or something “out there” to be feared and hated. Yet, again, we remind you that there is nothing “out there” that is not a part of you. All of you are one being. That includes every creature, every stone, every blade of grass, every ethnicity, every “nation”, every religion there is on the planet and beyond. The time of xenophobia is over; the time to reunite with each man, woman and child… and creature… and the planet is Now.

It will take “time” to learn to translate the new language and energies of this place that each of you have entered, some well prepared and others completely confused and frightened. We encourage those of you with more open minds to assist your neighbors and friends to help them rediscover the sensation of not being limited to being what they thought they were for so long. The horizons in this new world are vast indeed and it will take some adjustment to the lack of limitation; however, we know that you are, at heart, a creative and dynamic species of being and will take eagerly to the new “waters” in which you find yourself now. And on the way, you will discover and meet other portions of yourselves that you have forgotten about, your galactic and intergalactic neighbors, the celestial beings and the ascended masters who have graduated from duality long ago and who are now here to assist you in adjusting to the new environment in which you are discovering that you have entered, all unknowingly, due to the movement of cycles and the journey home of the soul.

You are Home and you will discover that your home is a very big place, one that has plenty of places and beings to explore, new things to understand and incorporate into your awareness. We know that you will enjoy the new possibilities and challenges that lie before each of you; at least once you have become more acquainted with the new sensations and ways of beingness that will expand before your still very physical eyes. In time, your senses will expand and you will delight in the new ways to experience the world that surrounds you. You are now in a living dream, one that encompasses the vastness of inner and outer space. Let your imagination soar. Learn to play together, again. We know that as your awareness of your new world expands, that you will re-member your true unity and discover a new purpose in life, to find a way to live as one people with all that you encounter.

Remember dear ones that dates on a calendar cannot define what is beyond comprehension. Do not attempt to limit creation through your thoughts. You cannot re-create duality for each of your souls has collectively determined that the cycle of experiencing duality is over. Move on beyond your fear and relax to the new experiences that will naturally unfold before you in the fullness of the eternal Now. We believe that you will enjoy the journey once you find your feet again.

Go now with our warmest love and blessings as you move along on your first tentative steps. You are but babies, reborn and will have to learn to walk, live and explore in this new world that you have all entered together. You will find that you will forget and forgive those differences that have kept you apart from your neighbor as you discover the new wonders that lie before you. The horizons are vast; the opportunities great. Be at peace and be kind to yourselves. Allow your bodies and minds to readjust to the new sensations that will encompass your awareness. We know that you will be pleased to be, once more, a conscious part of the wholeness that is creation.

Go in peace and know that you are loved more than you know, and that each of you are worthy of that love. Namaste.

Thank you, beloved Council of Nine.

Copyright © 2012 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

Ascended Masters Will Also be Ascending

Ascended master Kuthumi

We’re not the only ones or the only dimension that are ascending. For some years now, the ascended masters have been telling us that they too will be ascending at this time.

The first time I heard this point of view being expressed was from the ascended master Kuthumi, the Koot Humi Lal Singh that Helena Blavatsky knew. He said on Nov. 2, 2008:

“Some of you are already aware of the fact that a number of us, the Ascended Masters, are moving into a much higher vibration as a result of our own progress and we have been granted permission to bring those of you who are ready with us, not into the same realm, but you are being lifted into a higher realm than you have been in before.

“However, it requires an enormous amount of responsibility of the self: self awareness, self love, and self acceptance, for now you are being groomed to emerge as the true beacons of light of the Golden Age.” (1)

Natalie Glasson channeled Archangel Metatron on Dec. 8, 2012 seeming to say much the same thing.

“If we have the courage to look deep within our beings, heart chakras and souls we will be rewarded with truth, enlightenment and wisdom that we have all long been awaiting to receive, in order to bring forward the true clarity of the Creator within our consciousness, awareness and energetic patterns.

“It will be the same for every Master, Archangel, Angels and Light Being on the inner planes. We are all achieving the shift of ascension together; it is our unity that is allowing the truth of the Creator to unfold with great freedom and empowerment into our beings and realities for realisation.” (2)

Ascension is going on all the time for all beings. It is universal and endless. I’d imagine that Sanat’s “promotion” from Planetary Logos to Solar Logos, which he discusses here, was almost certainly accompanied by an Ascension.

“I am no longer your Planetary Logos, yet I am still very deeply and profoundly a part of your evolution and assist the Buddha as he moves forth in his position as the Planetary Logos. It is for this reason, that this messenger has chosen and been guided, to speak with me. …

“Dear ones, your evolution is ever changing and always expanding, as you will so joyously experience, as you each return to the light and love of your Sacred Hearts and allow the Heartbeat of the Cosmos to expand within you.

“I too, am ever expanding and embody the cosmic heartbeat as I move forth on my evolution, in training to become a Solar Logos. How great is the expansion as I move forth on this joyous path. It is the path of embodying a solar system, of knowing and supporting and being the very essence of the intricate workings of this solar system.” (3)

He then goes on to discuss spiritual evolution at the level of the Solar Logoi.

“There are many solar systems ready to receive a new Solar Logos, as the natural progression of the expansion of consciousness, allows those who have held this position to move forth in their growth and evolution.” (4)

And finally he also acknowledges that the ascended masters will be ascending themselves at this time, after having held themselves back to assist us.

“All the beloved ones, the Ascended Masters who have been with you and assisted you through the third density, have held their evolution in check, to stay here with you, beloved ones, to assist you to move out of the density. Now, as you move forward and release yourselves from this density, these great Beings of light are also able to move forward in their evolution, even as they are here assisting you.

“The flow, the ebb of the Source consciousness is ever changing, ever in movement, and the movement into the light has been essential, as consciousness is always growing and expanding. A static position is not possible, and the time had come to move forth into the light.” (5)

Matthew Ward is also an ascended master

The more general principle that lies behind the ascended masters’ Ascension at this time is that Ascension is a design feature of life: it happens all the time; it’s happening somewhere to someone right now; and it will never stop happening as long as there are life forms travelling back to God, as Archangel Michael reminds us.  (Moreover, we starseeds have ascended before.)

“As you have probably heard before, ascension is an ever-evolving, continuous, on-going evolutionary process and not a destination. You should also be aware that you have experienced different phases of the ascension process many times before in a multitude of locations and realities.” (6)

Ascension is a word used to describe movement from one dimension to another, but we also progress from one subplane to another within a dimension. To progress, whether within a dimension or between dimensions, is generally called spiritual evolution.

Archangel Michael tells us that no one has reached the peak of spiritual evolution.

“[No one has] reached the pinnacle of spiritual development, above all others. There is no such thing. As spiritual growth is ongoing, continual and a sacred journey and path, all will continue, long after they have completed planetary ascension.” (7)

SaLuSa reminds us that our journey will continue:

“Although your coming Ascension is a high point in your growth you will continue to follow a path of soul evolution, but it will never be as tough or demanding as the period you have just gone through.” (8)

“Bear in mind that the 21.12.12 is a major upliftment, yet only the beginning of another cycle of experience. However, it is for your civilization the opportunity to leave duality, and not continue re-incarnating in the lower dimension.” (9)

“Ascension,” he observes, “will never cease until you return to the absolute Source.” (10) He explains:

Galactics like SaLuSa are also ascended masters

“Your quest for knowledge and the truth can never really be satisfied until you reach the ultimate – The Source of All That Is. However, you will have innumerable experiences before you ever reach that point. You have yet to understand the concept of a never-ending creation. You will never run out of new challenges in the Multi Universes and dimensions that seem to go on for all infinity.” (11)

Matthew Ward reminds us that the end of 2012 is not the end of our growth and evolution.

“Earth’s ascension—the process of world transformation and spiritual renewal that enables her to rise out of third density and continue into the Golden Age—has been ongoing for about seventy years in linear time; and by the end of your calendar year 2012, the darkness that has proliferated for millennia will have disappeared in all its vicious forms.

“However, this does not mean that after 2012, there will be no further changes—there will indeed be splendid changes in many areas, including spiritual and intellectual growth. Life is a continual process of learning, or more accurately stated, a process of consciously remembering the knowledge within the soul.” (12)

He tells us that our journey will continue throughout eternity.

“Will all the beneficial changes in our lives be accomplished by the time Earth reaches fourth density or will there be more changes in the Golden Age? All the changes until Earth enters fourth density will indeed be beneficial, but soul evolvement, and thus your multiple lifetimes, will continue ‘throughout eternity,’ it is safe to say.

“The soul’s journey of self-discovery will continue unfolding throughout the Golden Age and far, far beyond, until each returns to Creator Source. We can promise you, the wondrous adventure gets more and more exciting!” (13)

Ag-agria suggests that some day we’ll ascend so far that we too will seat ourselves in the councils that preside over the universe.

“With Ascension you will have overcome so many of the frailties that exist now. Eventually the vibrations will be so high that you will be entering a state of near perfection as a Light Being. Then you will be able to be yourself, that is your Higher Self adorned with the Light of many suns, and radiate the love that knows no ending.

“One day many of you shall be seated on the Councils that preside over the Universe, and in your greatness serve God directly. However, that is a long way off but indicates your unlimited potential to rise to the highest levels.” (14)

I wrote a master’s thesis in 1970, called A Majestic Story of Orderly Progress, depicting what I considered to be the simplistic straight-line theories of progress that Victorians had. Ever since I’ve been forced to retreat more and more from my opinion.

I still believe much of what they said was simplistic, but I admit that I’m relenting on the fact that life is designed as “a majestic story of orderly progress,” as all beings continue to rise in consciousness in a return journey back to the Source from which they came.


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Message from Matthew – December 9, 2012

Message from Matthew – December 9, 2012

Stephen:  We’re obliged to leave it to you to make up your own mind on dates, timelines, and timeframes regarding the immediate days ahead. 

Steve: We know that Matthew differs from, say, SaLuSa and Archangel Michael in predicting a gradual Ascension over time rather than a sudden one that occurs on 12/21/12. We’ll just have to see what develops, I’m afraid. No one denies the reality of Ascension; the disagreement is around dates and rate of progress. (1)

As received by Suzy Ward – December 9, 2012

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew.

Always this season of various religious observances and celebrations in your world comes with intensified and mixed emotions. Those who are thriving feel grateful for the blessings in their lives and they enjoy merriment with family and friends; those who are alone or grieving or are hungry and penniless more keenly feel their lot in life. It is joyous for us to see that in this season of “good tidings to all,” so many caring, warmhearted souls reach out to help those who are needful.

This year is no different in that uplifting respect; however, the energies are stunningly different from this season in prior years. The highest vibrations your world has known for eons are affecting everyone, and while many are benefitting, masses are not in favorable positions. As the days of 2012 are winding down, the negative extreme of duality is making a strong last gasp before meeting its imminent end.

Of chief concern is unrest in the Middle East with the threat of chemical warfare in Syria, plutonium development in Iran, rebelliousness in Egypt, continuing Israeli-Palestinian enmity. There’s action toward a missile launch in North Korea, dire state of several national economies, mounting numbers of refugees and their plight, warring and oppression in some African nations, random acts of violence around the world, corruption in governments and multinational corporations.

Certainly it is not to dampen your holiday spirits that we mention those situations of world interest, but to assure you that in ALL cases, benevolent resolutions are coming! In the area of greatest concern, if chemical-laden weaponry were put into play, our universal family’s technology would prevent its functioning.

December 12th and 21st have long been considered as pivotal dates for the planet. To be sure, major energy surges due to planetary alignment are important thrusts forward, but Earth has been on an ascension course through successively higher vibratory levels and surges for over 70 years. This will continue throughout her travels in fourth density on to her destination in fifth, where the planet and Gaia, the soul who embodied as the planet, originated.

That is why we do not see a momentous event occurring on the 21st that will be equally profound for all worldwide. Each individual is a unique being and will experience a uniquely personal response to that day just as each has been doing all along Earth’s ascension progress. Some individuals may have a powerful energetic reaction while others may not sense anything at all unusual.

Beloved souls, please do not feel discouraged if you don’t experience something dramatic! As the light intensity has been increasing on Earth, so has your conscious and spiritual awareness been increasing, and your bodies have been adjusting to cellular changes from carbon to crystalline. You don’t need a startling event or sensation to feel elated about approaching the doorstep of Earth’s Golden Age!

Rejoice with us about a recent development in your linear time regarding the greater numbers of souls who may physically accompany Earth into that Age! God is granting the soul level petitions of ancestor souls to “partner” with their descendents who are struggling valiantly to divest themselves of emotions that are curtailing the amount of light they are absorbing.

Their emotions, which are not rooted in darkness and hurt no one except the souls themselves, are intense or prolonged grieving, remorse, guilt, judgment, hopelessness and difficulty shedding belief in falsehoods they have been taught. All of those can be transmuted into light with the focused energy of the more spiritually-evolved partnering souls. Some are living among you and others are inspiring their descendents who are there to direct love-light to those who simply need that extra boost to surmount their hurtful feelings.

As wondrous as this effect of unconditional love is, we know that you are eager to see long-promised changes come to fruition. At soul level you know that the transformation of your world is happening with astounding scope and speed, but consciously you are impatient, even at times doubtful. Please understand that while the low vibrations emitted by darkness cannot enter the Golden Age, the results of millennia of dark ones’ activities cannot be healed until Earth is journeying within fourth density’s light-filled vibrations.

Much ground work toward restoration and reformation has been accomplished. Mainstream media have exposed corruption in many quarters and efforts undertaken behind the scenes soon will become public knowledge. Situations vital to peace are being negotiated between some of your leaders and representatives of our extraterrestrial family.

Environmental projects will be initiated as soon as the priority measures that we enumerated in a recent message have been managed [September 24, 2012]. And yes, the highest universal council still is awaiting God’s “GO!” for our family members’ official introduction.

Dear ones, we know that you would like linear timeframes and if we could give those to you, with gladdened hearts we would do so, but we don’t know. All we can do is repeat our oft-given assurance that in the continuum, your co-creation of a loving, peaceful, pristine Eden world where everyone lives in harmony with Nature and knows the Oneness of All is a “done deal.”

Beloved family, you are SO close to third density’s finish line—a triumph unprecedented in this universe! You are loved and held in highest honor by all light beings everywhere.



Suzanne Ward


(1) See  “Gradual vs. Sudden Views of Ascension – Part 1 – Matthew Ward,” here; “Gradual vs. Sudden Views of Ascension – Part 2 – SaLuSa,” here; “Gradual vs. Sudden Views of Ascension – Part 3 – Archangel Michael,” here; and “Gradual vs. Sudden Views of Ascension – Part 4 – Archangel Michael”, here.

Instances of Sudden Ascension – Part 1/2

T.E. Lawrence describes a sudden Ascension

As we near 12/21/12, we may get attacks of “what if?” What if Ascension does not happen on 12/21/12? What if Ascension is not sudden but gradual?

We don’t know for certain whether Ascension will take place on that date or another, suddenly or gradually.

We do have the assurances of a large number of sources that it will but we have no certain evidence of our own to refer to.

For my part I’m meeting “what if” with “as if.” I’m going forward acting “as if” Ascension will occur on that date, not knowing for sure whether it will or not.

No matter how many higher beings say it will happen on 12/21/12, the divide in opinion between the sudden and the gradual school, the advocates of Dec. 21 and of other dates, or of no date, remains.

If I’m wrong and Ascension does not happen on Dec. 21, it’ll be quite painful, to be sure. But there’s nothing that can be done but wait to find out what will happen.

To lend support to the notion of sudden Ascension, let me offer several instances of it from the spirit side of life.

The first is the ascension of “Dr. G” as recorded by T.E. Lawrence (“Lawrence of Arabia) in his Postmortem Journal.  Remember that Ascension means the leaving of one plane and entry into another. It is not the leaving of one subplane of a plane and the entry into another subplane of the same plane.  On the spirit planes up to now, it has seen the traveller leave, say, the astral body and find him or herself in the mental body.

Dr. G. is sensing that his time for transitioning is drawing near and tells Lawrence:

“‘The timelessness of our life,’ he said, ‘misleads us into thinking that there is no longer any period to our happiness. We have no lengthening shadow of old age to put a natural limit to our activities and so, when we are happy and easy, we think it can continue indefinitely.

“‘But I know there are natural period in our time here and that I am approaching one of them. I could perhaps disregard the intimations and stay on here [in the Astral Plane], but, if I did so, I should be perverting the pattern. So you see, even this paradise may not be enjoyed for too long lest it thwart one’s proper growth. …

“‘I am growing old in this [astral] body and shall soon be done with it. Then I shall go on to explore this wonderful universe on another level [i.e., the Mental Plane].’” (1)

As Dr. G. spoke, “the illumination of his wise spirit made a glory around him and was more convincing than many words.” (2) Lawrence adds: “I had heard about this second death and transition to the next sphere…. Now it seems that I may be privileged to watch it happening to another.” (3) In fact Lawrence does watch it.

Lawrence describes the sudden Ascension of Dr. G. from the Astral Plane to the Mental Plane (or from the Fourth to the Fifth Dimension):

“The end came suddenly. I called on him and was told that he was sleeping. We stood around and watched his still form and the light which waxed and waned there. In a breathtaking second the change came. The light gathered itself together and burnt itself to a keen thought of light so intense and inward that we gasped and turned aside. Then it had gone and only a wraith of our friend remained which shrank away and disappeared as we watched.

“We sat speechless, absorbed in the beauty and meaning of the transition. It was long before anyone broke the silence and then one said: ‘I have heard that some time is needed for a spirit to get used to the new conditions, just as we needed time to adjust when we first came here, so we must not expect our friend to come to us yet. I suggest that when an interval has elapsed we should meet here again and wait and hope for his coming.’ We agreed to do this and went off full of thought to our various occupations.” (4)

Later Dr. G. descended to pay Lawrence and his friends a visit. Lawrence describes it:

“Dr. G. has kept his promise to come to us but he appeared when we were least expecting him. Some few of us were sitting quietly talking when his voice suddenly took up the parable and as we looked up, startled, we saw the outlines of a form which speedily filled in and took substance and there he was among us again.

“He brought with him an exalted air and we felt his presence as a spiritual baptism, a stream of pure joy absorbed hungrily by our thirsty beings. Light and happiness glowed up in us too with the pleasure of heightened being. He stayed only a short while … and left us again.” (5)

Here is a second presumed instance of Ascension.  Frances Banks tells of the ascent of a young evolved spirit named Jeannie, who was escorted by an angel from the Astral to a much higher plane. At first the angel simply visited Jeannie.

Frances Banks during her time as a nun

“’The Angel … came when I was resting. … You know, I think He was my Angel. I seemed to have known Him before.’” (6)

Then he came again and took her to a higher plane.

“[Jeannie] left us very quietly. One moment she was there, laughing, dancing, chattering amongst us all. Then we became aware of a Being standing beyond the shade of the trees; a Man of Light, tall, graceful with the beautiful limbs of a dancer. He stood in the Light and he held out his hand.

“’Come, Jeannie,’ he said. She ran to him immediately. Then she turned. Her little face was transfigured with joy.

“’It’s the Messenger,’ she cried. ‘Isn’t it wonderful! Wonderful.’

“She waved to us all. ‘Thank you for what you have done for me. Thank you for helping me get well. Now I shall really dance. You will come to the Beautiful Place to see me sometime, won’t you? Won’t you?’ She put her hand with perfect trust into the hand of the Messenger. ‘Goodbye.’

“’Farewell for a space,’ we called back.

“Together the two walked down the long sunlit slopes and the Light of the Messenger seemed even brighter than the Light shimmering over our gardens. Then they were gone … and I, for one, felt that we had given back a ray of sunshine to the Great Creative Sun.” (7)

We don’t know for sure that the angel escorted Jeannie to a higher plane rather than a subplane, but, in afterlife histories, the intercession of an angel usually means that an Ascension from one plane to another is occurring. Angels don’t attend to escort a spirit from the Middle Summerlands, for instance, to the Higher Summerlands, both being on the Astral Plane. Usually an ascent from the Astral Plane to the Mental Plane is also unescorted. An angelic escort usually comes to escort someone from the Astral, say, to the Causal, Buddhic, or Nirvanic Plane, or higher.

(To be concluded in Part 2.)


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Instances of Sudden Ascension – Part 2/2

Householder disciple Balaram Bose

(Concluded from Part 1.)

Next is the Ascension of Balaram Bose, householder disciple of Sri Ramakrishna. Balaram has provided for Sri Ramakrishna’s physical needs for many years. His master dies before him and, when Balaram dies, his master comes for him in a way reminiscent of Elijah and takes him many planes higher than the Astral. Normally most souls transition from death through the Astral Plane. For Balaram to go directly to a much higher plane constitutes an Ascension.

Here is that description.

“At the last moment, we were seated around [Balaram Bose], while his wife, stricken with unspeakable grief, was in the inner apartment with Golap-ma, Yogin-ma, and others. Just then she noticed something like a piece of black cloud in the sky, which became denser by stages and began to descend. Soon it assumed the shape of a chariot and alighted on the roof of Balaram Babu’s house. The Master [Sri Ramakrishna] came out of that chariot and proceeded towards the room where Balaram Babu lay.

“Soon after, he issued forth, taking Balaram Babu by the hand, and entered the chariot again, which then ascended and vanished in the sky. This vision raised [Balaram's wife's] mind to a very high plane where there could be no touch of grief or sorrow. When she returned to normal she related this to Golap-ma, who came to apprise us of the fact. Balaram Babu had passed away just a little while before.” (1)

Compare Balaram’s Ascension with Elijah’s.

“And it came to pass, as they [Elijah and Elisha] still went on, and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.” (2)

Here is another Ascension from physical life to a plane much higher than the astral. Journalist Julia Ames leaves her body at death and is escorted by an angel onto a very high plane where she meets with Jesus. Again she skips over the Astral Plane, making her journey an Ascension.

The clue to it being beyond the Astral is the angel’s comment: “He who saved thee would fain speak with thee.” To be “saved” means to ascend to at least the Mental Plane or Fifth Dimension and need no more to incarnate (except voluntarily, to serve). But I believe Julia to have gone to a dimension much higher than the Fifth.

William Stead, medium for Julia Ames

“I found myself free from my body. It was such a strange new feeling. I was standing close to the bedside on which my body was lying; I saw everything in the room just as before I closed my eyes. I did not feel any pain in ‘dying’; I felt only a great calm and peace. Then I awoke and I was standing outside my old body in the room. There was no one there at first, just myself and my old body. At first I wondered [that] I was so strangely well. Then I saw that I had passed over. …

“Then I felt as though a great warm flood of light had come into the room and I saw an angel. She, for at first she seemed to be a female, came to me and said –

“’I am sent to teach you the laws of the new life.’

“And, as I looked, she gently touched me and said: ‘We must go.’ …

“My angel had wings; they were beautiful. She was all robed in white.

“We went at first through the streets, then we went through the air.” (3)

“When my Guide came he spoke to me in a very sweet, strong voice that had in it the confidence of the Invisible. And I was thrilled through and through with its note, which did not seem strange to me. Nor was this strange for he had often been with me in my earth-life, although I had never seen him. I recognized him as an old and familiar part of myself and this at first made me think that it was a woman. And, when he said, ‘Come!’ I did not hesitate.” (4)

“When we were journeying I spoke little. My thoughts were busy and yet I was not conscious of even thinking, only of feeling and seeing, drinking in at every point new impressions. When we seemed to be arriving at a new world, I spoke. I asked my guide, ‘Where is this? Is it Heaven?’ He replied, ‘Wait and see. You will find those there who will teach you what you want to know.’

“The place was very pleasant to behold. The air was sweet and there was a delicious fragrance of flowers in June. The world – for it was a world we were approaching – seemed not unlike our old world, but it was different – there was nothing to jar. The sense of restful peace and contented love was everywhere. The place had a placid smile of tranquil joy.” (5)

“I found myself in a great expanse of landscape where I had never been before. I was alone; that is, I saw no one. But you are never really alone. We are always living in the presence of God. But I saw no one. Then I heard a voice. I only heard the words. ‘Julia, He who saved thee would fain speak with thee.’ I listened, but no words other than these were spoken.

“Then I said – ‘Who is it that speaks?’ And, behold, a flaming fire – really like fire though in human shape. I was afraid. Then he spoke and said, ‘Be not afraid. It is who am appointed to teach the secret things of God.’ Then I saw that the brightness as of fire was only the brightness that comes from the radiant love of the Immortals.

“Then the flame-bright One said to me, ‘Julia, behold your Saviour!’ And when I looked I saw Him. He was sitting on a seat close to me, and He said, ‘Beloved, in My Father’s House are many mansions; here am I whom you have loved so long. I have prepared a place for you.’

“And I said, ‘Where, oh, my Lord?’ He smiled and, in the brightness of that smile, I saw the whole landscape change as the Alps change in the sunset, which I saw so often from the windows of my hotel at Lucerne. Then I saw that I was not alone, but all around and above were fair and loving forms, some of those whom I had known, others of whom I had heard, while some were strange.

“But all were friends and the air was full of love. And in the midst of all was He, my Lord and Saviour. He was as a Man among men. He was full of the wonderful sweet mildness which you are acquainted with in some of the pictures that have been painted by the Italian Fra Angelico. He had an admirable look of warm affection, which was as the very breath of life to my soul. He is with us always.

“This is Heaven – to be with Him. You cannot understand how the consciousness of His presence makes the atmosphere of this world so different from that with you. There are many things I wish I could write to you, but I cannot, nor could you understand them. I can only tell you that He is more than we ever have imagined. He is the Source and Giver of all good gifts. All that we know of what is good and sweet and pure and noble and lovable are but faint reflections of the immensity of the glory that is His. And He loves us with such tender love!” (6)


The sight and presence of Jesus after death – literally to be with Jesus in the clouds – is a rare privilege granted only to those who have excelled spiritually. Julia is probably on the Seventh Dimension or higher so again hers could be considered a sudden Ascension.

We could look as well at Jesus’s Ascension, but only sketchy details exist of it. In our final example, let’s listen to the Buddha’s ascension after his death or mahasamadhi. I’ve foreshortened it a bit for the sake of the reader. But with or without the extra details, what is being described is an Ascension.

“Thereupon The Blessed One rising from the cessation of his perception and sensation, entered the realm of neither perception nor yet non-perception; and rising from the realm of neither perception not yet non-perception, he entered the realm of nothingness; and rising from the realm of nothingness, he entered the realm of the infinity of consciousness; and rising from the realm of the infinity of consciousness, he entered the realm of the infinity of space; and rising from the realm of the infinity of space, he entered the fourth trance; … and rising from the fourth trance, immediately The Blessed One passed into Nirvana.” (7)

Therefore most Ascensions that we know about have been sudden events. Of course this Ascension is without precedent because here, unlike any of those discussed here with the exception of Elijah, no one has ascended with their physical body, whereas, apparently, we will. So there is precedent for the notion of “sudden” Ascensions. Most Ascensions that we know of have been of that type.


(1) Swami Shivananda in Swami Chetananda, They Lived with God. Life Stories of Some Devotees of Sri Ramakrishna. St. Louis: Vedanta Society of St. Louis, 1989, 133.  Saying Balaram Babu is equivalent to saying Mr. Balaram.

(2) II Kings 2:11.

(3) All quotes are from Julia [Julia T. Ames] through W.T. Stead, medium, After Death. A Personal Narrative. New York: George H. Doran, n.d.; c. 1914. Pp. 41-44.

(4) 72-3.

(5) 77.

(6) 43-5.

(7) The Death of the Buddha, Translated from the Maha-Parinibbana-Sutta (v. and vi.) of the Dgha-Nikya, at

Lauren Gorgo: Birth of the New Sun: 12:12:12 – 12:21:12

Birth of the New Sun: 12:12:12 – 12:21:12

By Lauren Gorgo – December 9, 2012

Before we get into the last 5D report of 2012…the Pleiadian High Council asks that we first join our energies together in prayer, and open with an invocation to consecrate this very sacred month:

“Blessed mother, giver of life…blessed father, creator of life…Source of all creation…we call to you in our moment of triumph to join us in prayer. Our intentions, our hearts, our minds and our physical vessels are pure. We bring forth from within the sacred code of Ascension in honor of All That Is, in grace of All That Will Be. Mentor us, guide us, carry us forward…bestow upon us as we walk this New World afoot. We are your servants now and we join you, wholeHEARTedly in revelry.” – The Pleiadian High Council

Into ALL Time

So here we finally are…in the last month of the heralded year of 2012, boldly headed where no (hu)man has gone before. (Actually, I am told that no one in our universe has attempted or been successful at what we are pulling off: becoming an integrated light body in physical form!)

Do you remember the first time you learned about our planetary Ascension and how far away that date seemed??? I do. It was so far away that I absolutely refused to be-lie-ve that the torture that was my life could maintain itself for that long. It didn’t tho…it got much worse.

But this is IT…the grand finale. And even tho all the recent eclipses, solar activity, astrological alignments, & numeric gateways may have us feeling just awful enuf to barely care, the detachment that this intensity creates is actually a beautiful gift…it is helping us to effectively neutralize any remaining polarity within us, without getting stuck in the usual sticky (e)goo mess that always accompanies the 3D view. Today, tomorrow and into the new forever, we have absolutely nothing left to do but BE LOVE (aka, neutral).

From the Pleiadian perspective, on 12/21 the sun will literally be reborn from what they call the “source of Source”…the moment when the sun begins its re-emergence from the galactic equator, which, according to the Mayans is the moment of our spiritual rebirth…when we (humanity) essentially bottom-out and begin to grow toward the light of the new sun. This is the turning point, both THE END and THE BEginning…the completion of a linear-evolving timeline and the BEginning of a quantum-evolving timeline.

After this incomprehensible moment in “time”, the (new) sun will be capable of transmitting the Universal LOVE (zero-point/Source) energy from the galactic core. The arrival of universal LOVE energy on our planet is what we have been working toward for so very long…it is the nectar, the elixir of creation…what the seven sisters have continually referred to as the energy of rebirth/renewal/resurrection/reincarnation/transfiguration, etc.

What we want most for each of you is to share in the experience of this transcendental LOVE…the kind of LOVE that liberates, that frees, that opens the door and ignites the spark of LOVE in all others. This is the whole point of the journey to real-ization, to become as authentically individual as you can BE, and to share that individuality while consciously connected to the collective wonder of the Oneness. -PHC

Happy ReBirthday!

The next big (read: massive) moment for us, and in preparation for the 12/21 reboot, is a “reuniting” of sorts that will take place beginning with our (final for this century) triple numeric encodement on 12/12/12. The unseens call this milestone the “reconciliation of the soul/the reuniting of lost aspects” where we will be privy to parts of our soul, here in the physical world, that we have not had access to for many, many lifetimes…if at all.

On 12/12/12 there is a cosmic opening relative to your position along your personal Ascension path. This opening is creating the energetic portal of transcendence. -PHC

This passageway and final activation marks the completion of the unity-crystalline grid structure, the intricate geometric pattern of light that will pulse the (13) energy of universal LOVE thru our physical and the earth body’s circulatory system. (Interestingly, Stephanie Azaria says that the day after the 12/12/12, on the 12/13 new moon…the end of what she calls the eclipse wormhole that began on 11/13…we will land in the Sagittarius portion of our consciousness which is delivering us to the 13th constellation, Ophiuchus!)

In my last report I mentioned that Ophiuchus will be responsible for activating the physical gateway thru which the universal LOVE (unified) harmonic will be transmitted to the planet, upgrading humanity and all physical matter to the frequency of 13. All this coming together business is obviously no accident.

The PHC also allude to the fact that the triple 12 stargate is OUR big moment, whereas 12/21 is more of a planetary moment in that the 12:12:12 marks the true end of our initiation and the activation of Christ-consciousness…our personal gateway to unity thru the crystalline grid…in those prepared, thru the completion of our 12-strand DNA/12 chakra system.

(Our 13th strand, as discussed in the last report, serves as an overlighting energy that enables universal LOVE to weave throughout our existing 12 strand DNA system, impressing the original divine template upon the physical, mental and emotional bodies and imbuing every cell with the resurrected Christ (intelligence). In other words, the 13th strand of DNA is the governing intelligence which houses all information required to (physically) live in ascended mastery. The light-codes specific to this (ascension) frequential were activated on 11/13 and from what I understand will be in effect by 12/13 and integrated by 1/13)

The 12:12:12 portal (and its resulting light geometries) will not only open us all to the highest levels of realization and divine perfection, it is also one of specific, dynamic frequency attunement that will be responsible for the physical unification of spirit and matter that will result in the (re)uniting of mind, body and soul.

This attunement is not something that we will experience all on the same day, but rather in a succession as the final triple gate for our Cosmic Ascension activates and completes the codes required for our (3D) emancipation. It’s been impressed upon me that 12:12:12 is like the beginning of the end, the “start engines” moment before planetary lift-off which means the time between 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 will be very significant in a building-to-crescendo kind of way.

Now, we say all of this with great care for there are those reading this who will not experience transcendence thru this stargate. As we said previously, not everyone is in total command of the human experience as of yet. This gateway is merely the opening, the very beginning of a whole new human experience now possible for all, but for and by which many souls will and will not choose to embody, in their own time.

There will be other openings that will usher new waves of souls who have made the choice to experience LOVE as their guiding force, this is but the first of its kind. For those of you relatively new to the Ascension path…those who have not made the first cut, so to speak…be not weary, rather inspired by what those before you have made possible for all. This is not a race, but an unfoldment, as those at the front of the parade were once at the back. The journey home is an individual, yet collective experience. You must become a whole individual before you can become a part of the One.

For those of you who are joining in the realms of Oneness, we say to you…happy re-birthday! You are graduating from spiritual adults to cosmic infants… (r)entering the world anew, as if for the first time. Your cosmic rebirth is the central axis point by which your new life will r-evolve, an expedition that will take you to the stars and beyond, in a very literal sense.

These are your last moments to contemplate your journey to arrive here, to prepare yourselves for your final days as limited (3D) humans. From this point onward your collective rebirth into the Oneness shall be honored and celebrated on this very day…your cosmic rebirthday! -PHC

Wishing each and every one of you a blessed and peaceful sacred (holi-day) season filled with nothing but LOVE. Well, and naps too. ♡ ♡ ♡

See you in the new earth! (like for realz this time)


 ©Expect Miracles, Inc. 2012 All rights reserved. Permission granted to copy and redistribute The 5D Report’s FREE VERSION ONLY on the condition that the content remains complete, intact, full credit is given to the author, and that it’s distributed freely.

Poof: December 9, 2012

Poof: December 9, 2012

Stephen: Not sure which bank Poof is referring to below, but it’s certiainly nice to read these words: “Things begin and end in a world like this so, the wait ends and the living now begins.”

Oh, and the fella with the breathing difficulties? Well, that can surely only be Mr Bush Snr…

Poof: Peace Comes Now

By Poof – December 9, 2012

Greetings and Salutations;

So, my friend says the other day, the light at the end of tunnel is no longer the headlight of a speeding locomotive coming but could actually see the sunlight now.

Tired of trains speeding by him and knocking him about. Yea, one can get skinned up getting this stuff done.

I catch crap all the time but it’s not like I was warned all those years ago. People don’t want to hear, everything they have believed for years was all BS. But, like any child they have to grow up and become adults.

The people of the world will be told, too, and that’s what has got the bad guys ‘trippin’ about their futures. They know the end is at hand for them. 10,000 folks at one bank, lost their jobs in one day last week. They found that easier than picking thru them like picking thru dry beans.

Time is up, ‘da boss’ said, get it done Now, things will never be perfect, as long as, fear rules this planet. And you don’t have the masses suffering because some rich bad guy won’t put his adult pants on.

The man who said, ‘if they ever find out what we’ve done, they’ll hang us from the nearest lamp post’ is in the hospital now, with breathing problems. And it happened when trillions started being cleared in holding banks around the world. Too bad folks don’t understand their own limits. Seems there’s always a bigger foot to come down on heads that presume their own greatness.

I’ll shut up now and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in a civilized world. The time for the new man to manifest himself is here. My my, a new species who isn’t locked onto survival but will live a life worth living. A fulfilled promise.

Things begin and end in a world like this so, the wait ends and the living now begins. I give a message from ‘da boss’, ‘the time is here, be ready’.

Love and Kisses,


Today’s song: “Here Comes The Sun” – The Beatles

Click here to view the embedded video.

Lyrics and Music: George Harrison

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it’s all right

Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it’s all right

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces
Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it’s all right

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes

Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting
Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been clear

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it’s all right
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
It’s all right, it’s all right

Adama: The Blue Diamond of the Universe

Thanks to Andrea.

The Blue Diamond of the Universe

Adama through Kata, Lemurian Awakening, Dec. 9, 2012

Greeting to the Masters,

Take a deep breath. Before your eyes run through and read the following words, open your heart so the vibration of this message is delivered straight to the center of your heart.

One more deep breath. Feel your higher dimensional family of love all around you. Finally you are entering the completion phase of this year. All the preparations have been completed for you to enter into the vibration this culmination presents. You have your own access to the center of your heart. You are ready to feel the heartbeat of your multidimensional heart. Your heartbeat is your passport between realities. Finally you can set foot in all of them. With the highest perfection you will be shown how to start operating from your new heart in your new reality.

All the building blocks of your recent 3D dimension will be shifted. Everything you do will need a new approach. This new approach needs one thing only: your constantly raised consciousness. Being able to see through the veil is the gift this precious period of time will bring to all of you. Your limited ability to perceive the reality around you is shifting. The more conscious you can be with the upcoming changes, the easier the transformation it brings will be.

There is this ancient method I am here to introduce you. Let’s call it the “GAME of ROR”. You can do it anytime you feel to. You can easily transform your daily routine into a constant divine operation with this imprint of breathing.

The first breath is to RELEASE all that you do not need anymore. Just release all that creates obstacles to be seen through, all that tries to keep you in your old paradigm, and all that stops you from seeing yourself as a cosmic citizen with eternal history. So this first breath is to release. Visualization always helps this method. Feel as if your heart and entire body are experiencing a sacred wind. This wind is strong enough to diminish all the blocks that keep you at the level of duality when you are ready to fly further.

The second deep breath is about OPENING. The Lotus of the universe is opening up at your crown chakra. As it opens, your pineal opens with it. As your pineal is blooming, your heart is doing the same. Three Lotuses are opening up their petals at the very same time. These are the most precious receivers of the cosmic love emanating from the Heart of the Universe. So, first focus on their opening.

When your heart is open and you have your inner smile, you are ready for the third deep breath of RECEIVING. You are ready for your newly opened centers to receive ALL THE LOVE OF THE UNIVERSE. You can never get enough of this most precious vibration! It is the new fuel that your multidimensional body relies on. It is the unconditional love vibration form the Source. It is the essence that is leading you back to the Divine Master who you really are. It is the essence that keeps your 12 stranded DNA active. This is the tool that keeps your vibration beyond duality. With the universal love vibration in your heart, you are ready to comprehend the eternal perfection of the planetary mission you are so deeply involved in.

It is time to fully remember your divine origins. You are a galactic citizen with a truly precious mission to fulfill here on Earth. It is time to remember. A new chapter is forming for humanity and through it to our beloved planet. Your full recovery from your limited existence as 3D humans will soon be over. That is the gift of the shift to you. Build this simple exercise into your daily routine. Three breathes repeated consciously several times a day. Release – Open – Receive. The difference is imminent. Enjoy your new reality; you so dearly deserve all its beauty and gifts.

Walking through dimensions, or rather, being able to witness consciously the merging of dimensions is the greatest experience you all will be part of. The more heart centered you are, the easier walking through dimensions and adjusting it to its fullest potential will be for you. All your challenges and all your experiences were your personal activations to recalibrate your DNA to its full potential. Your physical body is transforming and it will be ready soon. This last year brought many changes.

Among the many important happenings, one was it brought back the requested “Balance” to Earth. The last time this balance was here was in Lemuria; with the highest respect to the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. This balance is the primary condition needed to reactivate the Golden Disc of Mu. The Disc has been reactivated and its ancient vibration can return to all who are consciously inviting it back into their hearts.

Connect to the Golden Disc in your heart. This multidimensional device helps you navigate through all the earth changes. The Disc of Mu was presented for the first time on Earth in the early times of Mu. This Disc was responsible for keeping the vibrational level of our blue planet and its newly arrived citizens at the highest level. It was connected to the Crystalline Grid that dressed our planet. This Grid was the most beautiful crystalline garment of our blue planet that one can imagine. It had all the wisdom and beauty to keep her and her citizens at their highest vibrational perfection.

The Disc was the key to connect to the Crystalline Grid. The Grid was the universal passport for this planet to be a part of the Source family of enlightened planetary embodiments. The eternal love of the cosmos was reflected through this ancient crystalline structure. It was the tool to maintain the vibration at a certain high level. Thus our past period of lowered dimensional reality was not able to set foot in it for a long period of non-linear time.

The basis of the “planetary experiment” was to allow lower dimensional forces to enter into the reality of Earth. It caused all these sacred tools to shut down. This caused, among many other consequences, the sealing off of your DNA. Another consequence was the limiting of what you remember, thus making you feel at home in your limited three dimensional existence.

This period is over.

Your memory codes are returning to you with the arriving universal vibrations. The “photon level of the invisible realm” has a great impact on your inevitable openings. Note that what is happening is far beyond the rhythms of the “13,000 year long cycle”.

It is time to regain your divine mastery. It is time to send the signal to the Heart Center of the Universe. The planetary experiment of “free will” on Earth has been completed with perfection. It is time for all the changes and all the openings.

We are the wisdom keepers of your planet and of our beloved universe. We are here in our higher dimensional Lemurian embodiments to help you to reconnect to your eternal mastery. Your involvement is a must. You are the ones who will make this great leap and ascend into your higher vibrational existence along with your planet. You are the masters of creating your own destiny.

It is time to “know yourself” – the motto said by the Oracle at Delphi – at the beginning of your recent civilizational sojourn. Lift the Veil of ISIS, and dare to step into the reality of the eternal master who you all really are.

The Disc is alive and ready. It has its full potential in every single heart to emanate its sacred transmission as it did a really long time ago. The Grid is ready to receive all the love vibrations from those hearts who will connect to it consciously once again as it did a really long time ago. All is set for the Grand Cosmic Event of Reconnection.

This event will connect your planet to her ancient destiny, and again she will become the “Blue Diamond of the Universe”. She will shine the Love, Wisdom and Light of all those who were involved in her great experiment. The experiment of bringing eternal love to the densest part of the Cosmos, to the part called life on Earth.

The realm of Lemuria is the reality of Love, Wisdom and Light in its blissful balanced and enlightened formation. This realm is ready to return to this planet. The eternal love vibration of the already returned “Balanced Divine Feminine” is ready to send her signal back to the Heart of the Universe.

It is time for the final ceremonies to connect the Disc of Mu back to the Crystalline Grid as was done back when it was able to pulse the heartbeat of the Universal Mother. The vibration of this ancient feminine vibration is returning. The first physical embodiment of this feminine vibration was this very planet billions of years ago. “The Blue Diamond”, as it was called then, is ready to shine again. Her ancient Heartbeat is now here in your hearts. Feel it and be ready for this long awaited beautiful ceremony of connecting your precious heart through the Disc, to the Grid again.

Human hearts united in love will transmute the planet. That is the culmination of all the happenings this shift presents. This act of “unity consciousness” will be seen throughout the entire universe. This will prove the readiness of humanity for the next evolutionary step of leaving duality behind for the eternal bliss of love.

I am Adama, ambassador of the Lemurians from the higher dimension. {Inner Earth of the Fifth Dimension.] We are here to witness this most important moment of time, we are here to honor your divinity, and we are here to assure you that our common new reality has already arrived.

We are one in Love.


Archangel Michael Through Ron Head: The Still, Small Voice Within will soon be neither Still nor Small

Niagara FallsArchangel Michael Through Ron Head: The Still, Small Voice Within will soon be neither Still nor Small

As channeled by Ron Head – December 09, 2012

It is our intent now to bring to your attention the constant flood of Creator’s unconditional love, that which we sometimes name energy or light, which is flowing through your world now. It has, of course, always done so, but it has reached a volume which can now not be missed by any who may turn their attention to it.

What may have taken a great deal of training in times past may be accomplished in no time at all at this point. The still, small voice within will soon be neither still nor small. When seeking to hear that voice, however, please understand that you may ‘hear’ it in many different ways. It will be the manner in which your own perceptions discern the feelings that arise from the experience of this love, this light, this energy. Yes, you may actually hear it. Then again, you may see it. You might just feel the flow through you. Perhaps it might be all of those or even something entirely different. It will be unique to you perhaps. But the one way in which it will be the same for all is that it will be the way that you personally understand when you perceive it.

t will not be the first time that you ‘hear’ it, dear ones. It will just be, perhaps, the first time you have heard it in many thousands of years. Picture yourselves as beautiful flowers and allow the flood of light and love to open you and bless your every cell.

You may, if you already feel this, believe that it cannot get more intense, but we tell you that it will continue to increase throughout the next twelve days. Allow this to flow through you in gratitude, for it is changing you in very necessary ways. And remember, too much resistance is what blows circuits. Well, perhaps that is a bit extreme, but you will get the idea.

We urge you to spend the time to find a group to meditate with or to join in prayer on the twelve-twelve. A corner will be turned on that day. Being a part of that will insure that it is a step forward for you as well.

We will bring you more good news shortly. Be at peace now, dear hearts. Good day.

Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:

Video: The End Of Our Age is Now … And The Truth Is Setting Us Free

The End Of Our Age is Now … And The Truth Is Setting Us Free

A video by Alex White – Brisbane, Australia


Click here to view the embedded video.


Published on Apr 24, 2012

The Trance/Techno music track is from Kim Marsh, titled “Evil Angel” – url:

We sure live in exciting times. So far, in 2012, changes in our world have been profound, but in the secret and unseen worlds changes have occurred in dramatic ways. Thanks to many amazing researchers, whistleblowers, intuitives, indigenous elders, channellers and et’s, a video like this is even possible. Thank you all.

This is about preparation for things to come, now manifesting in front of our eyes. The ancient Mayans were absolutely right. 2012 is about transformation; a transformation from bad to good — the Golden Age. This summary (bottom line) video is one tiny window of what is for all to see on the Internet, but of course needs time to find and research.

The truth comes from the alternative researchers and whistle-blowers on the net and from the people who channel the information from beyond the veil. The mainstream media is simply not in the game it seems. Luckily we know why, and we are sure that they will come on board too.

Enjoy the show and keep doing the research. Find out more on for summary information and news.

An Hour with an Angel with the Divine Mother, Two Days Before 12/12/12

This week’s show celebrates the first anniversary of the program, which began on Dec. 12, 2011. It is also the second from last show, as we far as we know and the show that falls two days before 12/12/12.

Our guest is the Divine Mother.  We’ll ask her what we can expect to see on 12/12/12 and on 12/21/12. We’ll ask her what is special about this Ascension and what Earth’s place is in it.

An Hour with an Angel broadcasts Monday, Dec. 10, 2012, at 5 p.m. Pacific Time, 8 p.m. Eastern time. Come join us at:

We’ll ask her when the chronically ill can expect to have their health returned and the aged to become young again. We’ll ask her to review what the role is of the lightworkers and starseeds who’ve chosen to be here at this time of shift.

We’ll seek to discover whether duality will be ending everywhere in this universe and if so where those who choose not to ascend will go.

We’ll inquire into what is happening behind the scenes with those who are staging Earth’s Ascension. We’ll ask about what is transpiring among those who are seeing to the Ascension of the whole universe. If we have time, we’ll ask her to comment on the Ascension of the ascended masters, expected soon as well.

And we have many other questions of how forms can be constructed from love, whether we’ll see our loved ones who have passed away, etc. Come celebrate with us one year of An Hour with an Angel by hearing the One in the universe who’s responsible for creating, preserving and transforming all that has form – the Divine Mother.


Hilarion: Your Individual Light is Expanding in a Greater Radius Than Ever Before

HilarionHilarion: Your Individual Light is Expanding in a Greater Radius Than Ever Before

As channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana – December 09, 2012

The energy levels continue to build and most of you are experiencing many downloads of this incredible assistance from the higher realms and dimensions. Your individual Light is expanding in a greater radius than ever before and this Light is a catalyst of awakening for those within its vicinity. Your placement upon the planet is no accident, for your Light and the Light moving through you is needed to hold, anchor and radiate in all directions to join in unison with other conduits so that there is a network of Light around the world.

Daily establish a connection and an inner dialogue with your higher Self and intend a greater alignment with the gentle and loving voice within. No matter what may arise from within your human outer self, know that within the core of your essence, all is aligned with the coming events that are to occur. You are here upon this planet representing humanity as a conduit for the greater good of all. As each of you experience greater remembrance of your true nature, you will align with others of the same frequency and vibration along the crystalline grid as it is reestablished in power and strength in the coming days.

The Light that you each hold will enable those around you to come into an awareness of the greater Cosmic events that are unfolding. Allow yourselves the joy of this journey and surrender to the promptings of your heart. Release all that has held you back from uniting in Oneness with your greater Self and be open to the insights that come to you. As you focus upon the attributes of the spirit of Love within you, a greater transformation will take place within your own consciousness. This will open up avenues of revelation and the knowing of the greater purpose of the situations in your lives that each of you have been experiencing.

It is through the actual experience of being in a human body during these times that greater growth of soul takes place, not only for self but also for the evolving masses of awakening humanity who join in communion on the higher levels. All will be touched by spirit in accordance with their level of unfoldment and understanding. Every particle of life will experience an upliftment in energy and vibration and this will help to open the fields of greater potentials and possibilities for all. What is most important for each Being is to go within and allow spirit to do its magic within you.

As you create your new world together, you will find that all differences vanish in your interpersonal relationships and a greater harmony, peace, acceptance and tolerance will come into manifestation. The frequency levels of joy will enable all to move forward into unity and cooperation within the hearts of all upon the planet. The old ways will no longer be supported by the new energies that prevail. Walk in joy, peace and goodwill and know that the blessings of the Universe surround you.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

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Prime Minister Medvedev Makes What Looks Like an Off-the-Cuff Disclosure Statement

I personally don’t regard anything Prime Minister Medvedev said in the attached video as being a mistake or a joke or forgetfulness that the mike was on.

I think he’s just made the first of what may be number of Disclosure statements.

If this is a planned “leak,” expect other “journalists” to follow up and press the Prime Minister on the matter. Thanks to Les, Julie, Suzy and Andrea.

Russian Prime Minister claims extraterrestrials live among us

Admin, Exopolitics,org, December 8, 2012

Russian Prime Minister claims that Men In Black movies depict a real life secret organization that monitors extraterrestrials living among us

On Friday, December 7, the current Russian Prime Minister and former President, Dmitry Medvedev, made some startling off-air comments to reporters while his microphone was still switched on. He was asked whether the President is given any secret files on extraterrestrials while in office. In his responses, Medvedev not only confided that extraterrestrials are visiting the Earth, but that some are actually living among us. He went even further to say that the Hollywood comedy, Men in Black, depicting a secret government agency monitoring extraterrestrials on Earth, has a factual basis to it.

Click here to view the embedded video.

While the comments appear to be playful responses to a reporter’s off-beat question, they raise questions over exactly how much truth was being revealed by Medvedev. Given that Medvedev’s responses were said off-air, without him realizing that his microphone was still recording, they at face value give credence to claims that extraterrestrials are not only visiting our world, but are even living among us.

After completing an on-air interview with five television reporters, Prime Minister Medvedev continued to respond to reporters and made some off-air comments without realizing that the microphone was still on. His off-air comments were more frank about his real feelings on recent political developments in Russia where authorities were reigning in civil liberties. He was then asked by one reporter if “the president is handed secret files on aliens when he receives the briefcase needed to activate Russia’s nuclear arsenal,” Medvedev responded:

Along with the briefcase with nuclear codes, the president of the country is given a special ‘top secret’ folder. This folder in its entirety contains information about aliens who visited our planet… Along with this, you are given a report of the absolutely secret special service that exercises control over aliens on the territory of our country… More detailed information on this topic you can get from a well-known movie called Men In Black… I will not tell you how many of them are among us because it may cause panic,

Medvedev’s comments are not the first time a prominent Russian official has spoken out about extraterrestrial life while giving television interviews. In an extraordinary television interview aired in May 2010, the Governor of the Russian Republic of Kalmykia, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov who was also President of the World Chess Federation, claimed that in 1997 he was taken from his penthouse apartment on board an extraterrestrial vehicle. Ilyumzhinov claimed that the extraterrestrials he met were humanoid and gave him a tour of their ship, and even took him to another world.

There has long been claims that not only have extraterrestrials been visiting our world, but have actually lived among us. A well documented case in Italy called Amicizia (Friendship) revealed that more than 100 individuals, including senior public officials, had met with a group of extraterrestrials with bases in the Italian peninsula and the Adriatic Sea over a 22 year period from 1956 to 1978. Significantly, these extraterrestrials were secretly monitored by NATO authorities who did not interfere with private citizens meeting with and providing supplies to the extraterrestrials. The Friendship case, if genuine, suggests that something like the official agency created to monitor extraterrestrials on earth depicted in the Men In Black movies, is based in fact. Certainly, Prime Minister Medvedev appears to think that such a “secret special service” exists.

While it can be claimed that Medvedev was giving a playful response to an off-beat reporter question, the full context of his off-air remarks suggest he was being candid on a range of topics, including extraterrestrial life. Plausible deniability certainly comes to mind when trying to analyze Medvedev’s frank off-air comments. This raises the intriguing possibility that Medvedev’s comments were orchestrated with prior approval to reveal facts to the Russian public that authorities are not yet able to officially announce to the world – extraterrestrials live among us.

© Copyright 2012. Michael E. Salla, Ph.D..

This article is copyright © and should not be added in its entirety on other websites or email lists. Permission is granted to include an extract (e.g., introductory paragraph) of this article on websites and email lists with a link to the original.

[Let ne include our own disclosure video for any who wish further information on what Medvedev is talking about:]

Click here to view the embedded video.

Further Reading

David Wilcock is “Back in Action!”

David Wilcock has a new blog out. Here’s an extract from that new column.

Back in Action!

David Wilcock, Divine Cosmos, Dec. 8, 202


I am not expecting a cataclysm or disaster. December 21st, 2012 is very likely the end of a 25,920-year cycle that over 30 ancient cultures had “encoded” into their mythologies — by some source unknown to mainstream science.

These ancient cultures had no tangible, physical way to connect with each other across time and space — and yet two top historians in the 1960s, Santillana and von Dechend, made a very compelling case of the worldwide appearance of this cycle in mythology.

The technical name for this cycle is “the precession of the equinoxes.” I first learned about its prevalence in ancient cultures by reading “Fingerprints of the Gods” by Graham Hancock in 1995.

This cycle is heavily discussed in The Source Field Investigations, my videos, and many other articles on this site.

This 25,920-year cycle isn’t just a feature of mythology — it represents the apparent motion of the stars in the night sky, which drift by 1 degree every 72 years when you look at them on the same day each year — such as the Winter Solstice.

In Western astrology, the cycle is divided up into 12 parts of 2,160 years each — known as the “Ages of the Zodiac.” We are now moving into the “Age of Aquarius.”

The most exciting aspect of this cycle is that the ancient prophecies almost always tell us the end of this cycle will usher in a profoundly wonderful Golden Age on earth — unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.


It does appear that the Mayan Calendar end-date of December 21st is a technically accurate day for when this shift-point will occur. The scholarship on this being the correct end-date for the calendar is certainly compelling.

At 5,125 years, the Mayan Calendar is very nearly one-fifth of this “master cycle” in length. [Technically it comes out to 25,625 years as opposed to 25,920 -- or a mere 295 years shy of the "ideal harmonic" cycle length of 25,920 years.]

As I argued in The Source Field Investigations, the prophecies around this date, and its outcome, are worldwide — and the vast majority of them indicate a positive, not a negative outcome.

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