Robert Shiller: Suburban Home Prices Will Not Rebound In Our Lifetime and more

Robert Shiller: Suburban Home Prices Will Not Rebound In Our Lifetime

Many young people are choosing to live at home for a longer period of time instead of buying. Moreover, would-be homebuyers are settling into modern apartments and condominiums, further hindering a housing rally. Shiller says the shift toward renting and city living could mean “that we will never in our lifetime see a rebound in these prices in the suburbs.”A perpetually sluggish housing market, which Shiller believes has become “more and more political,” might push the country in a “Japan-like slump that will go on for years and years.”

Robert Shiller: Suburban Home Prices Will Not Rebound In Our Lifetime

Netanyahu Sees Strike on Iran’s Nukes as Worth the Risk – Bloomberg

Senior officials I met with also told me that there are no gaps between the U.S. and Israel on intelligence issues, or in a basic understanding of the Iranian threat. The only gap is in timing: U.S. officials are confident they could destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2013 or 2014 if they needed to. The Israelis seem to believe that, because of their more modest offensive capabilities, they either strike in 2012 or don’t strike at all.

Netanyahu Sees Strike on Iran’s Nukes as Worth the Risk – Bloomberg

William Happer: Global Warming Models Are Wrong Again –

The observed response of the climate to more CO2 is not in good agreement with predictions.

The lack of any statistically significant warming for over a decade has made it more difficult for the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and its supporters to demonize the atmospheric gas CO2 which is released when fossil fuels are burned. The burning of fossil fuels has been one reason for an increase of CO2 levels in the atmosphere to around 395 ppm (or parts per million), up from preindustrial levels of about 280 ppm.

William Happer: Global Warming Models Are Wrong Again –

National security takes a back seat to president’s re-election

That Mr. Obama has dangerous ideas up his sleeve and won’t be forthcoming about his true agenda during this year’s presidential campaign were exposed in candid comments he made to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev on Monday. On the subject of sensitive arms-control negotiations, the U.S. president advised, “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” This admission begs the question: Flexibility to do what? What agreement with Russia does Mr. Obama want to sign that he thinks would be so damaging to his re-election chances that he would need to wait until afterward to perpetrate it? If such a hidden intention would be dangerous to his re-election, it surely wouldn’t be a safe...

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Beijing’s Dangerous Game | Washington Free Beacon

China’s broad territorial claims to international waters in Asia, along with U.S. defense cuts, are increasing the risk of a conflict in Asia, according to the recently retired commander of the Navy’s Pacific Fleet.

“Since there are no conventional arms-control regimes, or pre-established frameworks designed to manage escalation, the real possibility exists for conflict within the maritime domain that is not at the time, the place, or for the duration for our choosing,” said retired Adm. Patrick Walsh, who left his job as Pacific Fleet commander two months ago.

“The absence of a regime or framework to de-tension the area also creates equal probability for conflict that is regional in context, extending...

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China’s Uncertain Peaceful Rise

While China may be nearing the peak of its international powers, many states worry that the country actually overestimates itself, according to the newly released Strategic Trends 2012.

China’s recent economic growth has been spectacular and has helped the country build its military muscle. Whether the Asian giant can continue rising peacefully is questionable, however. China’s growth model will hardly be sustainable as Western demand declines. Adapting it without weakening domestic political cohesion will be difficult. With nationalist sentiments increasingly affecting China’s foreign policy, concerns about its geopolitical ambitions are mounting across the Asia-Pacific region. In this context, the US is...

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Dennis Kucinich: Lefty for Radical Islam | The Investigative Project on Terrorism

Today, the Investigative Project on Terrorism begins a series of profiles on non-Muslims who help the Islamists advance their agenda, with the goal of documenting this phenomenon, understanding its origins, and tracing its implications.

Islamists seek to advance their agenda through major American institutions such as the media, schools, courts of law, and the government. In particular, major figures in these leading institutions maintain close ties to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and to the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), despite these organizations’ records as apologists for terrorism. At times, they even join the Islamists in sniping at law enforcement and attempting to discredit Muslims

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China’s Science Fiction: A World Ruled by China

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China’s alliance strategy aims to contain U.S.

“China must change its non-alliance policy,” he said. “We must consider forming alliances. Otherwise, in a future war with the U.S., we will not be able to politically or militarily counter America’s global alliance network just by ourselves.

“Without an alliance system of our own,” he said, “we will never be able to win.”

Yang Mingje of the Chinese Institute of Contemporary International Relations, China’s largest strategic think-tank run by the Ministry of State Security, said the view among Chinese strategists is that while the U.S. is looking to put more of its military forces in the Pacific, the U.S. continues to have a global agenda, since “China has become a global...

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World leaders: Nuclear terrorism a ‘grave threat’

It’s not what you don’t see that will get you into trouble. It’s what you see but don’t understand that will do it.

In the case of nuclear terrorism, it’s not a rogue group that manages to get its hand on a nuclear bomb or material that is the problem. It’s a terror sponsoring state with nuclear weapons that is the problem. That means for the most part we have to wait until Iran gets nuclear weapons for nuclear terrorism to start. Yes, the rogue group scenario is possible, but it is less likely.

Interestingly, world leaders focus on nuclear terrorism while pretty much ignoring nuclear war.

World leaders have called for closer co-operation to tackle the threat of nuclear terrorism at a summit on...

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Dissidents Warn Iran’s Supreme Leader

Nourizad and many others in Iran have warned Khamenei and the clerics that power is not everlasting, that they should look at history, and that the day will come when people will have their say and justice will be served.

Though tens of thousands have lost their lives at the hands of the Islamic regime and tens of thousands wallow in prison, the West remains quiet and still hopeful of negotiations. However, Khamenei and his cronies are determined to see their mission, as they see it, completed: they are mandated by Allah to defeat America and Israel, they believe, for Islam seeks blood, and the mission won’t end until Islam’s flag is raised in all corners of the world.

Articles: Dissidents Warn Iran’s Supreme...

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Michael Coren & Eric Allen Bell – The Cost Of Speaking Out Against Islam – YouTube

The modern liberal isn’t interested in the truth as it exists. He is only interested in his view of how the world works. In this case there cannot be and must not be a problem with Islam. If one of their own – a liberal – points out that Islam really is a problem, then the attacks start coming as Eric Bell points out in the video below.

When you first start learning a language as a child you do not worry about the grammar. You just start copying those around you. As an adult learning the same language you focus on the grammar in order to learn faster. Learning modern liberalism works the same way. The modern liberal does not need to know the rules to arrive at the correct answer. The conservative trying to...

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