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Christ-following Minimalist Archive for May, 2011

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2011-05-31 01:15Simple Suppers - Simply Sweet Grape Jelly
2011-05-28 01:15Baring My Soul - The Junk Vortex Conspiracy
2011-05-24 01:15Simple Suppers - My Simple Secret Weapons
2011-05-23 01:15Baring My Soul for Christ-following Minimalist Worldwide - Part 2 - The Next Frontier
2011-05-20 01:15Be Anxious for Nothing and more...
2011-05-17 01:15Simple Suppers - Walk-away Flattened Chicken
2011-05-15 01:15Baring my Soul - From Chaos to Minimalism
2011-05-11 01:15Simple Suppers - God's Provision
2011-05-07 01:15Baring my soul - The Prequel
2011-05-05 01:15Scripture of the Day
2011-05-04 01:15Splats - Shiny Purple Wrappers - and Jesus' Love
2011-05-03 01:15Simple Suppers - Spaghetti and Red Sauce with Grill Chicken


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