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Next Door Male: Kovi LaCroix


He had come from a place of which they had never heard. He came into town riding on the back of the wettest storm in decades. Some said it was no coincidence Kovi LaCroix arrived when he did, the circumstances were too eerily serendipitous. He asked for a place to rest a while, a place with shade. The librarian's brother had an extra room, so he took Kovi home. There was only one request of the out-of-towner. The librarian's brother would give him shade and let him rest for a bit, but he wanted Kovi to jack off on camera.


Kovi, with mysterious, piercing eyes, nodded his head slowly, agreeing to masturbate on tape. You'll see here what happened. You'll witness Kovi unsheathe his manhood and fatten it up with some squeezing and toying. You'll experience Kovi tug and stroke his uncut, erect cock for the librarian's brother's camera. And you'll join him in a great release, just before settling down in the shade after days, weeks, perhaps months of travel.

Circle Jerk Boys: Dylan & Damian

Circle Jerk Boys Dylan & Damian

Damian is showing Dylan pics of Chicago and his ex back home. Dylan thinks the Ex is "alright". Damian balks that Dylan doesn't think his Ex was all that hot. "Well you're way hotter than that" Dylan says as he goes in for a kiss. Worked like a charm as they start to make out. Damian peels of Dylan's tank and jeans as he slides south to take care of that cock. Dylan lays back and moans as Damian goes to work on his hard cock. Dylan's au natural this time and his chest fur looks sexy. Damian can't get enough of that meat and no matter what position Dylan gets into, Damian remains latched on to his cock.

Circle Jerk Boys Dylan & Damian

Damian then stands to make out with Dylan some more as Dylan takes down his pants to get at that tight little ass. His cinnamon complexion contrasts Dylan's nicely, as Dylan gets down between those legs to suck some dick. He runs his hands up Damian's smooth, tight abs as he worships that hard cock. Dylan looks up at Damian making sure he's doing a good job as he continues to slobber on that thick meat. Damian loves the attention he's getting on that dick and leans back to give him more to eat. Dylan instinctively slides his tongue up inside that hot little ass making a meal out of it. Dylan laps and sucks on that hole getting it nice and wet as Damian squirms. "I'm gonna fuck this ass" Dylan announces as he gets up and puts that dick at Heaven's door. (...back door, that is!) He slides his thick dick deep into Damian's hole. Dylan pounds that hot ass hard and deep as Damian moans his appreciation. Then they take the party to the couch as they lay on their sides with Dylan spooning Damian as he keeps drilling that dick inside that ass. Damian then straddles Dylan so he can have more control as he ri des that cock at his own pace. He bounces that hot hole up and down on Dylan's cock with ease before maneuvering into missionary. Dylan's cock hits that spot just right making Damian's thick cock start to spew cum even before he's ready to. Damian starts to jerk off faster wanting to cum and as he does he blows his load while Dylan is still fucking him silly. Dylan pulls out just in time and shoots his load all over Damian's chest, abs and cum-covered cock.

Active Duty: Grayson

active duty grayson

Grayson is 23-years old, stands 5'11" tall and hails from Colorado. He weighs in at 160 lbs and sports a light dusting of hair on his chest and in other places that you'll be sure to enjoy. lol. He likes going out four wheeling -- and in a change from most of the models -- likes computer programming. Maybe Dink can get him to work on the Web site!

active duty grayson

Bound Gods: Logan McCree and Sam Barclay on QCX

bound gods logan sam

Sam Barclay waits in the boiler building, chained up, and covered in the cum of his previous Dom. Logan McCree strides in, horny and hungry. Seeing the boy in chains he decides to put him through the paces. Without introduction he owns the boy's body and uses him for his pleasure. With steam rising off his cock in the cold Berlin factory, Logan makes Sam lick his cock from base to head. Taking Sam to another building Logan covers they boy's cock with hot wax then flogs his body to hear his screams.

More Bound Gods: Logan McCree and Sam Barclay on QCX.

William Higgins: Ondra Krahul

william higgins ondra

Ondra Krahul is aged 21, he is a motor mechanic by trade and he enjoys football and his friends. Ondra is a fine looking guy who William has done a number of guy-guy scenes with already. He is very good too. Here we have his session stills shoot, just him and the camera. What a lovely looking guy Ondra is, with a ready smile too. He also has, as we see when he strips off, a very good body. He shows us a lovely ass, framed by tan lines.

William Higgins Fortnight: We're glad to be partnering with William Higgins to bring QueerClickers this special. Sign up for your membership package today to get it at 30% off. Gain access to their deep archives of hot men instantly with this awesome deal!

william higgins ondra

Butch Dixon: Michel Rudin and Jules Cage

butch dixon jules michel

Burly six footer Michel Rudin pops his porno cherry in style. Butch couldn't wait to get this sexy Italian guy up to his nuts in some hot juicy arse. Jules Cage was even more eager, and as soon as he felt Michel's thick, veiny dick in his arse he was pushing back like crazy to swallow the whole length, and that's 'after' he'd stretched his hole with a fucking chair, this sexy young guy is an animal!

butch dixon jules michel

Drake Rock: Download Before It's Gone!

Drake Rock Membership Final Call

We're sorry to know that Drake Rock will be leaving Planet Unicorn, and be taken offline permanently on 31st December this year. Drake Rock emerged way back in 2009, with their first update on QueerClick introducing Gianni Luca and Giovanni Colapietro.

Since then, Drake Rock has entertained us with hundreds of hunks solo, in oral, finger fuck, first experience, bareback, felched and snowballing actions.

There's still chance to enjoy these videos before they become history. Sign up before 30th November, and make full use of your one month membership to download your favorite actions and high res photos. What are the favorites of QClickers over the past three years? We have collected them all, all right after the jump.

Popular Drake Rock Updates on QueerClick

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And QCX Drake Rock Updates for the Adventurous QClickers

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So take this chance to join Drake Rock, and add these hunks into your porn archive before they're gone, for good!

Remember, sign up ends on 30th November 2012!

Falcon Studios: Micah Brandt and Tate Ryder

falcon studios micah tate

Flanked by a statue of Buddha, the modelesque Micah Brandt is in the meditation room getting centered. It's a good thing, because handsome Tate Ryder's going to rock his world.

falcon studios micah tate

When Tate strides in, his green eyes cast a spell on Micah that's doubled by the glamor of his great big, steely rod. Tate gets it centered right down Micah's throat, and face fucks the choking cocksucker with speedy, hard thrusts. - Academy Shane - Academy Shane

Head boy Shane has been all around the world, his tanned, athletic body honed from tough physical sports. He thinks he's experienced every adrenalin rush there is - surfing, skydiving and bungee jumping. - Academy Shane

But nothing has prepared him for the intense sensation of being surrounded by smart, confident young women at They know exactly what they want and fully intend to show him he still has a lot to learn. The helpless lad is soon stripped naked, spanked with a cane and teased until he grows a very stiff erection!

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