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2016-08-30 01:15Size of police forces have less to do with crime reduction than policing strategies and more...
2016-08-29 01:15On interpreting meaning from Nueces DA ouster and the limitations of reform via prosecutor elections
2016-08-27 01:15No rampant crime wave resulted from massive decriminalization of Texas juvenile life
2016-08-26 01:15DOJ should intervene in Harris Co. bail litigation, and other brief notes
2016-08-25 01:15Local #BlackLivesMatter police policy agenda pragmatic, achievable
2016-08-22 01:15How much could local taxpayers save by eliminating arrests for petty misdemeanors? and more...
2016-08-21 01:15Threats of death coerced false testimony in Waco innocence case
2016-08-20 01:15A judge's writing "tinged with despair" and more...
2016-08-17 01:15On the limits of enacting police reform through union contracts
2016-08-16 01:15'Distortion of Justice: How the inability to pay bail affects case outcomes'
2016-08-15 01:15Best Practices: Police training, policies should prioritize deescalation, get rid of the '21-foot rule'
2016-08-13 01:15Feds will begin closer tracking of deaths in police custody
2016-08-12 01:15TDCJ should suggest letting private prison contracts expire to save money
2016-08-11 01:15The new phone books TDCJ statistical reports are here and more...
2016-08-10 01:15Civil suit may force Reyna recusal on Twin Peaks, and other stories
2016-08-08 01:15Survey: What do crime victims want?
2016-08-07 01:15Austin PD data SNAFU, shuttered DNA lab signal management failures
2016-08-04 01:15Pondering potent prison cuts thanks to oil revenue decline
2016-08-03 01:15Harris Sheriff rep blames inmates for preventable, antibiotic-resistant infections in his jail
2016-08-02 01:15Harris pays more, gets worse safety outcomes from coercing pleas through detention of poor and innocent misdemeanor defendants
2016-08-01 01:15On training as a remedy for excessive use of force

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