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2015-05-29 01:15Forensic error roundup and more...
2015-05-28 01:15Tweaking Texas' junk science habeas writ, and why the state must give more notice when it asks a judge to evict you than to kill you and more...
2015-05-27 01:15Dotting i's on grand jury reform
2015-05-24 01:15In-person-visitation bill nears finish line, grandfathers video-only facilities and more...
2015-05-23 01:15Still a chance for surcharge reform bills in home stretch
2015-05-22 01:15Dutton-Whitmire bill logjam breaking up: Truancy decrim, juvenile regionalization and grand-jury reform all still have time to pass
2015-05-19 01:15Ted Cruz: Rein in prosecutor power, lower "draconian" mandatory minimums
2015-05-18 01:15Will Texas join conservative states adopting syringe exchange in 2015?
2015-05-17 01:15Why is John Bradley smiling? ... and other stories
2015-05-16 01:15Civil commitment bill targets agency dysfunction; clock ticking on housing crisis
2015-05-15 01:15House passes 'ban the box' bill for state agencies and more...
2015-05-14 01:15Overdose prevention legislation soon headed to governor
2015-05-13 01:15Texas House approves non-government funded, operated needle exchange pilots and more...
2015-05-11 01:15Why conservatives should support TX bill authorizing non-government needle-exchange pilots
2015-05-08 01:15Volteface on pot by committee extends to full-blown legalization
2015-05-07 01:15Bill updates during a busy week
2015-05-04 01:15Indigent defense, civil commitment and the Texas surveillance state and more...
2015-05-03 01:15Raise-the-Age Shenanigans and more...
2015-05-02 01:15'Let's sign up on and for things'
2015-05-01 01:15Legislative odds and ends and more...








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