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2015-07-08 01:15New police hires declining, safety of cops' job lauded
2015-07-07 01:15Ramping up debtors' prison in Waco and more...
2015-07-06 01:15Addendum to good bills passed in 84th TX Legislature
2015-07-05 01:15Historical lament over habeas limits, partisan election of DAs
2015-07-04 01:15The Un-Exonerated and more...
2015-07-02 01:15Criminal justice reform accomplishments from the 84th Texas Legislature
2015-07-01 01:15On forensic oversight, backlogs, and prospects for revenge-porn statute's constitutionality and more...
2015-06-29 01:15What next to reform grand juries now that pick-a-pal is no more?
2015-06-28 01:15Bills focused on forensics, habeas, alter post-conviction landscape
2015-06-26 01:15Widespread police testilying alleged: Tarrant DA responds by eliminating method of documenting it
2015-06-25 01:15Fort Bend DA accused of Brady-related misconduct by state bar, and other stories
2015-06-21 01:15Abbott signs bill codifying broad reading of Texas junk science writ
2015-06-20 01:15Ex-parole commissioner rejects probation on document tampering charges; trial late this year or next
2015-06-19 01:15Abbott tells drug users: 'Drop dead,' and other stories
2015-06-18 01:15Public safety unions revealed as 'weak,' 'ugly' in SA mayor's race
2015-06-17 01:15National exoneration trends: Harris County leads nation in false drug-crime convictions
2015-06-16 01:15And the new Innocence Project of Texas ED is ...
2015-06-15 01:15Alone Time: Solitary confinement roundup
2015-06-14 01:15Joyce Ann Brown, R.I.P.
2015-06-13 01:15Charles Sebesta disbarred! and more...
2015-06-12 01:15On bail, plea bargains and innocence
2015-06-11 01:15Released from death row, 'exoneration' disputed: The Alfred Brown case and more...
2015-06-09 01:15Lamenting missed opportunities on criminal justice
2015-06-06 01:15Parole commissioner trial scheduled Monday, million dollar biker bails, and other stories
2015-06-04 01:15Difficult to read tea leaves from oral arguments on junk science writ and more...
2015-06-02 01:15Greg Abbott to veto harm reduction legislation and more...
2015-06-01 01:15Lieber: TDCJ, DPS linked by opacity policies

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