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2016-05-04 01:15Nobody trying very hard to distribute crime victim restitution
2016-05-03 01:15Shortage of competency restoration beds a sudden, longstanding crisis
2016-05-01 01:15Texas released 52% more violent offenders in 2014 than 2005
2016-04-29 01:15Major conservative investment in criminal-justice reform and more...
2016-04-28 01:15Grand jury not told shooter-cop was drunk, and other stories and more...
2016-04-26 01:15Nueces jail overcrowding caused by pretrial detention
2016-04-25 01:15HIV rates highest in Huntsville, and other stories
2016-04-24 01:15Wood weighs in on collections rules for Class C misdemeanors
2016-04-23 01:15Texas cops shoot people at higher rates than Yankees
2016-04-22 01:15'Crime wave' talk aside, Texas crime way down, say the numbers and more...
2016-04-21 01:15Indigent defense costs growing rapidly, remain insufficient
2016-04-19 01:15Alcala: Legislature should mandate appointed counsel on habeas IAC claims
2016-04-18 01:15On the geography of asset forfeiture and the growing effort to restrict it
2016-04-16 01:15Fair Chance Recap
2016-04-15 01:15TX misdemeanor, juvenile case filings plummet in recent years; drug cases drive felony filings and more...
2016-04-14 01:15Waller County Sheriff's Office Report
2016-04-13 01:15State data solution makes most financial sense for agencies deploying bodycams
2016-04-12 01:15Momentum growing to confront debtors prison dilemma and more...
2016-04-11 01:15Innocence odds and ends
2016-04-10 01:15Texas, California 'junk science writs' should spur bills in other states
2016-04-09 01:15Susie Bannon with the Second Chance Democrats on Austin's Fair Chance Hiring Ordinance
2016-04-06 01:15Still few judicial waivers for indigence on Driver Responsibility surcharge and more...
2016-04-04 01:15Bail reform roundup
2016-04-03 01:15DMN 'Watchdog': Probation fees turn POs into bill collectors and more...
2016-04-02 01:15'Jailhouse Stories: Voices of Pretrial Detention in Texas'
2016-04-01 01:15Houston ISD employs more cops than counselors, social workers

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