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WEATHER ALERT: Category [Now] 4 Hurricane Directly Hit Rockport


City of Rockport

A Message from Mayor CJ Wax

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    National Weather Service Flooding and Rain Report - click here

    The top priority remains Search and Rescue. This should be completed within the next 24 to 48 hours with Texas Taskforce 1, Texas Taskforce 2, and Missouri Taskforce 1.

    There is only one confirmed death as the result of a mobile home fire following the hurricane landfall.

    Evacuation: Buses are available to take anyone needing transportation to a shelter that will provide food and comfortable sleeping facilities. Anyone desiring to evacuate should go to the Veteran’s Memorial Park across from the Old HEB parking to arrange for transport.

    Click here for full report

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  3. UPDATE 8/27 2:02 PM

    FEMA Transitional Shelter Assistance Info. Click here

    AT&T has set up a mobile communication in front of the Emergency Operation/Public Safety Center. It can be used for calling and texting outside of Rockport if you are within 3 miles of the Center.

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My thoughts are with all the people who live and work along the Texas coast that have been personally impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Because you are a member of our community I wanted to inform you about the condition of Rockport Center for the Arts in the aftermath of the storm event.

The Art Center staff is safe. We are presently scattered across Texas and neighboring states. As local authorities recommended mid-dayon Thursday we evacuated Rockport after the facility was boarded the same day. The time to prepare for this evacuation was minimal, as information regarding the strength of the storm changed.

From images I have been provided and third party accounts, it appears the building has sustained serious external damage. One image demonstrates that the front porch is completely gone and a roof structure in the front of the building is exposed and thus compromised. It is entirely possible that additional damage to the roof exists, yet only an onsite inspection will reveal that. We are working on obtaining that information. The building is still standing as it has since 1983 a few feet from Aransas Bay. It remains unclear if all the sculptures in the Sculpture Garden collection survived the 130 miles-per-hour winds of Harvey's category 4 direct impact to Rockport. We won’t know about internal damage until we are able to re-enter and inspect the building. The timeline for that is uncertain.

Remotely, I maintain constant contact with the staff,... Read more »



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Returning Home

Stay Away:

Residents are asked to stay away from the area at this time. We will let you know when the City releases an official statement. First responders are busy assessing the area, and securing gas leaks, and debris. IT IS NOT SAFE — Water is out, power lines are down, and cell service is very spotty. We will post more information as soon as it becomes available.


Many people are asking why they can’t come to help. Officials need time to assess the problems and prioritize the work. They can’t use volunteers until then so please don’t come to Rockport to help. When officials are ready, we’ll post how to help.

Hotel Tax Suspended:

If you are staying in a hotel or motel due to Harvey, you don’t need to pay the hotel occupancy (HOT) tax. Governor Abbott suspended the tax, saving evacuees a little cash. Ask the hotel/motel for the form you need to fill out and then they should remove the tax from your bill.

Road Closures:

Click through for a map showing closed roads from TxDot.


Residential customers and small businesses can use this website to learn if mail is being delivered, or if their Post Offices are open. Business mailers are provided more detailed information about USPS mail processing facilities, and the operating status of postal delivery units. Because of Hurricane Harvey, retail operations and delivery operations have been suspended at Rockport and many other offices. Check the site for your location or updates. As of 8/25/17 no mail service is available in the Coastal Bend.

Supplies Needed

If you can, when you come, bring these items.

27 Aug: Katrina Experience shared regarding SUPPLIES, post-storm!

  • Generators - cannot have enough, don't have to be large
  • Air compressors
  • Tire repair kits - tons b/c there will be debris everywhere
  • Fix-a-Flat - tons
  • Square shovels - the kind you would use in a barn
  • Water and ice - GREATEST NEED
  • Gas cans and gas- buy and fill asap as gas will be rationed or unavailable even hours from the coast
  • Fuel tanks - if anyone has big fuel tanks they use on the ranch, etc that they can fill and bring it would be appreciated.
  • Also fuel tank for truck
  • Auto zone air compressor
  • Cigarette lighter- crazy but works when no power
  • Tarps
  • Cineplex nails
  • Hammers
  • Battery operated drill and screwdriver
  • Batteries
  • Flashlights
  • Phone and car chargers for iPhone and Android
  • Power strips
  • Chain saws
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Large trash bags
  • Gloves: for picking up trash and debris
  • Non-perishable food (HEB and Walmart were badly damaged according to reports)


8/27/17: Update from Superintendent Patek. ACISD officials have been informed that the county will be without power for 2-4 weeks. Due to this and the need for time to repair our facilities, we will be cancelling school for all staff and students for the next two weeks. This will include cancelling any and all extra-curricular practices and events. The goal is to have students back in class the week of September 11th. All updates on the official return date will be posted on the ACISD Facebook page and website. Staff should also monitor their school email for information specific to their return date. Let’s all continue to support each other and our amazing community during this very difficult time.

City of Rockport


8/27/17: AT&T has set up a mobile communication in front of the Emergency Operation/Public Safety Center.  It can be used for calling and texting outside of Rockport if you are within 3 miles of the Center. (The center is at 714 E. Concho St.)

Getting Help

Red Cross:  After a disaster, letting your family and friends know that you are safe and well can bring your loved ones great peace of mind. This website is designed to help make that communication easier. Register yourself and/or look for loved ones.

Local Numbers: At this time the City has NOT given out a local number to call in order to check on loved ones, or your property. We will post this information as it becomes available.

Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters: After Harvey: Get the Facts BEFORE Hiring Contractors to Rebuild or Repair. In Texas, it is illegal for contractors—including roofing and restoration contractors—to offer to negotiate your claim with your insurance company. Contractors may not hire adjusters to handle your claim.

Flood Insurance: NFIP Flood Insurance Claims Handbook

Cover photo for the document: NFIP Flood Insurance Claims Handbook
This claims guide was created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which administers the National Flood Insurance Program, to provide policyholders tips about what to do before and after a flood, including filing a claim, and the steps involved in appealing a denied claim.


FEMA: You may begin the process of applying for disaster relief through this FEMA web site. Aransas County was accidentally omitted and FEMA is working to correct the situation.  Despite this, you may continue to fill out your information by scrolling further down the application.FEMA Disaster Assistance: The Individual Assistance division of FEMA supports your recovery from a major disaster and help you through the process of applying for assistance. They can help with housing if you don’t have support/coverage elsewhere (like homeowner’s insurance). Renters may also qualify. Read the information carefully!

→ Transitional Housing: This page explains FEMA's Transitional Shelter Assistance (TSA) Program, which provides short-term lodging assistance for evacuees who are not able to return home for an extended or indeterminate period of time following a disaster.

How to Help

Catholic Charities of San Antonio is collecting relief supplies to send to victims in Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, Rockport, and other affected areas. They’re asking folks to deliver canned food and bottled water to their HQ at 202 W. French Place. San Antonio, Texas 78212, or to donate online.

Humane Society of Rockport-Fulton

Donations can be made through our web site:

This is a list of shelters for animals and livestock. It is not comprehensive but may help find a place for animals. CALL before going!

Anyone with animals in need of shelter:

From Aransas County Extension, 8/27/17

LARGE animals can go to the San Patricio county fairgrounds in Sinton where pens are set up. But you MUST call Adrian Arredondo first at (830) 683-7984.

SMALL animals (including pet birds)can be taken to McCampbell Airport in front of the museum. Bring a cage, crate, leash, etc if at all possible.

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