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Zero Subscribers at FeedBurner, Sept 21 2012

Don’t Panic!

FeedBurner hasn’t shut down today.

The counting code at FeedBurner has broken. Even though the metrics say a big fat zero, your RSS feeds are still being served and your subscribers are still, in fact, there. Google has belatedly acknowledged the problem.  That’s the good news! There isn’t an ETA on the fix; but with luck it will be soon.

Sign of the Times?

The panic this caused many bloggers over the last 18 hours has been palpable. Already perturbed by the closure of FeedBurner’s twitter account, FeedBurner’s blog, the abandonment of and its users, AND the upcoming API closure, FeedBurner users were a dry powder keg primed for the right spark. They got that spark with these zero subscriber counts today. For many, it was the last straw, to mix my metaphors.


To Switch or Not to Switch – That is the Question

Even with an apparent subscriber count of zero, it was – and is – possible to switch to FeedBlitz using the steps outlined in the FeedBurner Migration Guide.  People have been doing so all day today. FeedBlitz did wobble for a while under the unexpected load at one point this morning, but has otherwise been fine. (If you were getting errors mid morning please come back and try again!)

So if enough is enough, download the FeedBurner Migration Guide and come on over. If, despite everything, you want to wait and see, obviously that’s your choice.


As people have come over today we’ve seen a number of questions recur; I hope this recap helps!

1) Q: Can I have multiple feeds / blogs in a single account? A: Yes.

2) Q: How will all my RSS subscribers come over? A: It depends on your setup. But if you follow the Migration Guide and use our tools, we promise everyone with a pulse will come over.

3) Q: Can I use a FeedBlitz RSS with a different email service, and what does that cost? A: Yes, and if you don’t use us for email you are in our 0-9 pricing tier, or $1.49 / month.

4) Q: Will my imported email subscribers have to opt-in again? A: No.

If you want to know more or have specific questions about migrating your readership to FeedBlitz from FeedBurner, please email us at or tweet me directly as @phollows. Happy to help!

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