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SD-15 Results Thread

We're waiting for results in the SD-15 race.  Here is the Secretary of State's webpage for the race. Here's the first batch:

Jim Fitzgerald 5606 5.8%
Mark Hinkle 1874 2.0%
John Laird 39857 41.5%
Sam Blakeslee 48617 50.7%

August 17 Open Thread

We're waiting for results on the Laird race, but in the mean time, Links:

* For two candidates running for statewide office, you would think Steve Cooley and Carly Fiorina would take a stand on Proposition 23, but no.  The effort to repeal AB 32's historic greenhouse gas pollution regulations apparently don't rise to the level of importance to take a stand.

* Speaking of Steve Cooley, California Watch exposed some punitive measures against his deputy DA's union.  A recent lawsuit alleges that he punitively transfered deputy DAs who dared to organize, and even harassed an external media outfit working with the union. (Note: Brian does some work for Kamala Harris.)

* Roger Niello is officially running to replace the late Sen. Dave Cox, and has now received some favorable words from Cox's widow.

* Republican SoS candidate Damon Dunn got a profile on the Sean Hannity show.  And according to the Hannity folks, he was endorsed by Willie Brown.  Except, Willie himself called that idea "crazy."

"Hell no..are you crazy?'' he said. "I do training of folks with my Institute, and I have absolutely talked to him. But I would never be for Damon Dunn against Debra Bowen, who is one of my chief operatives. One of the things I recommended to Damon Dunn is that he not run against Debra Bowen.''(SacBee)

Meg Whitman Loves Latinos? Except When She Doesn't

Where does Meg Whitman stand on immigration? Well, that all depends on when she's being asked, where she's being asked, and who is doing the asking.

* Last year, in an attempt to cater to her Republican base as she prepared for a heated primary, Whitman told reporters she believes the state should "prosecute illegal aliens and criminal aliens in all of our cities, in every part of California."

* This spring, in a stark reversal, Whitman spoke out against the Arizona immigration law when it first passed in April.

* When Whitman's primary opponent, Steve Poizner, began gaining traction by veering far to the right on immigration, Whitman's campaign advisor, former Governor Pete Wilson, produced an anti-immigrant radio ad, touting Whitman's opposition to "amnesty" and her plan to block immigrant families the having access to education, driver's licenses and other vital services. He said she'd be "tough as nails" on immigration. Gov. Wilson is the notorious architect of Proposition 187, the initiative that sought to deny immigrant families these same basic rights.

* Whitman's hypocrisy became even more evident when she told a reporter, "You haven't seen an ad from me with the border fence," while at the same time airing TV ads across the state that prominently feature the border fence.

* Just one week after winning the primary, Whitman again changed direction, and began airing Spanish-language ads during the World Cup, indicating she was against the Arizona immigration law.

* But in late July, she went on a conservative talk radio station and said she thinks the Arizona law should stand.

* One week later, Whitman opened a "Latino outreach" office in East LA, and was greeted with a mob of protesters, furious over her perpetual flip-flopping on immigration.

* At the same time, she was also being lambasted by the right-wing John & Ken show, again for flip-flopping on immigration.

[Edit by Robert: Click through to read the rest!]
By our count, Whitman has changed her position on immigration at least five times since announcing her candidacy. And in her cynical ploy to mask her true positions, Whitman managed to alienate both the left and the right... and certainly isn't making a case to Latinos. A recent poll shows that Jerry Brown still has a commanding lead among Latinos -- 42 percent for Brown compared to just 18 percent for Whitman.

That's because California Latinos remember that Jerry Brown stood up for immigrant workers when he marched with Cesar Chavez and gave farmworkers the right to form and join unions to collectively protect themselves from being exploited at work. And they also remember that Whitman has been changing her mind on Latino issues whenever it suits her.

Columnist Thomas D. Elias points out this example:

In one of her Spanish-language ads, Whitman says "The Latino kids attending public schools in California today will be tomorrow's doctors, engineers, businessmen and teachers. I want them to have the opportunity to go as far in life as their God-given talent will take them."

Unless, notes Democratic Party communications director Tenoch Flores, "their hard work and talent take them to a California institution of higher learning." If they make it there and their parents are illegal immigrants (regardless of the kids' own status), Whitman's policy statements say they shouldn't be allowed to stay long. In the spring primary, she said such "Latino kids" should be banned or removed from community colleges and the Cal State and University of California systems. Will Latinos remember those declarations?

Our answer is yes, they do remember. And they will still remember in November, regardless as to how many more million-dollar ads Whitman airs.

Paid for by the California Labor Federation. Not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate.

As If Meg Whitman Needed More Help...

Just in case you didn't know, Meg Whitman has a lot of money.  Her gigantic pile of money includes that she which made from eBay and her little dalliance with Goldman Sachs.  Heck, even Steve Poizner thought it was skeezy.  But, at this point, she doesn't see any reason whatsoever to stop making every effort to purchase the governor's gig.  And why not, $104 million is really only a down payment, and it's just one step away from the White House, her intended destination anyway.

So, she really doesn't need any added financial resources, but why the heck not?

Days after California's  political watchdog agency said it would not crack down on issue advocacy ads until after the Nov. 2 election, a business group took aim at Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown with a blistering example of such ads.

The Small Business Action Committee, backing Republican Meg Whitman for governor, launched a new television ad attacking Brown's record on job creation and spending. (SacBee)

Of course, Joel Fox, the leader of this committee is quite supportive of Whitman.  He should be anyway. Just a few days after she paid $10,000 to be on his slate card for the primary, the committee endorsed her. How convenient. Must be good to get the green stuff coming in from Whitman and going out from the big corporations.  And there are cuts to be had at each stop.

Now, I would post there ad, but I think I prefer this Steve Poizner ad about Meg a lot better.

SD-15: John Laird TODAY!

Today's the day.  Well, not really today so much as the last few weeks have culminated with today.  Though it doesn't really feel like an election day, today is the official election day along the central coast in the skirmish to replace St. Abel Maldonado since he was called up appointed to be the Lt. Governor.

Residents from Santa Clara County to Santa Barbara County -- including Saratoga, Los Gatos, Almaden Valley and Morgan Hill -- are choosing a replacement for former state Sen. Abel Maldonado, who was appointed lieutenant governor earlier this year.

Though the winner of ?today's Senate race could help shape the outcome of the state's muddled budget negotiations, the oddly-timed summer election is not likely to draw a high turnout.(SJ Merc)

I cannot stress enough the importance of electing John to the Senate. Beyond the numbers game in the Senate, which is plainly critical, John is the right person for the job.  He has the experience that we need, his work with the budget in the Assembly was superb.  And he is the kind of person, honest and hard-working that the legislature needs more of.  

If you know anybody in the district (PDF), please call them to make sure they have voted. If you are near the district, stop in to one of the campaign offices to help out.  And, you can always watch the twitter feed.

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