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2017-12-11 01:30Hague Academy Now Offers Winter Courses
2017-12-09 01:30Conference Report: Contracts for the Supply of Digital Content and Digital Services, A legal debate on the proposed directive, ERA Brussels, 22 November 2017
2017-12-08 01:30Bob Wessels, International Insolvency Law: Part II European Insolvency Law, 4th edition 2017, Wolters Kluwer
2017-12-07 01:30ERA Seminar “Access to Documents in the EU and Beyond: Regulation 1049/2001 in Practice”
2017-12-06 01:30Diplomat Lawyer Vacancy at the Permanent Bureau of the HCCH
2017-12-05 01:30HCCH Working Group on the Authentication of Documents Generated by Supranational and Intergovernmental Organisations
2017-12-04 01:30125th Anniversary of the Hague Conference (HCCH)
2017-12-01 01:30New Research Positions at the MPI Luxembourg
2017-11-30 01:30Third Issue of 2017’s Rivista di diritto internazionale privato e processuale
2017-11-29 01:302 new articles
2017-11-28 01:30Call for Special Issue Proposals
2017-11-24 01:30Habitual Residence in European Private International Law
2017-11-22 01:30Job Vacancy: Research Assistant (50%) at the University of Bonn, Germany
2017-11-18 01:30Deference to Foreign Sovereign Submissions
2017-11-17 01:30Jurisdiction, Conflict of Laws and Data Protection in Cyberspace
2017-11-15 01:302 new articles
2017-11-14 01:3050 Years of EU Private International Law in Therapy – Call for Papers
2017-11-13 01:30On the application of Art. 19.2 Service Regulation
2017-11-12 01:30EU Study on “Cross-border restitution claims of looted works of art and cultural goods”
2017-11-09 01:302 new articles
2017-11-08 01:303 new articles
2017-11-07 01:303 new articles
2017-11-06 01:30HCCH Preliminary Explanatory Report on the Draft Convention on Judgments
2017-11-04 01:30Out now: Cross-Border Litigation in Europe
2017-11-02 01:303 new articles

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