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2016-05-31 17:30Day 8: Where Do Fat Cells Come From?
2016-05-30 17:30Day 7: How Stress Causes Weight Gain
2016-05-29 17:30Day 6: Why is Fast Food so Addictive?
2016-05-28 17:30Day 5: Why Do We Eat Such Terrible Food?
2016-05-27 17:30Day 4: How Hormones Affect Your Weight
2016-05-26 17:30Day 3: The Impact of Obesity
2016-05-25 17:305/25 Weightloss Wednesday: 35 Lbs Down! and more...
2016-05-24 17:30Day 1: Why We Demonize Cholesterol
2016-05-23 17:30Sugar Free BBQ Squash Recipe! and more...
2016-05-22 17:305/22 Daily Recap: 28 Day Challenge Starts Tomorrow!
2016-05-19 17:30Low Carb Stuffed Jalapenos Recipe!
2016-05-18 17:305/18 Weightloss Wednesday: The 28 Day Challenge Starts Monday! and more...
2016-05-18 16:00My Sugar Free Journey 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Meal Plan
2016-05-11 17:305/11 Weightloss Wednesday: Plateauing a Bit
2016-05-09 17:30Grilled Garlic Green Beans Recipe!
2016-05-06 17:30What's Sugar Free at The Grocery Store: Sausage Edition!
2016-05-04 17:305/4 Weightloss Wednesday: 31 Lbs Down!


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