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  1. 2919355 and WSUS
  2. Enterprises (those of us behind WSUS/Intune) have more time
  3. Tuesday! SMBKitchen ASP Chat
  4. Status report of KB2919355
  5. Heartbleed and other headlines
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2919355 and WSUS

For those running default SBS 2003 R2/2008 and 2011 with WSUS - it auto approves security updates to servers and workstations.  If you have an 8.1 or R2 deployed in that network, KB2919355 will be automatically approved and probably automatically installed tonight.

Just be aware and watch your patch settings.

2919355 is deemed a critical security update and thus will automatically be installed if you have not changed the settings.


Enterprises (those of us behind WSUS/Intune) have more time

For those of you behind WSUS, Intune or System center the less than 30 days before KB2919355 has to be installed has been extended.

Folks who patch with WSUS/Intune or System center have until August to roll out KB2919355

The issue with WSUS has now been fixed.  You'll see on your manually or WU updates boxes that already have KB2919355 ANOTHER KB2919355 this time a much smaller update that fixes just the issue with the WSUS deployment



Tuesday! SMBKitchen ASP Chat

Tuesday! SMBKitchen ASP Chat | Third Tier:

Join us today at the SMBKitchen chat.  Remember that you can sign up and get a sneak peak of the documents we've released before April 30.

I'll be sending out a revision to the Heartbleed client facing communication to reflect some latest developments.  Hope to see you there this afternoon!


Status report of KB2919355

Only 29 days-ish to get KB2919355 installed.  And we're starting to see people getting their issues resolved (yea) and starting to see the support engineers move from the fishing expeditions to where they can start giving out canned responses to the problems. 

Still Microsoft is in it's offering up mode and not pushing out the door mode (you can tell this in the USA as the update is offered up but not yet checked). 

I'll be starting my roll out this week and I'll let you know how it goes.

One Surface/one 2012 r2 server.



Heartbleed and other headlines

Hectic week this week between the Windows 8.1 issues and the Heartbleed - which is not a virus btw.

Up on the ASP kitchen project I've placed client facing communication you can use to help guide them.  If you have any questions - like I have had - please feel free to ask and we'll help to get clarity.

Right now it's still in it's month free trial time.  So check it out, see if the information is helpful and join us.



More Recent Articles

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