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  1. Dear Scotland
  2. Do you want to virtualize ONE desktop in HyperV?
  3. How to hide a shared folder in RWA
  4. And if Microsoft had done this?
  5. So what’s this Storage server thing?
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Dear Scotland

It’s 10:55 pm where I live, and it’s 6:55 in the morning in Glasgow on a pretty special day for you guys.  It’s kinda amazing to me to be alive on a day that will end up on a Wikipedia entry page.  (When I was a little girl historical things ended up in the World Book Encyclopedia that I used to read, now they end up on Wikipedia).

Tracing back in my family tree is the name of Clan Wallace.  So there is a sliver of me that is Scottish.  And it’s pretty cool that you are able to decide your future and make such a change not with swords (as used to be done) or guns, or bloodshed but words and people going to a ballot box and making a decision.  If only more of the world did what you guys are doing.  Fighting with words or an issue, not with blood.

A long time ago a group of folks in the country I live in also wanted to decide their own fate.  They wanted to have government of their own, representation of their own, a voice of their own.  Several hundred years have gone by and one could argue that our Government leaders aren’t leading at all these days, but regardless, based on the history of my own country, I can only imagine what it feels like to vote on such an important issue like this.  To get our independence, we ran off the British Army (who was kinda an easy target with all those Red Uniforms).

I remember the very first time I went to the ballot box and cast my vote.  It was an empowering day.  To read that you’ve given the voting rights all the way down to 16 year olds, that’s very very cool.  You’ve just empowered young folks that will probably always feel that they have to responsibility to be engaged in their country’s future.

So to the folks in Scotland, as someone who has a sliver of Scottish ancestry in my family tree, I’m pretty blown away with the energy I see from this side of the ocean.  I hope that we in the United States get inspired by what you guys are doing and turn out to vote more in our own elections (hey I can hope, can’t I?).  I hope that others around the world can see what a profound change you are making with the voting box and not with war and do likewise.

I for one will be excited to see how this turns out.  Me, I’m hoping the Yes vote takes the day.


Do you want to virtualize ONE desktop in HyperV?

And you want to know how to license it?  As I read it, you need to either purchase a VDA subscription (don’t ask me how this is done) or purchase VL with SA in order to be able to host one desktop in HyperV if you plan to have other servers being hosted as well.

If you wanted to only host ONE desktop and only that ONE desktop you could use a retail license – not OEM.  But that’s kinda silly.

But bottom line, want to host one virtualized desktop operating system?  Get VL and SA to be legal.

See discussion with Cliff on the listserve for more nuances and details.

How to hide a shared folder in RWA

Want to know how to hide a shared folder in RWA in SBS 2011?  (this should also work in Essentials as well)

Share name is null or empty

Share type is not of type disk drive (0)

Share name ends with a $

Share is special:









Share directory does not exist

Share is not created on an NTFS volume

Access to share volume is denied

No IISRESET required when share list changes

Bottom line put a $ at the end of a folder name and it will be hidden.


And if Microsoft had done this?


And if Microsoft had done this… wonder how much folks would have been up in arms over this?

So what’s this Storage server thing?

Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials.

Okay so what is this?

To be clear it’s not Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Standard.  It has no feature set from the Storage server line.

It’s a new OEM only sku… or rather a price point.  It’s the Standard server os with the Essentials role, so it needs to BE a domain controller or SEE a domain controller.  It can’t be merely a workgroup computer (unfortunately).

So think of it as a low cost/OEM only/has to be or see a domain controller but still provide the Essentials role/feature set.

So?  What do you think of it now?

Will you consider it for your client base?


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