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  1. Patching Exchange
  2. Following up on MS15-010 side effects
  3. Want to block the Windows 10 upgrade icon?
  4. Essentials update on MU
  5. Tracking issues with Essentials
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Patching Exchange

When updating Exchange servers remember that since 2010 era they no longer automatically MU down.

To know what the latest and greatest is – check out this post:

For an oneoff clicking on help-about is probably the easiest.

Then compare it to this list here:

Then keep in mind for Exchange 2010 if you do any PCI/TLS tweaking that you need to be on  update rollup 9 as noted here:

SMTP is not transported over TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2 protocol in an Exchange Server 2010 environment:


Following up on MS15-010 side effects

Just to follow up on a few updates:  The hotfix for this issue is now out and we’re still pushing for this to be on Microsoft update:

If you have a 2012 R2 (and only 2012 R2 Essentials is impacted) you’ll need to install this hotfix on all workstations to use the console to restore files.

You cannot restore files and folders from Server Essentials Backup on a Windows-based computer after installing MS15-010


Want to block the Windows 10 upgrade icon?

Looking to block the Windows 10 upgrade icon from the system tray?


Remove windows 10 upgrade icon from sys. tray – Spiceworks:

1, Run the following command

taskkill /f /im GWX.exe /T

This will take about 30 seconds to close it

2. Copy the following into notepad and save it as Disable.reg (ensure the file ending is .reg)


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00







Run the Disable.reg file and restart the computer.

Want to get it back? Do the same only copy this and save it as Enable.reg


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@=”C:\\Windows\\System32\\GWX\\GWX.exe %1″


@=”C:\\Windows\\System32\\GWX\\GWX.exe %1″


@=”C:\\Windows\\System32\\GWX\\GWX.exe %1″


@=”C:\\Windows\\System32\\GWX\\GWX.exe %1″






















Essentials update on MU

Update to remove duplicate descriptions for Office 365 integration in Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials:


Be aware this is another update for Essentials that “This update removes unnecessary descriptions, and updates Office 365 integration links in the Integrate with Microsoft Office 365 wizard.”


Tracking issues with Essentials

Be aware of issues that have been resolved:

Bug with PowerBI module:

If you have subscribed to the PowerBI it will break Office 365 integration – see Resolution (Updated on 05/18/2015): The fix for this issue has been included with the following hotfix released for RMS Subscription issue:

Install the following hotfix on the server:

Bug in Restore console on client side

If you have Windows 7 and 8 (RTM only NOT 8.1) the bug in the restore console can be fixed with the hotfixes from


Issues that have NOT been resolved:

We are still awaiting a hotfix for Windows 8.1 clients with respect to the restore console. ETA is expected to be June.


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