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  1. Essentials update on MU
  2. Tracking issues with Essentials
  3. A little rain, a little thunder, a little power outtage
  4. Missing your antispam filter updates?
  5. GoDaddy and SBS
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Essentials update on MU

Update to remove duplicate descriptions for Office 365 integration in Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials:


Be aware this is another update for Essentials that “This update removes unnecessary descriptions, and updates Office 365 integration links in the Integrate with Microsoft Office 365 wizard.”


Tracking issues with Essentials

Be aware of issues that have been resolved:

Bug with PowerBI module:

If you have subscribed to the PowerBI it will break Office 365 integration – see Resolution (Updated on 05/18/2015): The fix for this issue has been included with the following hotfix released for RMS Subscription issue:

Install the following hotfix on the server:

Bug in Restore console on client side

If you have Windows 7 and 8 (RTM only NOT 8.1) the bug in the restore console can be fixed with the hotfixes from


Issues that have NOT been resolved:

We are still awaiting a hotfix for Windows 8.1 clients with respect to the restore console. ETA is expected to be June.


A little rain, a little thunder, a little power outtage

IMG_1982While the MVP virtual conference was going on, California had a rain storm… and I had thunder,  and a power outage, smack dab in the middle of the Windows update session.

So fortunately I happened to have my laptop next to me and it has an AT&T cellular connection.  I fired up the connection, plugged in the headset and was back online in hopefully not too long of a delay.  But then the fun started.  Because my voip phone system was on battery backup it started ringing.

Look for the recorded session to be posted up to channel 9 and in the meantime Amy (who was wonderful as moderator) will be posting up the decks on site.

My favorite session was the one I did with Lawrence Abrams of on Ransomware.  He did a wonderful job and I was really pleased how that session went.


Missing your antispam filter updates?

So if you’ve noticed that you’ve not been getting any spam filter updates, you aren’t alone.

Here’s where I need your help.  Let’s make sure Microsoft knows that we still need those antispam updates, so how about we get a bit social and let them know that Exchange 2010 is still a supported product.

Pick a blog post at and post your comment about the lack of antispam updates.  Or post in the partner forum at

Bottom line how about we let them know that there are still some folks using that platform and this is still a supported platform.



GoDaddy and SBS

Changes to Microsoft SBS and GoDaddy Integration | GoDaddy Help | GoDaddy Support:

What won’t change – the is not going away.

But it does bring up the concern I have of combining premises items with things you don’t control in the cloud.  When their business model changes, they change.

So be aware if this impacts anyone.


More Recent Articles

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