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  3. Windows Server Backup doesn’t start after you perform a BMR in Windows Server 2012:
  4. New puppy in the family
  5. MS15-010 and it’s impact on Essentials
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Yeah… sure


Amy brought this up in tonight’s Ransomware webcast.  Never download an update to a flash player if you are on a site that alerts you to an update.

A follow up article that folks might be interested in — but with a more consumer slant — is here


2015 Microsoft MVP Virtual Conference


Coming up in May I’ll be talking about two topics on security.  The first is about….

Understanding Windows updating

Every month the largest cloud service in the world updates and services the largest number of Systems. Find out how Windows update works, how to understand its cryptic error messages, how to prevent failures and learn about upcoming changes in Windows 10 and how it handles Windows updates


I’ll also be talking about

Ransomware – Key tools for prevention and recovery

I’ll be discussing ways you can prevent, defend, and minimize the damage of the various infections that want to hold you and your data hostage.

To sign up for this free conference – click here:

Registration opens up April 6th.


Windows Server Backup doesn’t start after you perform a BMR in Windows Server 2012:

To   Windows Server Backup doesn’t start after you perform a BMR in Windows Server 2012:;en-us;2961238 Consider the following scenario:

  • You have a computer that’s running Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • You’re using a UEFI system with two hard disks, and you have EFI System Partition on your system disk.
  • You use Windows Server Backup to perform a complete backup.
  • You then use the backup data to perform a bare metal recovery (BMR).

However, after the recovery operation is completed, the Windows Server Backup service cannot be started. To resolve this issue, Windows Backup must rebuild the catalog to reflect the latest disk configurations. To trigger this action, follow these steps:

  1. Open an administrative command prompt.
  2. Run the following command:
    wbadmin delete catalog
  3. Restart the Windows Server Backup service, or restart the computer.

The Windows Server Backup service should now run normally. Someone in the past year has hit this and I remember them telling me about this issue.


New puppy in the family


This is a image of my new baby, he’s called Remi.  He’s about another pound in size now from when this photo was taken :-)



MS15-010 and it’s impact on Essentials


Just a heads up – it looks like the eta for this fix will be in the May time frame.

Until then bare metal restore still works, or you will need to uninstall those security updates noted.


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