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  1. Windows 10 Group policy needed for Essentials
  2. I need your help
  3. Starting shortly – Windows 10 Pro readiness
  4. See you in DC
  5. More info on tweaks needed for Windows 10
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Windows 10 Group policy needed for Essentials

From Rob:  Thanks Rob!

Hi Susan, I would’ve commented on
but it looks like comments are off.

Thanks for sharing your firewall exception for Windows 10’s RDP.  It’s a one-off manual fix, but I tracked down how to accomplish the same via GPO:
Computer Configuration->Windows Settings->Security Settings->Windows Firewall with Advanced Security > New Rule > Predefined > Remote Desktop – RemoteFX

This is tested and confirmed working on a customer’s domain (in ADDITION to the usual rules at Computer Configuration->Administrative Templates->Network Connections->Windows Firewall->Domain Profile )

BTW, Google really failed me on this one, and I usually seek you out for stuff like this, so I figured I’d share back atcha.  Thanks for all your hard work!


I need your help

I need your help.  I’m going social, I’m going viral to showcase that Windows 10 needs to make changes.  Right now it puts too many of us at risk over updating issues and the lack of documentation in updates doesn’t allow us to validate or understand what is included in the updates we are installing.

I ask you to join me in asking Satya Nadella for a change.


Starting shortly – Windows 10 Pro readiness

 I’ll be talking at 1 pm pacific on Windows 10 security… join me!
  Windows 10 IT Pro Readiness Powered by MVPs  
  About The MVP Award Program and the Windows IT Pro teams are pleased to offer a series of *free* live webcasts worldwide to provide awareness and first hand guidance about Windows 10 Enterprise for IT Pros. The webcasts will be delivered by Microsoft MVPs from each of the participating countries. Windows 10 IT Pro Readiness is a great opportunity for you to learn the latest features for the IT Pros focused on Windows 10 Enterprise, and also connect with top Windows MVP experts. ·The webcasts will be delivered during the week of October 12 to 17 2015. ·Each webcast will last up to 4hrs, depending on content delivery and the interaction from the attendees. The Windows Team is empowering the MVPs with technical content and a specific private training so each MVP delivering the session is fully equipped with content, and guidance to better support you as an attendee of the webcast. We hope you are able to join us in this great global initiative!  
  Agenda & Registration – Begins on September 14 Webcast Title: Windows 10 IT Pro Readiness – Powered by MVPs

Reg. Link Country / Region Language Date Start Time Time Zone
LATAM Spanish 14-Oct 4:00PM (UTC -06:00) Mexico City
Australia New Zealand English 13-Oct 5:00PM (UTC +10:00) Sidney
Brazil Portuguese 16-Oct 6:00PM (UTC -03:00) Brasilia
China S-Chinese 15-Oct 8:00PM (UTC +08:00) Beijing
France French 13-Oct 6:00PM (UTC +01:00) Paris
Germany German 16-Oct 4:00PM (UTC +01:00) Berlin
Japan Japanese 14-Oct 8:00PM (UTC +09:00) Tokyo
Korea Korean 14-Oct 7:00PM (UTC +09:00) Seoul
Southeast Asia English 16-Oct 7:00PM (UTC +08:00) Kuala Lumpur
Spain Spanish 14-Oct 8:00PM (UTC +01:00) Madrid
Taiwan T-Chinese 14-Oct 7:00PM (UTC +08:00) Taipei
USA / Canada English 12-Oct 10:00AM (UTC -08:00) Pacific Time
Turkey Turkish 15-Oct 7:00PM (UTC +02:00) Istanbul
Egypt Hebrew 17-Oct 7:00PM (UTC +02:00) Cairo
Register now (USA/Canada)
  October 12-17  
  Register now  
  For questions and to connect with us please visit our Facebook Page and ask your question using the hashtag #Win10MVP MVP Award Facebook page: MVPAwardProgram  

See you in DC

In the San Francisco Airport getting ready for the direct flight to Washington DC.  And today should be Patch Tuesday release day to boot.  So if technology agrees with me I’ll be writing up my take on patch releases using the onboard wifi on the plane.


More info on tweaks needed for Windows 10

Rob aka Mr. Essentials is going to town with his additional tweaks needed to get Windows 10 working with Essentials.

Check out and and

Bottom line you need to make tweaks in the Group policy to make it see the 10’s due to the WMI filter.


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