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2018-07-31 09:30Repurposed Door into Bookshelf
2018-07-31 09:00Repurposed Door into Bookshelf
2018-07-31 08:30Repurposed Door into Bookshelf
2018-07-31 08:00Repurposed Door into Bookshelf
2018-07-31 03:00Repurposed Door into Bookshelf
2018-07-27 07:30Kitchen Accessories/Krylon Paint
2018-07-26 16:30Vintage roadside emergency lights
2018-07-24 03:30Repurposed Window Cabinets
2018-07-19 14:30simple bench made from 2×4’s
2018-07-17 03:30Upcycled Nightstand with Repurposed Window (door)
2018-07-11 04:30Cabinet Door Chalkboard Magnetic Memo Board
2018-07-10 08:30DIY birdbath
2018-07-06 03:00Repurposed Vintage Coffee Pot Lamp
2018-07-03 03:30Chippy Chalkboards with Chalk Art
2018-07-02 03:00Recent Finds July 2018


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