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DemoCast - Democracy Broadcasting News Archive for October, 2010

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2010-10-30 16:30Mastering nature's waves gave L.A. Senate candidate Shifren capability to swim with the sharks in Sacramento
2010-10-27 17:30California's Carly Fiorina, who could sway Senate balance from Obama, intimates to Dennis Prager
2010-10-20 15:30Obama to host "Moving America Forward" event at USC in support of Gov candidate Jerry Brown and Sen. Barbara Boxer
2010-10-18 16:30Former eBay honcho, Calif Gov candidate Meg Whitman, tells "Start-Up Nation" co-author Dan Senor of her familiarity in acquiring Israeli high-tech companies
2010-10-11 21:30Carly Fiorina seeks to remedy Obama's Middle East policies through Senate
2010-10-06 21:00CBN's "Stakelbeck on Terror" finds its groove - 30-min counter-jihad, pro-Zionism TV series achieves 100k online views to Muslim Brotherhood infiltration feature
2010-10-05 19:00Radio's Jesse Lee Peterson endorses inner-city education-reformer Rabbi Nahum Shifren for State Senator from L.A.
2010-10-05 15:30Administration's domestic and foreign policies addressed at pre-election panel, "Securing America's Future" with Medved, Mona Charen, David Horowitz, and Cliff May
2010-10-04 09:00America's racial-voting experiment has failed, declares black-activist Les Jordan; Encourages voting post-racially for principles (of L.A.'s Nahum Shifren) over incumbent liberal's pigmentation


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