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DemoCast - Democracy Broadcasting News Archive for November, 2010

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2010-11-29 20:00What price the Jewish/Israel/neoncon warmonger conspiracy now?
2010-11-22 20:00Melanie Phillips explains how Western liberalism accepts global Jihad because both perceive Israel and Jews as obstacles to respective 'utopias'
2010-11-09 17:00Benjamin Netanyahu's address at the General Assembly in New Orleans
2010-11-09 16:30Israel's transitioning Gov't Press Officer, Danny Seaman, reveals complexities of serving a biased foreign press against a d
2010-11-03 14:00Vote tabulation shifts away from 10% leading Calif Atty Gen candidate, Steve Cooley overnight against Obama-backed, San Fran D.A. Kamala Harris
2010-11-02 17:30Black activist: The Democrat party's black and latino politicians fail constituents; Vote on issues, not party or pigmentation; L.A.'ers should elect Nahum Shifren to State Senate
2010-11-01 20:30Allen West wants South Floridians to help him rescue America from leftist Obama Administration tolerance of Jihadism and encroaching shariah
2010-11-01 20:00Tom Tancredo, candidate for Colorado governor, strong on democracy, harsh on jihad, multi-cultural relativism against America


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