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DemoCast - Democracy Broadcasting News Archive for August, 2011

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2011-08-25 18:30Leftist-elites & mainstream-media endeavor to squelch Glenn Beck's exposing their insidious catering to Arab/Islamic anti-Israelism
2011-08-25 15:30If an innocent Muslim is unjustly killed by a Muslim, where is the condemnation?
2011-08-23 20:00The Arab Spring/Summer signals autumn for Western illusions of Middle East treaties
2011-08-22 21:00Jews avoid opposing leftists' and Muslims' Nazi-esque, "Destroy Israel" rally in Trafalgar Square, to concentrate on objecting to Glenn Beck assuming Zionist leadership void- from Israel
2011-08-19 16:00Israel Matzav: Turkey bombs 28 targets in Iraqi Kurdistan
2011-08-18 21:00Coordinated Muslim terrorist attacks inside Israel, wound 32 people, murder 8 people
2011-08-16 18:30Muslim-Canadian patriot, Tarek Fatah, alleges 'Islamofascists exploit stigma of "racism" (blurring distinction between Islam and Islam-ism) to quell justified resistance to infiltration, subversion, domination'
2011-08-15 20:30Why is the public unwilling to adapt to 6-years of demonstrated Palestinian unsuitability for peaceful statehood?
2011-08-12 20:00The riots should surprise no one who's been paying attention.
2011-08-11 20:00Obama's White House Iftar banquet list omits controversial Islamic attendees
2011-08-10 18:00White, American Muslim pleads guilty to advocating terrorism via online forum
2011-08-05 17:00Andrew Breitbart: 'Tea-Party raising Biden's ire indicates success, although GOP leaders undermined Tea Party in debt-ceiling-deal with Prez'
2011-08-02 15:30Obama's grand slam: Republicans fold as U.S. continues on path toward economic disaster


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