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DemoCast - Democracy Broadcasting News Archive for September, 2013

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2013-09-20 19:30House Oversight Democrats walk-out as Benghazi-victim families' testify Obama Cabinet lied, State keeps them in the dark
2013-09-19 21:00'IRS hassled 162 applicants for opposing Obama policies'- USA Today; Nary a peep from a big 3 TV net news
2013-09-17 18:00How Obama's bungled Middle-East agenda bodes for the future
2013-09-12 17:00"Russia-Iran Axis Gets Access" by Barry Rubin in PJ Media
2013-09-11 17:009/11 12-Years Later: Ex-Muslims teach that criticizing Islam's supremacism, politicism, and disregard for human-rights isn't "racist" but humanist
2013-09-06 15:30New "9/11 The Heartland Tapes" depicts America's realization of Jihadist war inside heartland. Airs Sept 8th-11th on the Smithsonian Channel
2013-09-04 04:30Pastor Terry Jones wins case against the City of Dearborn, victory for TMLC


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