A Learning a Day Archive for May, 2018

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2018-05-31 04:30Asking why and understanding why
2018-05-30 04:30Rivers and clarity
2018-05-29 04:30Phone detoxing
2018-05-28 04:30From AI doomsday to IA, Orwell and Social Support
2018-05-27 04:30Mmm Yummy
2018-05-26 04:30Getting feedback on your regular meeting
2018-05-25 04:30The commencement speech problem
2018-05-24 04:30Throwing money at problems
2018-05-23 04:30Optimal Stopping
2018-05-22 04:30How they got to school
2018-05-21 04:30Services I'm thankful for
2018-05-20 04:30What happens after we use it?
2018-05-19 04:30Backing your car into your driveway
2018-05-18 04:30Whoops and Duke management lessons
2018-05-17 04:30Your own flair
2018-05-16 04:30Power, company, and behavior
2018-05-15 04:30How’s it going?
2018-05-14 04:30Post smartphone era weekends – a way to measure success
2018-05-13 04:3010 years of A Learning a Day
2018-05-12 04:30Butterflies and Erosion
2018-05-11 04:30It probably doesn't need force
2018-05-10 04:30Tai Chi and breathing
2018-05-09 04:30Ask advice better – replace the generic question with a hypothesis
2018-05-08 04:30The best leading indicator to good judgment
2018-05-07 04:30I am really bad at that
2018-05-06 04:30Building trust in relationships and teams
2018-05-05 04:30Intent over words
2018-05-04 04:30Presence must be like breathing
2018-05-03 04:30Bad workplaces, poor work experiences and incompetent managers
2018-05-02 04:30Interpersonal skills vs. Intrapersonal skills
2018-05-01 04:30The 100 year career


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