A Learning a Day Archive for November, 2018

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2018-11-30 04:30Influence – overestimating effects of what we say
2018-11-29 04:30A fail safe method to guarantee misery today
2018-11-28 04:30Maasai warriors and culture
2018-11-27 04:30Breaking up with the first draft
2018-11-26 04:30A principle for deciding on social engagements
2018-11-25 04:30Opening windows
2018-11-24 04:30Letting small things remain small things
2018-11-23 04:30Happy thanksgiving
2018-11-22 04:30The new kilogram and how scientists showed us the way
2018-11-21 04:30The pragmatic approach
2018-11-20 04:30Shopping for clothing – mixing outcome and process
2018-11-19 04:30Knowing thyself – the foundation of long term career progress (feat. user manuals)
2018-11-18 04:30How many followers? How much money?
2018-11-17 04:30Stan Lee
2018-11-16 04:30Stoicism
2018-11-15 04:30Don't optimize sub-systems
2018-11-14 04:30The FIRE movement – tactics versus principles
2018-11-13 04:30Is right vs. looks right
2018-11-12 04:30Cleaning and insecurities
2018-11-11 04:30Familial
2018-11-10 04:30The HQ3 fiasco
2018-11-09 04:30Written selling
2018-11-08 04:30Lessons on change from making yoghurt
2018-11-07 04:30Bad manager
2018-11-06 04:30Learning systems
2018-11-05 04:30What does a product manager do?
2018-11-04 03:30Frontal assaults
2018-11-03 04:30Sharpies and predictions
2018-11-02 04:30Life lessons from the 30 year reunion
2018-11-01 04:30Probiotics and problems


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