A Learning a Day Archive for January, 2019

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2019-01-31 04:30Dumb questions and perceived risk
2019-01-30 04:30The problem with “Be humble”
2019-01-29 04:30Unhealthy but comfortable – first and second order consequences
2019-01-28 04:30Gregarious Simulation Systems
2019-01-27 04:30Wanting more
2019-01-26 04:30The challenge with behavioral interview questions
2019-01-25 04:30The small things reminder
2019-01-24 04:30Complicated systems and complex systems
2019-01-22 04:30Same and different
2019-01-21 04:30The Robo Advisor follow up – 4 approaches to investment management
2019-01-20 04:30Maniacal prioritization
2019-01-19 04:30Pay back and forward
2019-01-18 04:30John Clifton “Jack” Bogle
2019-01-17 04:30Your call is important to us
2019-01-16 04:30Solution space to Problem space
2019-01-15 04:302 million points and counting
2019-01-14 04:30The Product Marketing Sales Manager
2019-01-13 04:30Activation Energy
2019-01-12 04:30Extreme opinions are useful for promotion and debate
2019-01-11 04:30Making “be kind to yourself” easier to implement
2019-01-10 04:30Heroic consistency
2019-01-09 04:30The one thing learning loop
2019-01-08 04:30That root cause
2019-01-07 04:30Reflections from replacing a screen protector
2019-01-06 04:303 reflections on the Echo Dot and Alexa
2019-01-05 04:30Why millions of kids can't read and a better way to teach them
2019-01-04 04:30Writing for self vs. writing for others
2019-01-03 04:30Misusing the word feel
2019-01-02 04:30Themes for 2019
2019-01-01 04:30Making the most of the opportunity to reset


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