A Learning a Day Archive for June, 2020

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2020-06-30 04:30Getting a refund on airline tickets
2020-06-29 04:30COVID-19 – June notes
2020-06-28 04:30Be kind to yourself
2020-06-27 04:30Doing and presenting
2020-06-26 04:30Meeting size
2020-06-25 04:30Hardship and necessity
2020-06-24 04:30Graduating during a downturn
2020-06-23 04:30Damian Lillard on looking good
2020-06-22 04:30The danger of single stories
2020-06-21 04:30The hierarchy of customer service numbers
2020-06-20 04:30Smooth seas
2020-06-19 04:30Popular opinion over fact
2020-06-18 04:30Three elements of situational feedback
2020-06-17 04:30Trust and vulnerability to the actions of someone else
2020-06-16 04:306 questions for the next 6 months
2020-06-15 04:30Power and friendship – seeing what we seek
2020-06-14 04:30Daily demonstration of courage
2020-06-13 04:30Oogway on Destiny
2020-06-12 04:30Smart work and hard work
2020-06-11 04:30Folks who know better
2020-06-10 04:30The thing about hope
2020-06-09 04:30SATs, standardized tests, and admissions
2020-06-08 04:30Kicking it forward
2020-06-07 04:30Flip for the other emotion
2020-06-06 04:30Most warning systems do not warn us they can no longer warn us
2020-06-05 04:30Ordinary and extraordinary – a poem
2020-06-04 04:30Kareem Abdul-Jabbar reflects
2020-06-03 04:30Anti-intellectualism and racism – revisited
2020-06-02 04:30Euthymia
2020-06-01 04:30Remembering training wheels


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