A Learning a Day Archive for July, 2020

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2020-07-31 04:30What great educators do
2020-07-30 04:30Good days, bad days, busy days, quiet days
2020-07-29 04:30Activating teams – the two highest leverage actions and more...
2020-07-27 04:30Moments of one-ness
2020-07-26 04:30The panda and his weight
2020-07-25 04:30Permanence and peace
2020-07-24 04:30Chicago and plastic bags
2020-07-23 04:30Home screen v4
2020-07-22 04:30The 3 hour power outage and 5 reflections
2020-07-21 04:30Assigning permanence to one-time mistakes
2020-07-20 04:30Richard Feynman on the process of looking for a new law
2020-07-19 04:30Strong character and the painful failure
2020-07-18 04:30Worrying about shots not taken
2020-07-17 04:30Vanmoof and bike boxes
2020-07-16 04:30Lack of clarity at the end of a day
2020-07-15 04:30The Frozen pizza explainer
2020-07-14 04:30Five frameworks/heuristics for higher quality decision making
2020-07-13 04:30COVID-19 and the global leadership test
2020-07-12 04:30List of influences
2020-07-11 04:30Trust and speed
2020-07-10 04:30The Logitech webcam shortage and Cx tweaks
2020-07-09 04:30Focus, intensity, hard work, and inevitability
2020-07-08 04:30Intentions, belief, and actions
2020-07-07 04:30Eating better – in 2 steps
2020-07-06 04:30Being at the bottom of things
2020-07-05 04:30Signpost, victory, and fulfillment
2020-07-04 04:30Dr Anders Ericsson
2020-07-03 04:30#OpenToWork
2020-07-02 04:30Solitude and leadership – a few excerpts
2020-07-01 04:30High signal reference checks


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