A Learning a Day Archive for August, 2021

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2021-08-31 04:30Allowance for careless mistakes
2021-08-30 04:30Wirecutter
2021-08-29 04:30Sleep and possibility
2021-08-28 04:30The last 90 days
2021-08-27 04:30Living the dream
2021-08-26 04:30Attempting to get good vs. look good
2021-08-25 04:30Hours and short-term strategy
2021-08-24 04:30Small positive responses
2021-08-23 04:30Quality time and quantity
2021-08-22 04:30Surviving bad weather
2021-08-21 04:30Habits and breaking the chains
2021-08-20 04:30I don't know enough
2021-08-19 04:30Everyone is fighting their own battle
2021-08-18 04:30Careers and visualization
2021-08-17 04:30Remembering bad luck
2021-08-16 04:30Setbacks and responses
2021-08-15 04:30Giving someone what you feel you need
2021-08-14 04:30Moving fast by moving slow
2021-08-13 04:30Self-perception and the stories we tell
2021-08-12 04:30Simpler takeaways and simple messages
2021-08-11 04:30That IPCC report
2021-08-10 04:30The Gabon experiment
2021-08-09 04:30Belief systems
2021-08-08 04:30Sharing the gold
2021-08-07 04:30Asking why is brave
2021-08-06 04:30How much we have to say
2021-08-05 04:30Few things that move the needle
2021-08-04 04:30Protein folding
2021-08-03 04:30The happiness x time spent equation
2021-08-02 04:30Strawberry leaves, assumptions, and learning
2021-08-01 04:30Professor Cowen


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