A Learning a Day Archive for February, 2022

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2022-02-28 04:30Geography defines so much
2022-02-27 04:30Accepting constraints so they don't feel constraining
2022-02-26 04:30Nothing good, except its ending
2022-02-25 04:30Narratives and consistency
2022-02-24 04:30Behind well-written documents
2022-02-23 04:30Truecaller
2022-02-22 04:30Reframing mistakes
2022-02-21 04:30I don't mind what happens
2022-02-20 04:30Discipline during breaks
2022-02-19 04:30Judging progress, making progress
2022-02-18 04:30Remember who brung ya to the dance
2022-02-17 04:30Why are successful people so lonely?
2022-02-16 04:30Age and maturity
2022-02-15 04:30Kick Offs feat. the 2 dysfunctions of a Product team
2022-02-14 04:30Reflections from health setbacks
2022-02-13 04:30Romance is theory
2022-02-12 04:30Amir, Betina, and excuses
2022-02-11 04:30Wasting emotions
2022-02-10 04:30Decidere
2022-02-09 04:30Good strategy
2022-02-08 04:30The cancel-return adventure
2022-02-07 04:30Akal, not shakal
2022-02-06 04:30Costco and deterrents
2022-02-05 04:30Saying no to things we do want to do
2022-02-04 04:30Shipping and ready
2022-02-03 04:30Silent planting and invisible growth
2022-02-02 04:30Expectations unchecked
2022-02-01 04:30Exploration OKRs – feat. The Law of Shitty Planning


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