A Learning a Day Archive for September, 2022

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2022-09-30 04:30Trying things you haven't tried before
2022-09-29 04:30The self-love-care paradox
2022-09-28 04:30Resetting macro expectations
2022-09-27 04:30Letting our past be part of us
2022-09-26 04:30Attempting to explain something complex in writing
2022-09-25 04:30Satisfaction with the process
2022-09-24 04:30The tension that forces learning
2022-09-23 04:30Requiring a response
2022-09-22 04:30Make your bed
2022-09-21 04:30Checklists – growth mindset in action
2022-09-20 04:30Embracing imperfections
2022-09-19 04:30The 1 major project heuristic
2022-09-18 04:30The first teacher
2022-09-17 04:30Changing the horizon
2022-09-16 04:30When there is doubt
2022-09-15 04:30A conversation with Seth Godin – coming live this Friday
2022-09-14 04:30Cutting through the noise of opinions
2022-09-13 04:30Mrs. Vanaja Vimal
2022-09-12 04:30Amazing Nature shows – Disneynature
2022-09-11 04:30When we can't seem to be able to take a break
2022-09-10 04:30Face to Face
2022-09-09 04:30Counting another person's money
2022-09-08 04:30Gardening on this journey
2022-09-07 04:30Policy trade-offs and solar covered canals
2022-09-06 04:30Unsustainable hard work
2022-09-05 04:30Hetch Hetchy
2022-09-04 04:30Mistakes
2022-09-03 04:30Making decisions faster
2022-09-02 04:30Requesting people we don't know well for help
2022-09-01 04:30Values to virtues


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