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The Bold Soul Archive for June, 2010

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2010-06-28 08:15The Bold Soul - Sous le couteau
2010-06-25 08:15The Bold Soul - Morning sounds
2010-06-22 16:15The Bold Soul - No more "gallic" jokes, please
2010-06-18 16:15The Bold Soul - In which I get more intimate with French health care than I would like
2010-06-15 16:15The Bold Soul - Malade. Really, really malade.
2010-06-12 16:15The Bold Soul - What love really looks like
2010-06-10 08:15The Bold Soul - Hello, Ms. Nose? Meet Mr. Grindstone
2010-06-09 08:15The Bold Soul - 2 new articles
2010-06-08 16:15The Bold Soul - In which I get groped by airport security on one flight, and nearly assaulted by a fellow traveler on another
2010-06-01 16:15The Bold Soul - Trop


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