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The Bold Soul(tm) Blog by Lisa Taylor Huff, Copyright (C) 2005-2009

The Bold Soul Archive for March, 2012

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2012-03-29 08:15The Bold SoulÔäó - Hair
2012-03-28 16:15The Bold SoulÔäó - Head to toe
2012-03-28 00:15The Bold SoulÔäó - Photographe
2012-03-27 16:15The Bold SoulÔäó - Colorful
2012-03-27 08:15The Bold SoulÔäó - Before our time
2012-03-25 16:15The Bold SoulÔäó - Head jailer
2012-03-23 16:15The Bold SoulÔäó - Last chance to buy these authentic (not!) antiques (SO not!)
2012-03-22 08:15The Bold SoulÔäó - La Preuve
2012-03-19 08:15The Bold SoulÔäó - Slowly but surely... and a little sadly
2012-03-17 16:15The Bold SoulÔäó - Perspective
2012-03-16 08:15The Bold SoulÔäó - How I feel about my cleaning lady quitting
2012-03-14 16:15The Bold SoulÔäó - Le Consulat
2012-03-14 08:15The Bold SoulÔäó - Heads above water... so far
2012-03-13 08:15The Bold SoulÔäó - Pooch in a Pousette
2012-03-11 16:15The Bold SoulÔäó - Blank slate
2012-03-10 16:15The Bold SoulÔäó - Comment dit-on "mugging" en français?
2012-03-09 16:15The Bold SoulÔäó - Won't you be my neighbor?
2012-03-09 08:15The Bold SoulÔäó - You had no idea what you were getting into by reading this blog
2012-03-08 16:15The Bold SoulÔäó - Step forward, step back
2012-03-07 16:15The Bold SoulÔäó - Sparkle!
2012-03-07 08:15The Bold SoulÔäó - Do's and Don'ts of showing a Parisian apartment
2012-03-06 08:15The Bold SoulÔäó - La cage aux folles
2012-03-02 08:15The Bold SoulÔäó - Bord de la Mer
2012-03-01 08:15The Bold SoulÔäó - Who stole Sacre Coeur?


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