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The Democratic Daily Archive for September, 2012

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2012-09-30 04:30Voter Suppression is Real
2012-09-29 04:30Senator Kerry's Daughter Launches Nonprofit Volunteer Program to Solve Shortage of Medical Workers Abroad
2012-09-28 04:30For Whom The Poll Tells and more...
2012-09-27 04:30Romney In Denial Part 2 and more...
2012-09-26 04:30The Scratch-Off Candidacy
2012-09-23 04:30Romney in Denial
2012-09-22 04:30Obama's Edge Grows in Battleground States
2012-09-21 04:30Industrial Strength Hate and more...
2012-09-20 04:30The Teachers Strike May Be Over But The Crisis Continues
2012-09-19 04:30Mitt Romney Tells Americans What He Thinks About Them and more...
2012-09-17 04:30Grade Inflation; Education Degradation
2012-09-16 04:30Hazing McCain
2012-09-15 04:30The Traitors in Red
2012-09-14 04:30Get High With Mitt For $2,000 and more...
2012-09-13 04:30Kerry Statement on Embassy Attacks, Death of Ambassador Stevens
2012-09-12 04:30Remembering 9/11
2012-09-10 04:30The Manipulation of DNC Coverage by a Cabal of Bloggers
2012-09-08 04:30The Intentional Manipulation of Memeorandum to Suppress the DNC
2012-09-07 04:30Republican Mixed Messages on 'Fact-Checking'
2012-09-06 04:30Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Jerks Are Just Jerks
2012-09-05 04:30Governor Deval Patrick Rocks the Democratic Convention and more...
2012-09-02 04:30Romney Staffer Committing Charitable Fraud and more...
2012-09-01 04:30Live by the Celebrity; Die by the Celebrity


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