Speaking of Medicine Archive for September, 2010

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2010-09-28 12:00New treatments for Visceral Leishmaniasis
2010-09-24 00:00Curing policy at Policy Cures
2010-09-22 12:00Women and malaria research in the 21st century
2010-09-22 00:00This Week in PLoS Medicine: Integrated management vs. malria; CRP & arthritis; AVAN; Critical summaries & public health
2010-09-21 12:00The MDGs should be replaced with something better
2010-09-16 00:00New submission and peer review system for PLoS Medicine
2010-09-15 00:00This Week in PLoS Medicine: Shanghai lifestyle & health; Who's writing medical journalism; Urban advantage & maternal health
2010-09-10 12:00Maternal mortality, human rights, and accountability
2010-09-09 00:00Ghostwriting Overpromoted HRT
2010-09-06 00:00Healthier Water, Healthier People and more...
2010-09-03 12:00What should health journalists (and bloggers) be expected to know?
2010-09-03 00:00When people live with multiple chronic diseases: a wiki-book review


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