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2010-09-30 - NASA's Senate Bill passes after dramatic debate and vote in Congress
2010-09-29 - Congressional Compromise Nears: NASA's Immediate Future Gains Clarity
2010-09-27 - ET-122 arrival marks upcoming Michoud workforce cull, hope for HLV role
2010-09-25 - LIVE: Minotaur IV set to launch first Space Based Space Surveillance satellite
2010-09-25 - STS-133: Discovery enjoying early pad flow - Agency FRR may slip
2010-09-24 - LIVE: Soyuz TMA-18 still waiting to undock - Working MRM-2 issue
2010-09-22 - MAF speak of their pride in returning ET-122 to the Shuttle manifest
2010-09-22 - China launches YaoGan Weixing-11, press forward with Station and Lunar goals
2010-09-21 - ULA Atlas V launches with classified NROL-41
2010-09-20 - STS-133: Discovery begins rollout - ET-122 to ship on Tuesday
2010-09-19 - Constellation Program Proceeds with Orion Capsule EVA Testing
2010-09-18 - STS-133: Discovery still tracking Monday rollout after T-0 bolt progress
2010-09-16 - NASA managers carry out further STS-335 to STS-135 alignment evaluations
2010-09-14 - STS-133: Discovery into Shuttle Interface Test - Review of sep bolt/nut issue
2010-09-13 - STS-134: Hardware and planning aligning for Endeavour's final mission
2010-09-11 - JAXA launch MICHIBIKI via HII-A launch vehicle
2010-09-10 - STS-133: Engineers conducting repair on Discovery following ET mate issue
2010-09-09 - STS-133: Discovery rolls over to VAB following eventful OPF flow
2010-09-08 - STS-133: Discovery rollover delayed due to water main issue at KSC
2010-09-08 - Soyuz-U set to launch Progress M-07M/39P for Friday docking with ISS
2010-09-07 - Russian Rockot launch vehicle set to deliver Gonets-M satellite to orbit
2010-09-06 - SSP Begins Review of End State Requirements for Orbiter Discovery
2010-09-04 - China launches SinoSat-6 telecommunications satellite via Long March 3B
2010-09-03 - STS-133: Discovery ready to rollover next week - EVA running order swapped
2010-09-02 - SSP remaining cautious over political decision on funding STS-135


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