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2011-10-31 - China successfully launches Shenzhou-8 via Long March 2F
2011-10-31 - Boeing's CST-100 leases OPF-3 following NASA agreement with Space Florida
2011-10-30 - Progress Launch: Russia successfully resumes Soyuz booster flights to the ISS
2011-10-28 - LIVE: Delta II set to launch with NPP satellite on behalf of NASA and NOAA
2011-10-27 - NEEMO mission ends early - conducts six successful underwater EVAs
2011-10-25 - SLS Flexibility: Exploration roadmap focus taking center stage
2011-10-24 - ISS Community reviews Station Progress, Anomalies, and Upcoming Flights
2011-10-23 - Defunct German space telescope ROSAT completes death plunge back to Earth
2011-10-22 - Delta II passes FRR for next week's NPP (NPOESS Preparatory Project) launch
2011-10-20 - Arianespace Soyuz ST-B set for debut launch from CSG with two Galileo IOVs
2011-10-19 - ILS Proton-M launches the highest ever throughput satellite, ViaSat-1
2011-10-19 - NEEMO preparing for 13 days underwater mission to sim NEO exploration
2011-10-17 - Space-bound Orion taking shape - "Lunar Surface First" missions referenced
2011-10-16 - NASA reviews TPS nose cap damage to STS-135/Atlantis
2011-10-14 - SpaceX ready to compete in the EELV launch market via Air Force agreement
2011-10-13 - Lawmakers told shuttle restart questions are years too late
2011-10-12 - PSLV launches Megha-Tropiques atmospheric research satellite for India
2011-10-10 - ISS managers prepare for possible de-crew - launches to resume soon
2011-10-10 - NASA managers "serious" about ATV role as Orion Service Module
2011-10-07 - China build on global market with Long March 3B/E launch of Eutelsat-W3C
2011-10-07 - ISS partners prepare to welcome SpaceX and Orbital in a busy 2012
2011-10-05 - LIVE: Zenit 3SLB set to launch Intelsat-18
2011-10-05 - SLS trades lean towards opening with four RS-25s on the core stage
2011-10-03 - ISS Live to integrate public with orbital ops and science
2011-10-03 - Russian Soyuz successfully launches with Kosmos (Glonass-M)
2011-10-01 - SLS mission schedule improving - Crewed Moon mission moving to 2019


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