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2012-01-30 - Aerojet cite Solar Electric Propulsion as an enabler for an Exploration Gateway
2012-01-28 - No impact to two ULA missions following Delta Mariner accident
2012-01-27 - Russian Progress M-14M docks - M-13M de-orbits following satellite deploy
2012-01-26 - Dream Chaser making impressive progress ahead of CCDev-3
2012-01-25 - Russian Progress M-14M launches - M-13M de-orbits following satellite deploy
2012-01-25 - Opportunity's eight years on Mars: A story of science and endurance
2012-01-24 - SLS Exploration Roadmap evaluations provide clues for human Mars missions
2012-01-23 - Engineers begin removing orbiter MPS components for donation to SLS
2012-01-20 - Atlantis begins vacation inside the VAB as she prepares for exhibition
2012-01-19 - ULA Delta IV successfully launches the fourth WGS spacecraft
2012-01-19 - EFT-1 set to receive Spring, 2014 launch date after contract negotiations
2012-01-17 - China aiming to push forward with ambitious near-term schedule
2012-01-16 - Dragon ISS flight slips - SpaceX determined to return US crewed access to LEO
2012-01-15 - Fobos-Grunt ends its misery via re-entry
2012-01-13 - SSME family prepare for SLS core stage role following Shuttle success
2012-01-13 - China launch again - Long March 3A launches FengYun-2F
2012-01-11 - SpaceX to begin testing on Reusable Falcon 9 technology this year
2012-01-10 - ISS performs hardware and software upgrades to support inaugural Dragon visit
2012-01-10 - Enabling the future: NASA call for exploration revolution via NIAC concepts
2012-01-09 - China opens 2012 with ZiYuan-3 launch via Long March 4B
2012-01-06 - SLS capability touted for Europa Lander capability, Enceladus sample return
2012-01-03 - ISS sails into challenging 2012 on back of successful achievements in 2011
2012-01-02 - GRAIL twins successfully arrive in Lunar Orbit


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