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2012-03-31 - Chinese Long March 3B/E launches Apstar-7
2012-03-30 - Deep Space Habitat module concepts outlined for BEO exploration
2012-03-30 - Russian Proton-K to complete 45 years of service with US-KMO satellite launch
2012-03-28 - ATV-3 set to dock to ISS - minor antenna deployment issue now resolved
2012-03-27 - LIVE: NASA ATREX aiming launch five rockets within five minutes
2012-03-26 - NASA Advisory Council: Select a Human Exploration Destination ASAP
2012-03-25 - ILS Proton-M to launch Intelsat 22 on debut supersynchronous mission
2012-03-24 - NASA Exploration Roadmap: The evaluation of crewed missions to Asteroids
2012-03-22 - ATV-3, ESA set for important resupply mission to ISS
2012-03-21 - NASA ATREX aiming to launch five rockets within five minutes
2012-03-20 - NASA Exploration Roadmap: A return to the Moon's surface documented
2012-03-19 - Engineers preparing Atlantis and Endeavour for the end of T&R ops
2012-03-16 - SLS Launch Vehicle specifications take shape as development continues
2012-03-16 - KSC's revamp to include new centerpiece HQ building on Central Campus
2012-03-15 - Vehicle of Record - SLS spares majority of Discovery's storied MPS
2012-03-13 - China paving the way for first female taikonaut
2012-03-13 - EFT-1 Orion parts set for closeout welds - Next parachute test in April
2012-03-12 - Dextre and RRM complete record breaking week of robotics on ISS
2012-03-09 - Atlantis greets sister as Discovery concludes her T&R processing
2012-03-08 - Boeing outlines new modules/technologies for Near Earth Asteroid missions
2012-03-06 - Europe's ATV-3 spacecraft set to deliver large cargo load to ISS
2012-03-06 - Major KSC refurbishment work continuing ahead of SLS and Orion debuts
2012-03-04 - Orion's development achieving numerous successes and firsts
2012-03-02 - ATV-3 launch slipped to late March due to cargo issue
2012-03-01 - SpaceX team conduct successful Falcon 9 WDR ahead of Dragon's ISS debut


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