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2012-04-30 - Falcon 9's Merlin engines hoping to spell success for May 7 target
2012-04-29 - China launches Compass duo via Long March 3B
2012-04-27 - Space Shuttle Enterprise - The Orbiter that started it all
2012-04-27 - Soyuz TMA-22 returns to Earth with three outbound ISS crewmembers
2012-04-26 - ESA sign big money deal with Astrium UK for Solar Orbiter
2012-04-26 - 2 new articles
2012-04-24 - SpaceX, NASA looking for new Falcon 9 launch date following slip
2012-04-23 - ILS Proton M launches with YahSat-1B
2012-04-22 - Progress M-15M docks to ISS amid busy period of visiting vehicle activities
2012-04-21 - Cargo up and down: Dragon to demonstrate the importance of downmass
2012-04-20 - Progress M-14M bids farewell to ISS as M-15M prepares to launch
2012-04-19 - Asteroid mission planning continues as NEEMO 16 selects an international crew
2012-04-17 - Space Shuttle Discovery: Thank you and goodbye
2012-04-16 - NASA FRR tentatively sets April 30 for Dragon's first flight to fully prepared ISS
2012-04-14 - Discovery heads into her mating operations with SCA ahead of final flight
2012-04-12 - ISS translates robotic assets in preparation to greet SpaceX's Dragon
2012-04-12 - Orion parachutes preparing for another milestone drop test on April 17
2012-04-11 - Shuttle Carrier Aircraft arrives at KSC ahead of Discovery's final journey
2012-04-10 - ULA continue their transition back into the human space flight arena
2012-04-08 - KSC lays out its hopes for 2012-2031 amid work on a new Master Plan
2012-04-06 - ATV-3 raises the ISS to nearly 400km via a reboost - Power Loss Latest
2012-04-05 - SLS to be robust in the face of scrubs, launch delays and pad stays
2012-04-03 - ULA Delta IV launches the NROL-25 military satellite from VAFB
2012-04-03 - Delving Deeper into NASA's DSH configurations and support craft
2012-04-01 - ATV-3 electrical power issue successfully resolved as first reboost is performed


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