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2012-06-29 - Delta IV Heavy set to launch NROL-15 from Cape Canaveral
2012-06-29 - Shenzhou-9 successfully returns to Earth
2012-06-28 - Atlantis readied for her trip to the VAB - OPF-1 for transition
2012-06-26 - SpaceX joy at Merlin 1D test - Orbital fire up their AJ-26 engine
2012-06-25 - ISS: Dextre and RRM complete second round of joint ops - CDRA recovered
2012-06-24 - Shenzhou-9 successfully conducts manual docking test with Tiangong-1
2012-06-22 - Sierra Nevada's 5-year partnership with NASA - Progress on Dream Chaser
2012-06-22 - ASAP insist on NASA certification amid praise for SpaceX success
2012-06-20 - ULA Atlas V set to mark 50th EELV launch with NROL-38
2012-06-20 - SLS teams drawing on experience in preparation of actual hardware production
2012-06-18 - China's Shenzhou-9 successfully docks with Tiangong-1
2012-06-16 - Chinese Long March 2F/G launches Shenzhou-9 on historic mission
2012-06-15 - NASA teams evaluating ISS-built Exploration Platform roadmap
2012-06-13 - Orbital's Pegasus set to launch NASA's NuSTAR spacecraft
2012-06-12 - Cupola hit by minor MMOD strike, shutter closed for evaluations
2012-06-11 - NEEMO 16 begins - Real NEA mission outline continues to be worked
2012-06-09 - SNC outline Dream Chaser's Enterprise-style landing test approach
2012-06-07 - SpaceX deal boosts Falcon 9's secondary payload manifest
2012-06-06 - Dream Chaser passes PDR, heads towards integrated system testing
2012-06-06 - SBIRS GEO-1 posting good exam grades ahead of operational certification
2012-06-05 - Orbital's Cygnus debut mission to the ISS outlined
2012-06-03 - Enterprise taken on one final voyage to her NYC resting place
2012-06-01 - Sea Launch Zenit 3SL launches Intelsat 19


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