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2012-08-30 - Astronaut duo performing first post-Shuttle US spacewalk on ISS
2012-08-29 - ULA to use their experience to build a culture of Atlas V crew safety
2012-08-27 - XCOR Aerospace's multi-talented Lynx spaceplane set for KSC
2012-08-25 - Neil Armstrong has passed away, but his legacy will live on
2012-08-24 - NASA's RBSP spacecraft set for a ride on ULA's Atlas V
2012-08-23 - ULA Atlas V launch with NROL-36 delayed to September 13
2012-08-22 - ASAP discuss plans to deorbit the ISS via the use of two Progress ships
2012-08-20 - LIVE: Russian cosmonaut duo performing spacewalk on ISS
2012-08-19 - Sea Launch Zenit-3SL lofts Intelsat 21 to GEO transfer orbit
2012-08-18 - Dream Chaser aims to use Space Shuttle's legacy to its advantage
2012-08-16 - Endeavour and Atlantis bid farewell to each other at KSC
2012-08-15 - NASA safety panel now satisfied with SpaceX anomaly resolution team
2012-08-14 - Dear Curiosity - In the event of Martian contact, please call the President
2012-08-13 - NASA's EFT-1 Orion into 17 months of outfitting at KSC
2012-08-11 - Russia ready to evolve their veteran launcher via Soyuz 2.1v
2012-08-09 - Project Morpheus free flight test at the SLF ends in dramatic failure
2012-08-09 - USAF Kestrel Eye 1 spacecraft to ride on Falcon 9 in 2013
2012-08-08 - SNC evaluating KSC processing facilities to house the Dream Chaser fleet
2012-08-06 - Russian Proton-M launches with Telkom-3 and Ekspress-MD2
2012-08-05 - MSL Curiosity set for historic Martian Landing at Gale Crater
2012-08-03 - NASA CCiCAP funding for SpaceX, Boeing and SNC's crew vehicles
2012-08-02 - Ariane 5 ECA set to launch Intelsat 20 and Hylas 2
2012-08-02 - SCRUB: ULA Atlas V with NROL-36 from Vandenberg delayed
2012-08-01 - Progress M-16M launches to test new fast rendezvous with ISS


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