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2012-09-29 - Falcon 9 hot fires its engines as the ISS prepares for Dragon's arrival
2012-09-29 - Chinese Long March 2D launches Venezuela's VRSS-1 satellite
2012-09-28 - Ariane 5 ECA launches ASTRA 2F and GSAT 10 satellites
2012-09-28 - ET-94: Fate unknown for the last remaining External Tank at MAF
2012-09-27 - ISS preparing to dodge two debris threats via ATV-3's extended stay
2012-09-25 - ULA interested in launching Atlas V or Delta IV from KSC
2012-09-23 - Capture the Flag: Endeavour leaves her mark during Texas stay
2012-09-22 - Endeavour ends her flying days after stunning farewell tour
2012-09-21 - SpaceX set October 7 for Dragon's opening CRS mission to the ISS
2012-09-19 - Endeavour leaves KSC for the final time, years before her time
2012-09-18 - China back in action with dual Compass launch
2012-09-17 - Soyuz 2-1A launches with Metop-B for Europe
2012-09-16 - Soyuz TMA-04M returning to Earth following four-month mission to ISS
2012-09-14 - Endeavour makes her farewell rollover to the SLF in darkness
2012-09-12 - Japan's HTV-3 aborts to depart the ISS following resupply mission
2012-09-11 - Vehicle Assembly Building High Bay 3 platform removal begins for SLS
2012-09-09 - Future Pad Escape options - From Slidewires to Roller Coasters
2012-09-08 - Indian PSLV set for SPOT-6 launch for France
2012-09-07 - OPF-3's conversion into Boeing's C3PF to begin on September 10
2012-09-05 - Spacewalk Success as second EVA installs troublesome MBSU-1
2012-09-04 - Altius signs SAA with LaRC for Compactly Stowable Manipulator development
2012-09-04 - SLS Program pressing forward with engine heat shield design change
2012-09-02 - ISS program working recovery plans following MBSU-1 installation failure
2012-09-01 - SpaceX conduct successful WDR on their latest Falcon 9


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