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2013-12-31 - YIR (Part IV) ?óÔé¼Ôǣ Exoplanet discoveries highlight new exploration capabilities
2013-12-30 - YIR (Part III) ?óÔé¼Ôǣ Mars exploration continues; India joins an elite club
2013-12-28 - SpaceX Falcon 9 v1.1 conducts Static Fire test ahead of Thaicom-6 launch
2013-12-28 - YIR (Part II) ?óÔé¼Ôǣ Lunar and Saturnian exploration captures public's attention
2013-12-28 - Russia conduct debut launch of Soyuz-2-1v
2013-12-27 - Russian duo begin EVA to install commercial cameras
2013-12-26 - Year in Review (Part I): Unmanned probes reach new milestones in 2013
2013-12-26 - Russian Proton-M launches Ekspress-AM5
2013-12-25 - Russia set to debut Soyuz-2-1v out of Plesetsk
2013-12-24 - Russian Rokot lofts three Rodnik satellites
2013-12-23 - Astronauts set to install new Pump Module into ISS
2013-12-23 - Russia set to debut Soyuz-2-1v out of Plesetsk
2013-12-21 - Spacewalkers set to conduct first of three Pump Module replacement EVAs
2013-12-20 - Long March 3B/E lofts TKSat-1 for Boliva
2013-12-18 - Soyuz ST-B set to launch Gaia space observatory
2013-12-17 - Cygnus ISS mission delayed until January ?óÔé¼Ôǣ Three EVAs planned
2013-12-16 - Dream Chaser receives CCDev-2 green light from NASA
2013-12-14 - China's Chang'e-3 and Jade Rabbit duo preparing for Lunar arrival
2013-12-13 - SpaceX enter negotiations to breathe new life into Pad 39A
2013-12-11 - ISS suffers external coolant loop issue ?óÔé¼Ôǣ contingency spacewalks possible
2013-12-10 - SPMT: Providing transport to SLS core stages
2013-12-08 - Chinese Long March 4B lofts Brazil's CBERS-3 spacecraft
2013-12-08 - ILS Proton-M launches Inmarsat-5 F1
2013-12-08 - SES-8 success plots trajectory for future SpaceX possibilities
2013-12-05 - Atlas V preparing to launch NROL-39 from Vandenberg
2013-12-05 - Heat Shield for EFT-1 Orion arrives at KSC
2013-12-03 - Falcon 9 v1.1 set for third launch attempt with SES-8
2013-12-01 - Chang'e-3: China set to launch rover to the Moon


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