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2014-10-31 - Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo fails during test flight
2014-10-30 - EFT-1 Orion completes assembly and conducts FRR
2014-10-29 - ULA Atlas V counting down for GPS IIF-8 launch
2014-10-29 - Russian Progress M-25M heads to the ISS via Soyuz 2-1A
2014-10-28 - Orbital's Antares fails seconds after launch
2014-10-27 - Antares 130 preparing to debut with fourth Cygnus to the ISS
2014-10-27 - Chinese Long March 2C launches final Shijian-11 satellite
2014-10-25 - CRS-4: SpaceX Dragon preparing to head back to Earth
2014-10-24 - SNC reveals the DC4Science Dream Chaser variant
2014-10-23 - China prepares to launch lunar sample return test mission
2014-10-22 - Russian EVA-40 to close out ISS spacewalk operations for 2014
2014-10-21 - Russian Proton-M tasked with Ekspress-AM6 mission
2014-10-20 - China lofts Yaogan-22 via Long March 4B rocket
2014-10-19 - Mars fleet watch Siding Spring Comet flyby
2014-10-17 - Third X-37B returns home after nearly two years in space
2014-10-16 - Ariane 5 set to launch ARSAT-1 and Intelsat DLA-1
2014-10-15 - Indian PSLV set to loft IRNSS-1C satellite
2014-10-14 - American duo set for EVA to prepare ISS for commercial crew
2014-10-14 - EFT-1 to boost ATK Launch Abort System test path
2014-10-12 - NASA lines up Exploration Upper Stage workhorse for SLS
2014-10-09 - KSC continuing its spaceport transition for the new era
2014-10-08 - Cygnus sets date for next ISS mission ÔÇô Castor XL ready for debut
2014-10-07 - EVA-27: Astronaut duo set to conduct US spacewalk outside ISS
2014-10-06 - Japan set to loft Himawari 8 weather satellite via H-IIA rocket
2014-10-06 - ArSat-1: Argentina to communicate its heightened space ambitions
2014-10-03 - Orion EFT-1 mission enters pad flow milestones
2014-10-01 - Dream Chaser eyes rides on under review Stratolaunch system


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