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2014-11-30 - Soyuz 2-1B lofts GLONASS K-1 satellite
2014-11-28 - Orion's crewed asteroid mission unlikely to occur prior to 2024
2014-11-26 - SNC, Stratolaunch expand on proposed Dream Chaser flights
2014-11-24 - SpaceX's Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship ready for action
2014-11-23 - Soyuz TMA-15M crew begin weekend commute to ISS
2014-11-21 - US Navy ready to support EFT-1 Orion's splashdown
2014-11-21 - China launches Kuaizhou-2 in second launch within 24 hours
2014-11-20 - Long March 2D lofts Yaogan Weixing-24 for China
2014-11-19 - CRS-5 Dragon ISS mission evaluating December 16 target
2014-11-18 - Lockheed Martin enter ALTO phase for Mars InSight lander
2014-11-17 - Pad 39A – SpaceX laying the groundwork for Falcon Heavy debut
2014-11-14 - Philae wins battle to send key data ahead battery depletion
2014-11-14 - Long March 2C conducts surprise Yaogan-23 launch
2014-11-13 - ATV-5 helps ISS dodge Chinese space debris
2014-11-12 - EFT-1 Orion rolls out to greet her Delta IV-H rocket
2014-11-11 - Philae prepares for comet landing milestone
2014-11-09 - Soyuz TMA-13M crew heading back to Earth
2014-11-08 - Dream Chaser lines up network of public airport landing options
2014-11-06 - ATK expand on its domestic alternative to Atlas V's RD-180
2014-11-05 - Post mortem for CRS-3 Antares notes turbopump failure
2014-11-03 - SLS manifest targets Europa and Mars Sample Return missions


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