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2016-01-29 - U.S. debates Atlas V RD-180 engine ban, ULA's non-bid for military launch
2016-01-29 - ILS Proton M set for Eutelsat-9B launch
2016-01-28 - The Challenger seven remembered 30 years after STS-51L
2016-01-27 - Ariane 5 to kick off 2016 campaign with Intelsat 29e launch
2016-01-26 - SLS engines prepare for Stennis tests – AR affordability focus for new RS-25s
2016-01-25 - Eyes in the sky capture historic US snowstorm
2016-01-23 - Blue Origin conduct successful reuse test with New Shepard
2016-01-21 - Orbital ATK ready for Antares' second life
2016-01-19 - Indian PSLV set for IRNSS-1E launch
2016-01-19 - NASA facilities, teams ramp up SLS flight production for 2018 maiden flight
2016-01-17 - SpaceX Falcon 9 v1.1 set for Jason-3 launch
2016-01-15 - SpaceX fire up returned Falcon 9 first stage at SLC-40
2016-01-15 - China opens 2016 campaign with Long March 3B launch of Belintersat-1
2016-01-15 - Astronauts set to repair ISS power Channel in historic first spacewalk for UK
2016-01-14 - NASA awards CRS2 contracts to SpaceX, Orbital ATK, and Sierra Nevada
2016-01-13 - U.S. Presidential candidates weigh in on space program
2016-01-12 - KSC meeting portrays SLS as scrambling for a manifest plan
2016-01-08 - SpaceX preparing for west coast Jason-3 launch with last Falcon 9 v1.1
2016-01-06 - Atlas V and Starliner to conduct dry tests ahead of launch
2016-01-05 - NASA defends decision to restart RS-25 production, rejects alternatives
2016-01-03 - Orbital ATK prepares for OA-6 Cygnus prior to Antares return


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