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2016-03-30 13:00Russia set to launch Progress MS-2/63P resupply mission to ISS
2016-03-29 19:00Long March 3A lofts Beidou-22 satellite
2016-03-28 20:00Concerns grow for X-ray astronomy satellite ASTRO-H
2016-03-25 15:00Cygnus prepares for ISS arrival as ULA investigate Atlas V launch
2016-03-24 08:30Soyuz 2-1A launches second Bars-M satellite
2016-03-23 16:30NASA looks to test planetary defense options on ARM mission
2016-03-22 11:00OA-6 Cygnus set for Atlas V ride to the ISS
2016-03-21 09:30SpaceX prepares for next two missions via McGregor testing
2016-03-18 14:30Soyuz TMA-20M set to launch Expedition 47 and 48 crew to ISS
2016-03-16 17:00NASA into deep planning for Asteroid Redirect Mission
2016-03-15 16:00NASA making progress on EVA-35 water leak incident
2016-03-13 21:30Proton-M tasked with launching first ExoMars spacecraft
2016-03-12 14:30Soyuz 2-1B suffers rare pad abort during Resurs-P attempt
2016-03-11 13:30NASA examines options and flight paths for SLS EM-2 mission
2016-03-10 11:00RS-25 veteran set for Static Fire ahead of SLS launch
2016-03-10 06:00India launches latest IRNSS navigation satellite
2016-03-09 11:00Mars set to receive NASA InSight at the end of 2018
2016-03-08 19:30Ariane 5 set for Eutelsat 65 West A launch
2016-03-07 16:00SNC handover 11 OG2 satellites following in-orbit checkouts
2016-03-06 09:00NASA’s Dawn spacecraft marks one year at dwarf planet Ceres
2016-03-04 16:30SpaceX preparing for Friday launch of Falcon 9 with SES-9
2016-03-03 12:00KSC testing the VS – designed to dampen SLS swaying on a windy pad
2016-03-01 20:30Year In Space mission set to end with Soyuz return to Earth
2016-03-01 16:30SES-9: SpaceX move to Friday launch option for Falcon 9


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