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2016-06-30 09:00Virgin Galactic preparing for busy LauncherOne future
2016-06-29 06:00Chinese conduct surprise Long March 4B launch with Shijian-16-2
2016-06-27 22:30QM-2: Orbital ATK ready for SLS booster static fire test
2016-06-25 08:30China successfully debuts Long March 7 rocket
2016-06-24 00:00ULA Atlas V tasked with MUOS-5 launch
2016-06-23 10:00SpaceX discusses progress toward human missions of Dragon/Falcon 9
2016-06-21 22:30India's PSLV-XL set to launch 20 satellites
2016-06-21 10:00NASA attempting to put the “meat on the bones” on its Mars plan
2016-06-19 07:00Blue Origin prepares for fourth consecutive test flight of New Shepard
2016-06-17 16:00Soyuz TMA-19M EOM to mark Peake's homecoming
2016-06-17 07:30Ariane 5 preparing for dual launch of Echostar 18 and BRIsat
2016-06-15 20:00Return of Antares expected to target August launch with OA-5 Cygnus
2016-06-14 22:00SpaceX set for Falcon 9 dual satellite launch
2016-06-14 06:00OA-6 Cygnus ends Space Station mission; prepares for post-release tests
2016-06-12 13:00Long March 3C launches BeiDou-2 G7
2016-06-12 09:30SpaceX readies another Falcon 9, close in on reuse testing
2016-06-09 10:00ULA Delta IV-Heavy preparing to launch NROL-37
2016-06-07 20:30ILS Proton M tasked with Intelsat-31 launch
2016-06-07 14:00Second Starliner at KSC as Boeing outlines progress at Space Tech Expo
2016-06-06 10:30Williams enters BEAM for expandable module milestone
2016-06-04 10:30Russian Rokot launches Geo-IK-2 – annoys environmentalists
2016-06-02 13:30Reusability success on Earth is the proving ground for Mars goals – SpaceX


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