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2017-07-31 10:00Preparing the Mobile Launcher to be armed and ready for SLS
2017-07-28 08:30Roscosmos set for Soyuz MS-05 crew launch to bring Station back to full crew
2017-07-27 11:30Orion STA undergoing pre-mission testing in Denver
2017-07-26 11:30TDRS-M given priority over CRS-12 Dragon as launch dates realign
2017-07-25 09:30RS-25 preparing for another hot fire as SLS flight engines line up for EM-1
2017-07-24 16:30Installation of new flame deflector for SLS begins on 39B
2017-07-21 15:00On Atlantis' anniversary, USA's future space fleet closing in on maiden flights
2017-07-19 19:30Falcon Heavy prepares for debut flight as Musk urges caution on expectations
2017-07-18 14:00Farewell LISA – Space Observatory Pathfinder put to sleep
2017-07-17 06:30TDRS-M launch date under review following pre-launch incident
2017-07-15 08:00Pioneer 10: first probe to leave the inner solar system & precursor to Juno
2017-07-14 03:00Soyuz 2-1A launches with Kanopus-V-IK and over 70 satellites
2017-07-13 14:30Starliner meets milestones as ULA switches Atlas booster for maiden flight
2017-07-11 14:30SLS Upper Stage set to take up residence in the former home of ISS modules
2017-07-10 12:00BepiColombo shaken and stacked ahead Mercury mission
2017-07-07 17:00Iridium marks new satellite network, 20 healthy satellites & 55 more to launch
2017-07-06 17:00Orion deep in processing for EM-1, planning for following missions
2017-07-03 03:00Reused Dragon departs Space Station after month-long science bonanza
2017-07-02 10:30SpaceX launch surge moves on to Falcon 9 launch with Intelsat 35e
2017-07-02 07:30Long March 5 lofts experimental communications satellite Shijian-18


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