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Peace Garden Writer Archive for July, 2016

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2016-07-31 01:30Faith Conversations: At 51, mom to enter seminary, become a pastor
2016-07-29 01:30Find me mingling with monks, traveling with teens
2016-07-27 01:30Napping Through the Writing Life (re-post)
2016-07-25 01:30Humanae Vitae: Living with no regrets
2016-07-24 02:00Living Faith: 'Blood is always red, and pain is always pain'
2016-07-22 01:30An open letter to the Red River Women's Clinic staff
2016-07-20 01:30A prayer book with a little whisper from yours truly
2016-07-17 15:00Faith Conversations: Haiti's Daily Grind in Grafton serves coffee, homemade eats and hope for impoverished country
2016-07-15 01:30Stories from the sidewalk: Wily as wasps
2016-07-13 01:30Summer's simple pleasures
2016-07-10 10:30Living Faith: A full house beats a good flush, I always say
2016-07-08 01:30The 'Holier than thou' complex
2016-07-06 01:30From sea to shining sea: Biking through Fargo for a cause
2016-07-03 10:00Living Faith: 'Praying for strangers' a worthwhile pursuit
2016-07-01 02:00Stories from the sidewalk: How I got my guts


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