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2021-02-27 12:30Windcliff: A book for passionate and playful gardeners
2021-02-26 12:30Armitage on pronouncing plant names: Get the syllables in the right order, then fire away
2021-02-25 16:30Gardens and Music
2021-02-24 16:30Philadelphia Flower Show-A New Chapter
2021-02-23 16:30American Gardens: Didn't love the series and the book is worse
2021-02-21 16:30United in Condemnation & Tonic: A Letter to the Midwest
2021-02-20 16:30Winter Colour in the Garden
2021-02-19 16:30Presenting to Garden Groups Virtually ~ the good, the bad, and the pandemic possibilities ~
2021-02-18 16:30New Book Gives Advice to Native Plant Lovers Battling Deer
2021-02-17 16:30Pandemic Hair, Ice, Snow and The Sons of Lee Marvin
2021-02-16 16:30A fearless gardener shares some of her nonrules and more...
2021-02-15 16:30No love for street trees
2021-02-14 16:30White House Lawn Festooned with Valentine's Day Hearts – Who Cares if they're Corny?
2021-02-13 16:30Does Gardening cure Coronavirus Misery?
2021-02-12 16:30The Bad-Tempered Gardener
2021-02-11 16:30My Love Hate Relationship with Snow
2021-02-10 16:30Kelly Norris on New Naturalism and Informed Plant Choices
2021-02-09 16:3010 Greenest U.S. Presidents
2021-02-05 16:30The GardenRant Story
2021-02-04 16:30Film “The Biggest Little Farm” and AppHarvest and more...
2021-02-02 16:30Why we have a Ministry of Controversy
2021-02-01 16:30GardenRant Announces New Design and New Ranters Hinkley and Wareham and more...


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The team blog GardenRant was founded in June 2006. Its opinionated commentary, willingness to take on controversial subjects, and big-picture thinking gained a following immediately. GardenRant has won awards from its peers, has been invited to present at industry conferences, and has been noted by the garden world's most prominent media outlets. The individual Ranters are regularly invited to contribute to gardening publications, both print and online.