Redwood's Medical Edge Archive for January, 2014

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2014-01-30 06:30When West Meets East: A Nurse Gets Acupuncture
2014-01-28 06:30Large List of Neurotoxins
2014-01-26 06:30Up and Coming
2014-01-23 06:30FYI: Radio Interview and more
2014-01-21 06:30Safe Surgeries Not Without Risk
2014-01-19 06:30Up and Coming
2014-01-16 06:30Tonsillectomy: Useful But Not Without Risk
2014-01-14 06:30I Was Getting A Broken Baby
2014-01-12 06:30Up and Coming
2014-01-09 06:30The Profiler by Pat Brown
2014-01-07 06:30The Body Farm
2014-01-05 06:30Up and Coming
2014-01-02 06:30Too Thin on Margins?


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