Drug Channels Archive for October, 2010

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2010-10-27 12:49Drug Channels - For Sale by Walgreens: One Small PBM, Slightly Used
2010-10-26 08:49Drug Channels - NCPA's New CEO and the Pharmacy Industry's Future
2010-10-22 08:19Drug Channels - Why Doctors Like Placebos
2010-10-21 07:17Drug Channels - UnitedHealthcare: Cost-Plus for Cancer Drugs
2010-10-20 08:41Drug Channels - Pharmacy Reimbursement Drops Again...or Does It?
2010-10-18 08:25Drug Channels - Meet me at the NCPA Convention
2010-10-14 09:36Drug Channels - Double Trouble for Cardinal Health
2010-10-12 08:21Drug Channels - CVS Caremark: More Happy Talk, But Hard Work Remains
2010-10-06 09:08Drug Channels - NCPA's Odd Reaction to the Walmart-Humana Part D Plan
2010-10-05 09:19Drug Channels - Trade and Channel Strategies (sponsor)
2010-10-04 06:42Drug Channels - Walmart-Humana: An Inevitable Surprise for Pharmacies and PBMs


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