Drug Channels Archive for February, 2011

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2011-02-24 08:45Drug Channels - Who Pays For Specialty Drugs? (And Why It Matters)
2011-02-23 08:41Drug Channels - PBM and Drug Benefit Trends from PBMI
2011-02-22 08:19Drug Channels - Importation is back? Really?!?
2011-02-18 08:34Drug Channels - California Medi-Cal Joins the Cost-Plus Revolution
2011-02-15 07:53Drug Channels - Surprising Data on the Mail vs. Retail Choice
2011-02-11 07:54Drug Channels - Walgreens Rx for Growth: Beer!
2011-02-10 08:41Drug Channels - A Neutral POV on Medicaid Drug Savings
2011-02-08 06:42Drug Channels - CVS Caremark: Still Searching for Synergy
2011-02-04 09:07Drug Channels - HHS Wants States to Control Medicaid Pharmacy Spending
2011-02-03 07:51Drug Channels - Profits from Generic Injectables: Too High or Just Right?
2011-02-01 08:48Drug Channels - Drug Wholesaler Outlook: Revenues Down, Profits Up


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