Drug Channels Archive for March, 2013

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2013-03-29 09:34Drug Channels - Quantifying Generic Buying Power for ABC-Walgreens-Alliance Boots
2013-03-27 03:45Drug Channels - Drug Channels News Roundup: March 2013
2013-03-25 10:00Drug Channels - 15th Annual Medicaid and Government Pricing Congress
2013-03-22 07:46Drug Channels - My FOX Business Interview about ABC-Walgreens-Alliance Boots
2013-03-21 05:19Drug Channels - Making Sense of ABC-Walgreens-Alliance Boots
2013-03-19 08:03Drug Channels - BREAKING NEWS: Walgreens and ABC Sign a Big Deal
2013-03-18 08:21Drug Channels - Looking to interview retail pharmacists
2013-03-18 07:49Drug Channels - Predictive Acquisition Cost and MAC Optimization
2013-03-14 07:56Drug Channels - What Free Generic Lipitor Says about Pharmacy's Future
2013-03-12 08:32Drug Channels - A Surprising Twist in the Walgreens-Cardinal Contract Renewal (maybe)
2013-03-11 08:26Drug Channels - Oncology USA 2013: 4th Annual Oncology Market Access & Marketing Summit 2013
2013-03-07 08:32Drug Channels - Drugstore Sales Drop Along with Drug Trend: Implications for Retail Pharmacy
2013-03-06 08:23Drug Channels - Insights from the 2012 Express Scripts Drug Trend Report
2013-03-04 09:58Drug Channels - Sequestration Mania Hits Physician-Administered Drugs
2013-03-04 08:13Drug Channels - Alternative Pharma Distribution Strategies


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