Drug Channels Archive for June, 2016

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2016-06-29 07:41Drug Channels - Drug Channels News Roundup, June 2016: PBM Clawbacks, Ritzman Pharmacy, Frank W. Kerr (RIP), Valeant, and TED talks
2016-06-27 07:43Drug Channels - Patient Journey Mapping – From Diagnosis to Treatment
2016-06-24 07:40Drug Channels - Five Crucial AMP Final Rule Challenges Facing Manufacturers
2016-06-21 07:32Drug Channels - Profits in the 2016 Fortune 500: Manufacturers vs. Wholesalers, PBMs, and Pharmacies
2016-06-20 07:39Drug Channels - National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) 2016 Annual Meeting & Expo
2016-06-14 07:57Drug Channels - Premier’s Latest Acquisitions Show Hospitals’ High Hopes for Specialty Pharmacy
2016-06-13 07:49Drug Channels - Reimbursement and Access 2016
2016-06-09 07:36Drug Channels - Valeant Reveals the Bad News about Its Money-Losing Walgreens Relationship
2016-06-07 07:50Drug Channels - How CVS Health Got McKesson Under Its Thumb
2016-06-06 08:01Drug Channels - Partnering with IDNs BioPharma Strategy Summit
2016-06-03 07:51Drug Channels - Biosimilar Drugs: The Unanswered Questions of Labeling and Interchangeability
2016-06-01 07:49Drug Channels - Health Plans Are Confused about Specialty Drug Management


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